Purchasing Process: I bet Your Posts are Not Targeting Buyers!

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purchasing process

The Purchasing Process Steps from Initial Research to Ultimately Buying

Before create a Sizzling Post you need to consider your audience! Are they buyers or are they researchers. This can be the difference between making money or creating lots of informational content on your website – which is great if your website is your hobby. The purchasing process determines when a person is researching for products through to buying.

But if you really want to take it to the next level you need to target buyers who are ready to buy.

Psychology of the Purchasing Process

I try to get in the head of my ideal customer and create a persona for them. A bit of demographics and an understanding of what sets them apart from my average customers and tire kickers. As tire kickers only cost you time and money. So I make an effort to repel them with language and straight up front costs.

I’m the sort of person who wants to be able to go into a shop and look at the product and be able to look at the price tag. And not have to ask a shop assistant what is the price of something.

Some people say that if you have to ask how much it costs, then you cannot afford it. To those people I say – Good luck running a business without advertising your pricing. As you are now inviting everyone to be a tire kicker.

When I create a website I consider a number of factors. Creating content that will help grow your business and content that is passive sales content. As no one likes sale people who say “Buy my stuff and hurry up”.

I think you need to get into the head of your ideal customer and understand the basic buying cycle.

When considering a phrase or keyword for a postI always think is the keyword a buyer keyword or an informational keyword.

Yes – I also look at how much traffic there is, and is it cost effective to win the keyword. Because if it costs too much to win the traffic, then there will never be a return on your investment. All forms of advertising cost you either money or time. And this is true for SEO and PPC.

I look at specific keywords – ones that have a number of words in them. As general terms may have more traffic but they are less likely to make you money.

Consider the Buying Cycle

I break the Buying Cycle into a number of Phases.

Let’s do a walk though of you looking to purchase a new printer.

Initial Research

In the initial research phase, you may undertake a bit or research to understand what sorts of printers are available,

what functionality do they have?

• Color or just Black and White
• Duplex
• Scanning
• Faxing

researching for a printer in the buying cycle

If you feel it is something that you want then you are likely to move onto the next phase.

Reviews and Comparisons

In the reviews and comparison phase you may have a number of printer models in mind from your initial research that could do the job. So you may look at review sites and get some further details on the printers and compare the functionality and people’s experience of owning these printers.

printer review

Most people I find, do this to understand where they should be spending their money.


Post this, if you are still interested in purchasing a printer you may consider more specific information on the printers, that have made it to your shortlist.
So you are getting closer to buying a printer.

You may type in the model number of your shortlisted printers or you may visit the brand website to get more specific details like

• Connectivity options – WiFi or just USB
• Printing resolution
• Portability
• Speed
• Size
• Number of Trays
• etc


In the final stage before buying – you may consider how much does the printer cost, and can I get a discount or is it fair value.

I find many people do searches for the product or service with terms like:
• Discount
• Cheap
• Coupon
• Free delivery
• Price
Before buying.


Now everyone is a little different and each product or service may have variations on this.

However most people will do some investigation into a product before they purchase.


One thing I have learnt over the years is, the more specific the keyword people type into their favorite search engine – the closer they are to the end of the buying cycle. Every small business needs to make the most of of every marketing opportunity.

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on the buying cycle – does it exist or is it a myth?