How Social Media Keyword Research Gives You the Edge

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social mediaIf you have an online marketing and promotional strategy, you undoubtedly have a strategy to research keywords and employ them into your content and paid search advertising. However, while researching keywords is vital to a successful SEO campaign, most online marketers fail to research the most popular places for keywords: social media sites.

Why is Social Media Keyword Research Important?

The main goal to keyword research is discovering what your target audience is looking for. What keywords do they use for search engine queries? What are current hot topics for your intended customers? Knowing what keywords are pertinent to your customers gives you the edge in determining what words and phrases to include with your online marketing efforts.

By researching keywords through popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook you can gain a much more focused picture and insight of what terms, words, and subjects you should apply to your own SEO.

What can you learn from keyword research through social media?

Track trending topics and subjects.
Find keywords that are in demand.
Look for frequencies or trends in certain topics.
Determine consumer interest in products or services.
Understand your target consumer better through topic conversations.

With this in mind, how do you begin your keyword research in the most popular social media sites? Here are a few tips:

Twitter Keyword Research

By the end of 2009, Twitter became one of the most popular trendy social media sites. Users post their thoughts, ideas, and opinions about what is going on right now. Usually their short updates contain keywords that are pertinent in news that happened today, or even within the hour.

  • Trending Topics – Look at the trending topics list provided on your home page or profile. This usually
    contains the most-used keywords in use right now.
  • Search Hashtags – Hashtags are simply words with the “#” symbol before them. Many Twitter users utilize hashtags to help others find their posts on that topic.
  • Twitter Search – Use the Twitter search tool. Here you can employ advanced search options for keyword research.

Facebook Keyword Research

You can target new customers and trending keywords easily on Facebook, which is the most popular social media site with hundreds of millions of users from around the world.

Use the search function located at the top of any Facebook page. Enter a keyword you are interested in and click the search icon to the right. Facebook will usually provide relevant page and friend or fan results, but you can click on “Posts by Everyone” to expand your keyword results. Find out what’s the buzz on your chosen keyword.

YouTube Keyword Search

Video clips on YouTube have become one of the hottest and trendiest items watched by web users. Find out what is interesting and trendy by using three methods on YouTube.

  • YouTube Home Page – Right on the main homepage, YouTube offers links to “Videos Being Watched Now,” “Featured Videos,” and “Most Popular”.
  • Get Suggestions – Simply enter a keyword or portion of a keyword in the search field. YouTube will offer a drop list of suggestions for the most widely watched and searched videos.
  • YouTube Keyword Tool – Use the YouTube Keyword Tool. Similar to Google Adwords tool, this interface can help you discover what keywords are most popular on YouTube.

Use your keyword research time wisely. Learn to expand your keyword research into social media sites. You will be better equipped with words and phrases that can promote your business or brand more successfully.

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