What Does It Mean To Shake Things Up?

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Scott Craighead

Scott Craighead

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Scott Craighead
Scott Craighead
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That Gaming Critic


If I Saw Something That Looked Familiar, I Would Know That I Have To Shake It Up.

The picture above was my old logo. I felt it would be cool to have a little circle behind it and a type of shine to make it seem more appealing to the eye. But, I don’t use it anymore! However, it’s the perfect example for this post. You must be creative and unique with your brand. You must have what others do not in order to succeed past your competition. Let me be frank! Hi, I’m Frank.:) The only thing your going to have over any other website, is you. Period. Your personality and how you present yourself to your readers or market is how you’ll find success.


How Can You Do Things Differently?

I run a small gaming blog. I have taken my views on the other similar websites and have made a prime example of shaking things up in my favor. Most game sites “Review” different games. Well, I’m sick of reviews! That’s all you see reviews, reviews, and guess what more reviews! They never do me any justice reading these reviews and they just bore me to tears. Because it’s not providing me with the substance I’m searching for. It’s like they are hiding what the game is truly like from me and masking it with vague and safe words. But not everyone here is a gamer. so lets switch to movies, shall we? No matter who you are you will love a certain film. I’m sure you got a movie which you just love, yourself. My favorite if you want to know is Die Hard. I love it.


But Back On Topic!

What if you seen a trailer for some new and upcoming movie that excited you. You jump online to see what the world has to say about it. What do you find? The same trailer..someone talking about the trailer..and

others complaining or fighting in the comments about the trailer. :) Am I Right? Of course I am. My solution to this problem? It’s actually quite simple.


I Shake Things Up!

We’ve all seen those posts before that say “Top 10”! To be honest I just wrote a Top 10 post here on comment-luv myself not to long ago. Called Top 10 Most Useful Free WordPress Plugins For Beginners! But don’t click on that link yet. Back to what I was saying. Instead of just posting a plain old review giving out dry information on a topic that has been written about numerous times. I tried to do this “Top 10 moments of new movie” and with that people will see and understand the moments of the movie better and see if it’s for them to watch and enjoy.  This encompasses the readers thirst for the knowledge that the readers want to absorb! So they can weigh their judgement and opinion to see if it’s worth seeing or not. So think about it.


How Far Can Shaking Things Up Get You?

It can get you very far and help you succeed. Help you stick way out from your competition! Do what you can to be different, better, and never give up. People will see or notice your effort overall and will more than likely be happy you’ve done something like it at the level you’ve done it for them. The more you go beyond for your readers, the more they’ll keep coming back. Doing this kind of behavior over and over again for your readers. Is when you’ll get used to doing the level of devotion you set forth for your readers. Then you’ll be able to do more for your readers as you progress forward! You’ll be able go further in the future for your readers in doing your common practices. – Scott Craighead