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Alan Jurysta
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SEO Industry

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has evolved from a way to let the search engines know what your website is about into a game of cat and mouse. SEO has become a full blown industry and unfortunately many unqualified people have decided to join the bandwagon. Not every SEO link building service is the same.

The sad truth is that most SEO businesses don’t know what really works. They sell their services using many different techniques. Some claim the ability to produce up to 10,000 manual backlinks a month. Some talk about on-site SEO, website audits, submissions, and many other things.  In reality most SEO businesses employ many different tactics in hopes that one of them will work for their customer. Sometimes they get lucky and sometimes they don’t.

Search Engines Are Smart

As new techniques evolve to try and trick the search engines, the search engines adapt and neutralize the tricks. There really is only one way to assure that SEO work has a genuine and lasting effect on a web site. That is to give the search engines what they want.

A search engines goal is to provide a searcher with the most relevant results so the searcher can quickly find what they are looking for. The better the search engine is at this task, the more likely a searcher will continue to use the search engine. For

a web site owner, this means two things:

1. Telling the search engine why you exist.

2. Telling the search engine that others think you are the right site to appear in the results.

You can tell the search engines why you exist by producing original content relevant to the visitors you wish to attract, and keeping the content fresh. You can help the search engines better understand this by using appropriate headings, site maps and meta tags.

You can tell the search engines your web site is the right one to display by having other web sites let the search engines know that your site has the best information the searcher is looking for. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. You can get stories written up on local news web sites, you can share your expertise with other web sites by providing them with content. You can raise awareness of your web site through other marketing means.


SEO Link Building Service

If you stick to these two very basic principals, you will never have to outsmart the search engines, and the search engines will never de-throne you. For many people though, producing quality content and finding other web sites to place it on is a time consuming task they would prefer to outsource. That is where a good seo link building service can make the difference.  Look for a service that produces original content for you, places your keywords in context within the content, and posts the content for you on appropriate authority web sites. If you buy backlinks from a service such as this you won’t need thousands of links and your web site name won’t end up next to a link for pharmaceuticals.