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SEO Target
In the world of internet where people check their mailbox before having breakfast in the morning Targeted Internet Marketing has taken a substantial stand on its own. This type of marketing is all about getting right customers at the right place on the web. The people who are interested in availing the services offered by your company need to be directed to your website. That is the fundamental principal of targeted internet marketing. This type of Internet Marketing initiates before building the website itself.

 Some of the commonly used methods for Targeted Internet Marketing are as follows:

Search Engine Optimization:

The website teams needs to define some keywords which will be used by most number of customers to look for the company or services offered by it. Generally when people want to search for anything on the internet, they type some words in any search engines like Google, Bing etc.

If the company wants a website which does efficient internet marketing then this website needs to be search engine optimized for people to find it in this random search of the keyword. SEO starts with the keywords itself. Keywords are the words which are used by any person to search for a service or commodity on the internet. If the services being offered by the company are defined in some keywords which are equally distributed in the website.

It helps the search engine to recognize that website easily. This means more traffic to the website thus more business for the company. Moreover these customers will be the ones who actually

want to avail the services offered by the company not any random hits.

Strategic Internet Marketing:

The skills that can be used to divert more people to the company’s website come under Strategic Internet Marketing. Some methods are implied within the website like spreading the keywords equally throughout the webpage and others are applied outside the website like by creating back links to your web page in other websites. Back links not only helps in making the website more accessible but they also help in feeding search engine robots. These search engine robots scan different web pages for the required keyword or links. If it encounters the company’s keywords and links many times in varied web pages, it automatically priorities the website in search results. This helps spread word about the website easily and at a quicker pace.

Marketing through Emails, RSS Feeds:

Targeted Marketing Emails to the potential customers is also an effective way of internet marketing. These mails can be sent every fortnight or monthly to the subscribers informing them about the company. The customers who are themselves interested in goods and services offered by the company can subscribe to RSS Feeds on the company’s website. This way they can be informed about the additions or changes made on the website.


There’s always something substantial about any big brand. The logo, tagline and a perfect message about the company is a mandate for effective internet marketing. The presentation of data on the website and overall appearance of it can do wonders by attracting more number of people to the company’s website. So improving on the branding part is also very essential in targeted internet marketing. 


  1. Hi Amit
    I agree with you the presentation of branding is so important and for new companies branding is certainly crucial, which takes time and energy, if you are starting our on your own and especially when we have a fulltime job to maintain and a blog marketing brand is a big effort.
    praveen recently posted…8 ways to get on the wrong side of your boss….. and strategies to prevent.My Profile

  2. Branding and Search Engine Optimization are the biggest ways to do targeted Internet marketing nowadays. SEO is the best one out of all and I really enjoy doing it.
    Thanks for the post on targeted Internet marketing :)
    Arbaz Khan recently posted…Download Shazam For PC | Shazam For Computer Download (Windows Vista/7/8)My Profile

  3. Philip Sumpter says:

    Generating social signals, and more the better, is also something Google and other search engines want to see. So whether you want to brand your name, company or product, incorporating on/off page SEO, social signals, email marketing and other traffic generating platforms (besides organic search engine optimization) will help enhance ones presence even more so in the Internet Marketing field or his/her niche.

  4. I am totally agree with you that brand really play an important factor for success. A good marketing strategy is very important these days and marketing through E-mails and RSS feed is very helpful.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 12000 In IndiaMy Profile

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