Long Tailed Keywords And Why They’re Important To Your Success

success with long tailed keywords

I’m sure you have read about the importance of finding the right Keywords. This is only the first phase of your keyword research. The second phase can actually be much more beneficial to your goals. The second phase is researching your Long Tailed Keywords, which can generate much more organic traffic than your focus Keyword. […]

5 Simple SEO Tips for New Webmasters

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You’ve created a new website and you want to make sure it’s popular and widely used, which is why I am going to discuss a few basic and important steps about SEO for your new website, as search engine optimization might help you get traffic on your new website. #1. Content in the Kingdom Firstly, […]

Tackling Meta Descriptions


Meta descriptions:  Not quite sure what this means? It’s the first 120 or so characters (not words) that show up underneath your website or other online presence on a Google search. You know – that beginning sentence of, “Browse for lunchroom tables for your cafeteria here by…” or other snippet. Meta descriptions might be small, but […]

Targeted Internet Marketing

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In the world of internet where people check their mailbox before having breakfast in the morning Targeted Internet Marketing has taken a substantial stand on its own. This type of marketing is all about getting right customers at the right place on the web. The people who are interested in availing the services offered by […]

How to Silo Your Website’s Content for Better Results


What is a Silo? A silo is a tall cylinder designed to store fodder on a farm. But that’s not the type of silo I’m talking about. In the web marketing world, a silo is a collection of themed, keyword-related content that is grouped together for efficient retrieval by search engines and visitors.  Silos can […]

Three Tips to Help You Land More Writing Jobs


One of the many things I do through my business, Sequoia Media, is run blogs for different clients. This is by far the best service I offer, for me, because not only do I get the chance to write for the blog but I get the opportunity to work with some great writers and interact […]

4 Myths About Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

Writing a guest post for someone else’s blog is considered one of the best ways to market your website and bring in additional traffic. The theories behind this are: Your link will be accessible to the readers of another blog. When they read your post they may follow the link back to your site. Your […]

SEO For Business Success

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For a Saskatchewan SEO and website design company, we see the business world as a competitive place and this is increasingly so especially online. There are millions upon millions of different websites out there, thousands (or tens of thousands, perhaps) of which are trying to reach the same customers that you are. Making Online Business […]

What Do Search Engines Want?

Search Engines

If you’ve been to as many Internet conferences as I have you’ll know that the biggest topic is “traffic”, for without traffic your website is dead. Of course one could “pay” for traffic. (advertise). But what about that free traffic offered by Google (and others)? You know, — what if you could get Google to […]

An overview on the basics of search engine optimization

SEO Target

The internet is the biggest marketplace for this world. Here the people of whole world can do business online and buy things online at the same time. Doing online business is nowadays the most profitable way of earning money. Organizations and individuals are developing their business and reaching out to the world, through their websites. […]