Long Tailed Keywords And Why They’re Important To Your Success

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success with long tailed keywords

I’m sure you have read about the importance of finding the right Keywords.

This is only the first phase of your keyword research. The second phase can actually be much more beneficial to your goals.

The second phase is researching your Long Tailed Keywords, which can generate much more organic traffic than your focus Keyword.

Long Tailed Keywords contain different variations of phrases that include a focus keyword.

If your focus keywords are “Jewelry Repair”, then the Long Tailed Keywords would be “Jewelry Repair Kits” or “Jewelry Repair Stores in New Orleans”.

The more general the niche, the more important it is to find the right Keywords that have the right Long Tailed Keywords.

The Importance of Long Tailed Keywords

Why you want them:

  • Result Relevancy
  • Less Competition
  • Higher Conversion Rates and Profitability

I mentioned above Long Tailed Keywords generate more organic traffic than specific keywords as a whole.

They will actually account for about 70-90%% of your sites organic traffic.

Finding Long Tailed Keywords is all about finding out how much potential traffic you can generate to your blog.

Something as simple as 1 letter can increase or decrease that potential drastically.

Using Google Keyword Planner “Lawn Chair” generates 2,900 local searches a month. “Lawn Chairs” generates 8,100 local searches a month.

Simply adding the letter “S” increased the search volume almost 3x!

Do you think researching Long Tailed Keywords, is worth your time?

Result Relevancy

Now of days searchers are using more specific terms when searching online for content.

The days of 2 word search terms are gone. One of the reasons for the new Google Hummingbird Algorithm.

This means that more and more Long Tailed Keywords are being used in search and Google is claiming to now offer better quality search results.

Result Relevancy is the first step in weeding out which may have been considered potential competition and helps drive “targeted” traffic!

Since the new Algorithm, have you noticed a difference in your search results?

Less Competition

If you are able to find a Long Tailed Keyword that meets your needs- odds are it has much less competition than the Focus Keyword, which always works in your favor.

Less competition means it will be easier to rank higher on Search Engines. The higher your rank, the more clicks you will generate to your site (Organic Traffic).

You want to get to the #1 spot or as close as possible, as soon as possible. If you get the number one spot you can expect about 30% of the traffic from that term will be taking a look at your website. So, if your term is getting 3,000 searches a month and you are in the top spot, you can anticipate around 900 visits

to your website.

Not to bad for one post. I’m sure you can see the potential. 900 visitors X 10 post = 9,000 hits a month.

That is a perfect example and those 10 post may come far between other post. Persistence is a big part of blogging!

Finding the right Long Tailed Keywords, along with using White Hat SEO tactics will help you get higher rankings.

Higher Conversion Rates

Your Long Tailed Keywords should describe your product or service as closely as possible. This formula will get you higher conversion rates.

Long Tailed Keyword x Your product or service = Higher conversion rates

You are optimizing your post for Targeted traffic. People who want exactly what you have to offer.

A general search for “Desk Lamps” will have a lot of competition that will take a lot of work to compete with, especially if you are just starting out.

Now, a search for “Adjustable Halogen Desk Lamps” is a much more specific search that will give you much better chance of conversion.

With higher conversion rates, you can also expect to enjoy lower bounce rates and better Time-On-Page metrics.

Note: Use Your Long Tailed Keywords Naturally

With the new Google Hummingbird update it is much more important to use your Long Tailed Keywords in a way that is natural.

Don’t just throw your Keywords in just so they can be in your post. Place your Keywords in the Right Places and try to get a few in your post.

If you read over your post and anything seems forced… Take It Out!

Stuffing your post with your Keywords unnaturally may send red flags to Search Engines. You want to be on the Search Engines radar as an authority, sharing quality content. The last thing you want is to be looked at as a spammer.

You may have read about keyword density where you need to post your keywords in your post a certain number of times. There is nothing confirming that this is true.

It does make sense that if search engines are looking for quality content that you should have your keywords in your post.

For that reason I put them in mine, as long as they are there in a way that is not forced.

Keeping your post natural and informative whether it has your keyword listed 6 times or only once will be better for you in the long run.

Do you think Keyword Density is an important factor in your rankings?


The first step with any website is adding really good content. You want to engage your readers but you have to put some importance on what happens behind the scenes.

Your readers can care less and probably don’t even notice what you do to optimize your site for search engines. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care.

You need to provide an avenue for your readers to find your content. One solid way is to focus on Keyword/ Long Tail Keyword research.

It doesn’t have to be long and tedious but taking even a few minutes can help your post’s searchability and drive more traffic to your website.

I would love to hear your thoughts?