Web Design Predictions for 2015

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future-of-web-design2014 is just a few weeks from its end and it is surprising how fast it has blitzed by. Many people are already looking forward to next year, making plans and postulations. Here in the web design world, ComLuv.com spoke with Mark Tuchscherer from Geeks Chicago about three future evolutional trends. Let’s take a look at some web design trends that have come to the fore this year and some that are expected to be even more popular in 2015 and beyond. These trends became very popular this year because they have added positively to the user experience by taking into consideration the meteoric rise of mobile device usage, reduction of search time and the new “minimalist” appreciative nature of web users.

Flat Design

Flat design isn’t exactly new, but the flat design of logos, banners etc. is a new trend growing in popularity by the day. It is basically a web design style that has thrown off all the shadows, gradients and 3D elements we were used to in the past, with designers sticking to the basics. Flat design improves usability a great deal for the end-users, making it easy for web visitors to navigate a page irrespective of the browser or the power of their device. Flat design websites also offer faster load times due to their lightweight nature. This trend is here to stay and we will see more websites making the transition to it in 2015.

Responsive design

This simply

means designing websites so that the pages automatically align with the screen and the resolution size of the user’s device. Again, it is the increase in use of mobiles that has led to the soaring popularity of this design trend. With the prediction that numbers of mobile online searches will overtake desktop searches in 2015, it is not rocket-science to predict that a huge number of websites will take the leap to responsive design. It is quite likely that you are reading this from a smartphone or your tablet. If the page isn’t rendered properly on your device would you continue straining your eyes or neck to read, or go elsewhere? Nine out of 10 users will go elsewhere!

Reduced clicking and increased scrolling

Website users of today have an increased ability to search and scan through a website once they land on it. This has a lot to do with the increased use of mobile phones, as almost everyone intuitively scrolls through a page while on their smartphone in a bid to find what they are looking for. Web designers have noticed this trend shift and are now making more scrolling websites than ever. A scrolling website allows the web user to see everything about the page by just scrolling down instead of having to open new links or new tabs to find something on the website.

This has not been accepted unanimously by everyone though, as having multiple pages does a lot for SEO, but with the increase in traffic from mobile phones and tablets it is expected that many websites will embrace this in 2015 or risk losing out on traffic from this demographic.

These three trends are some of the things you should expect to see more of in 2015 as web design keeps pace with our ever changing demands.