What Does It Mean To Shake Things Up?

Scott Craighead

Scott Craighead

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Scott Craighead
Scott Craighead
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That Gaming Critic


If I Saw Something That Looked Familiar, I Would Know That I Have To Shake It Up.

The picture above was my old logo. I felt it would be cool to have a little circle behind it and a type of shine to make it seem more appealing to the eye. But, I don’t use it anymore! However, it’s the perfect example for this post. You must be creative and unique with your brand. You must have what others do not in order to succeed past your competition. Let me be frank! Hi, I’m Frank.:) The only thing your going to have over any other website, is you. Period. Your personality and how you present yourself to your readers or market is how you’ll find success.


How Can You Do Things Differently?

I run a small gaming blog. I have taken my views on the other similar websites and have made a prime example of shaking things up in my favor. Most game sites “Review” different games. Well, I’m sick of reviews! That’s all you see reviews, reviews, and guess what more reviews! They never do me any justice reading these reviews and they just bore me to tears. Because it’s not providing me with the substance I’m searching for. It’s like they are hiding what the game is truly like from me and masking it with vague and safe words. But not everyone here is a gamer. so lets switch to movies, shall we? No matter who you are you will love a certain film. I’m sure you got a movie which you just love, yourself. My favorite if you want to know is Die Hard. I love it.


But Back On Topic!

What if you seen a trailer for some new and upcoming movie that excited you. You jump online to see what the world has to say about it. What do you find? The same trailer..someone

talking about the trailer..and others complaining or fighting in the comments about the trailer. :) Am I Right? Of course I am. My solution to this problem? It’s actually quite simple.


I Shake Things Up!

We’ve all seen those posts before that say “Top 10″! To be honest I just wrote a Top 10 post here on comment-luv myself not to long ago. Called Top 10 Most Useful Free WordPress Plugins For Beginners! But don’t click on that link yet. Back to what I was saying. Instead of just posting a plain old review giving out dry information on a topic that has been written about numerous times. I tried to do this “Top 10 moments of new movie” and with that people will see and understand the moments of the movie better and see if it’s for them to watch and enjoy.  This encompasses the readers thirst for the knowledge that the readers want to absorb! So they can weigh their judgement and opinion to see if it’s worth seeing or not. So think about it.


How Far Can Shaking Things Up Get You?

It can get you very far and help you succeed. Help you stick way out from your competition! Do what you can to be different, better, and never give up. People will see or notice your effort overall and will more than likely be happy you’ve done something like it at the level you’ve done it for them. The more you go beyond for your readers, the more they’ll keep coming back. Doing this kind of behavior over and over again for your readers. Is when you’ll get used to doing the level of devotion you set forth for your readers. Then you’ll be able to do more for your readers as you progress forward! You’ll be able go further in the future for your readers in doing your common practices. – Scott Craighead


  1. You said it all mate ! One should be as creative and different as he can …As we all know , Google likes uniqueness :D and relevant topics if a person tries to post unique and relevant posts,he/she can surely win as a blogger/website owner .

    Pramod recently posted…Intex Cloud X3 specs,features and priceMy Profile

  2. Susan Velez says:

    I understand what you are saying, everyone should be unique and try to create their own way. I too hate those online reviews. Especially since the person who is writing the review is usually just trying to make a sale.

    They never seem to help me make a buying decision. I tend to purchase from the people who create a video and walk you through the product. Of course it also depends on what the product is.

    I am off now to go see what the top 10 most useful free plugins are…great post.

  3. hi thanks for this article People will see or notice your effort overall and will more than likely be happy you’ve done something like it at the level you’ve done it for them
    vaibhav recently posted…Java runtime environment 64 bit windows,mac free downloadMy Profile

  4. Leon Bailey says:

    Got to be different and shake things up this day and age. With the ease of everyone having access to info to do stuff, it’s more saturated, so you got to stand out. Shake it up! Great post! :)

  5. You probably shook my mind with your post. LMAO…. But really an amazing post and an eye opener…Loving to be a regular Comluv reader.
    Saqib Razzaq recently posted…6 Unusual Tips To Choose Best Blog ThemeMy Profile

  6. If you think about it, the entire history of literature is about “shaking things up” from time to time, going in different direction and doing completely the opposite from what was considered “proper” in the period before that. So, that is what people like to read – different aspects about the same things: movies, games, etc.

  7. as there are many people writing about the same, creativity is the certain thing that makes all the difference.
    You can not present all the time a very unique content, but you can present a general content with a unique style!
    yogesh pant recently posted…Final Result for Combined Section Officers StenographersMy Profile

  8. Hi Scott,
    Good to read your post again here. Many blogs born everyday thus having different perspective would be a good idea to keep.
    Okto recently posted…How to Write a Provocative HeadlineMy Profile

  9. Hey it’s a great idea most of the time shaking your boring steps may bring you some type of really beneficial to that what we can call as “Discovery”.
    himanshu recently posted…How to backup messages on iPhone or iPad using iTunesMy Profile

  10. Nice advice Frank. ;) Shake it up when it needs shaken and stay steady when it doesn’t. I pays to listen to the comments and clues to know what to do and when. Like your logo for example, once the brand is well established, you won’t want to make any extreme changes to it so now is the time to perfect it.
    Brian D. Hawkins recently posted…Add A YouTube Subscribe Button On Your BlogMy Profile

  11. Arwin Adriano says:

    Awesome advice. I was shaken up with this blog post. Shake shake shake.

  12. Interesting and exciting article… cheers mate
    Ahmad recently posted…كيفية إنشاء موقع ووردبريس فيديو رائعMy Profile

  13. You are right and the way you have mentioned everything is amazing. Love the title of shaking things up and gonna bookmark this. I also liked your idea of being unique as Google has started loving uniqueness after Panda and Penguin update.
    Abhishek recently posted…Happy Friendship 2013 Facebook Images Cards WallpapersMy Profile

  14. What matters the most is your style of writing to engage as many reader as you can. Most of the people write about the same topic but better one will have a more effective & unique style of writing. You said it all about everything Scott. Keep sharing.
    raj recently posted…Shazam for PC Download,Shazam for Windows7/8/Vista Computer,Shazam Para PCMy Profile

  15. I completely agree with you Scott on every point. Exactly similar to your gaming blog, there are many stereotypical saturated review posts in technology and others niches. It is time ti shake things up.
    Gautham Lurk recently posted…UPSC Teaching Jobs 2013 RecruitmentMy Profile

  16. Pretty nice post when talking things about shaken up ! nice post author!
    harshi recently posted…[Root/Unroot] Samsung Beam | Galaxy I8530 | SimpleMy Profile

  17. Really nice and worth reading post on how to shake things up, keep writing such great stuff writer.
    Muneeb Ahsan recently posted…How to enable God mode in windows 8 ?My Profile

  18. It pays to be unique in the long run. Be it a website content or any new business venture. I liked reading your story of how you saw user needs away from regular online reviews. Talking about review websites outside of gaming, most websites lack creativity. I have seen a lot of website reviews for hosting. Most often, the reviews are either paid for or less useful/ come with affiliate links.
    chang recently posted…Linkedin LoginMy Profile

    • I use affiliate links! I don’t shove in their face! I just think it’s helpful for people because they don’t have to search it and the can make that decision on the fly if they want to purchase it. It’s there because it’s relevant to the content. It beats AD clicking any day for me. – Scott Craighead
      Scott Craighead recently posted…Top 10 3D PS3 Games!My Profile

      • That’s a good way to do it. I was actually referring to affiliate links that some hosting review companies place higher just because they get higher commissions even when there are other better hosting options available under the same category (perhaps with lesser commission).
        chang recently posted…000webhost loginMy Profile

  19. Nice give away!
    Uniqueness is the message I got from the post. Being unique and creative will always make us stand apart.
    Mia Taylor recently posted…Rheumatology Transcription Service Can Save Time and CostsMy Profile

  20. The need to shake things up might scare so many businesses because they do not know what to expect. I believe that a presence of someone who is more experienced and can provide some good advice with regard to improving the branding of the products and services offered is a great help. Hence, this article is a perfect example as it gives many readers to be assured that change might be scary, but is worth it :)
    Ria Dancel recently posted…Singapore Blogshops – 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Start a BlogshopMy Profile

  21. This article shake me. :D Best regards from I. C. Daniel
    I. C. Daniel recently posted…New Holland TD95D v 1.0My Profile

  22. Having a unique logo for a brand is very essential for any business. But, it is also important that it will reflect your personality and there is that what we call as “personal touch”.
    Connor Harley recently posted…Help with Setting up a BusinessMy Profile

  23. Reetika Gupta says:

    Hi Scott,
    Lovely Post and really i am fully enjoyed while reading your post . Many blogs born everyday thus having different perspective would be a good idea to keep. so that we can create your creativity in your mind. Really nice and worth reading post on how to shake things up. i must say thanks to you for this Post.. keep doing well.

  24. Absolutely true mate

  25. Shaking things up in our favor, nicely written and explained article. The example you have given in this post of running a gaming blog then switching to movies is good. I visited your blog and you managed all the things quite nicely.
    Prakash recently posted…Candy Crush Saga for PC, Candy Crush Saga for Windows 7/8/MACMy Profile

  26. Hey Scott,
    Nice post and I really enjoyed it while reading. These days, there is very big competition in blogging and for getting success, we have to stand out from others by doing something new which is good. Thanks for sharing this post with us.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 12000 In IndiaMy Profile

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