Your Website can be your Best Sales Rep

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Shane Jones
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Shane Jones
Shane Jones
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Marketing and sales used to require printed ads, commercials, sales reps, customer service reps and endless time and resources. But now, all those functions come together in what could be your best sales rep – your website.

In a matter of days or even hours, your website can launch your product, tout its features and benefits and sell it by the thousands. And yet some companies still don’t use their websites to its fullest sales potential. If you’re one of them, it’s time to put your website out in the field.

What Makes Websites so Effective?

Your website helps you promote your business and products, but there are several reasons why it’s also effective for selling them.

Broader Reach: Most traditional marketing focuses on a narrow region, whose audiences are less targeted than they should be. Online marketing spans the entire world and attracts truly qualified prospects.

Faster Selling Time: It takes minutes, or even seconds, to buy a product online. Plus, unlike call center reps, who can only take one order at a time, your website can handle several orders at once.

Higher Profits: Web marketing costs less than traditional marketing, so it’s already more profitable. But thanks to sophisticated analytics and optimization tools, you can refine your campaigns to perform even better over time.

With so many upsides, it’s hard to imagine not using your website as a sales tool.

How do
I Make my Website Sell?

Websites provide a convenient way to research and find the products you want without having to run around town.  Companies that sell everything from cookware to sports equipment are finding that they sell more – and make more money – when they sell directly from their own websites.

To make your website more profitable, add these key features:

E-Commerce Capabilities

Don’t just market your products online – sell them. Make your website and product pages easy to navigate. Let buyers use any currency they want, including credit cards, bank transfers and PayPal. Add security features to protect data and give consumers greater peace of mind.

Category and Product Pages

If you sell several different items, create separate pages for each category, then create a unique page for each product. If you sell cookware, for instance, devote one page to green cookware for those consumers that are looking for it. Fill each page with photos, compelling copy and product reviews from past buyers.


Your website isn’t just there to show off your merchandise – it’s there to push it. Incorporate calls-to-action throughout your website. Add a banner on your home page with “Click here,” and end every product description with “Order now.” Be clear about what you want visitors to do, and they’ll feel enticed to do it.

Put Your Website to Work

You already know how great your website is at raising awareness of your company. Now make it commerce-friendly and see what it does for your bottom line.