How to Increase Website Ranking on Google in 9 Simple Steps

Chris Naish
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how to increase website ranking

Want to Know How To Increase Website Ranking Easily? Look to Home First!

Finding a way to increase website ranking is something that a lot of people struggle with and with good reason, most of the information that you will find out there on the web about this subject can be misleading, confusing or just plain wrong.

Lots of guides point out various ways of building backlinks with varying percentages of anchor text, then you have the people who tell you what percentage of your text needs to be your keyword and how many different variations on the keyword you need etc, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. It’s a headache!

Follow the basics here and you’ll be on your way to ranking.

In this quick guide I’ll try to make things as simple as possible so that anybody reading can get an almost guaranteed top 10 search engine ranking when they make their next few articles.

I’ll come clean right up front, I am going to plug my book at the end of this article but even if it doesn’t interest you, I hope the information here will help you anyway. The biggest part of this whole process will be made easier if you have the information in that book to hand however.

If you have been struggling with ranking, there are 2 areas that I’d like to concentrate on that will help you for sure, namely:

  • On page SEO
  • Keyword research

Achieving Higher Search Engine Rankings with on Page SEO

1) Linking to a Related Authority

The first thing you can do is link out to an authority on the subject that you are writing about, and yes, it should be a ‘dofollow’ link if you are wondering. Here for example I can take the opportunity to link to this article on Goolge Ranking and Spam which is on Note that the link is set to open in a new tab so that you don’t lose the visitor completely if they do decide to click through.

2a) Having Your Target Keyword in the Domain Name

This is of course the main ranking factor behind the concept of EMD (Exact Match Domain) and/or niche sites. While it is not always a factor you can use, it is definitely worth mentioning for those who are in the stage of planning a new site.

2b) Including Your Target Keyword in the URL

This is a factor that you can control on just about every article you write. The best way to achieve this in WordPress is to enter ‘/%postname%/’ into the ‘custom structure’ field on the permalink settings page. Then when you are creating an article, the URL will automatically become whatever your title is. This can be further optimized by clicking the ‘edit’ button next to the permalink when editing if desired.

Note: I don’t recommend changing the permalink structure on an existing site that is already ranking!

3) Include the Keyword in the Title of the Article

This is pretty much self explanatory, what isn’t so obvious however is that you can also use the title to include a longer tail version of your keyword along with something catchy to pull in readers from the SERP’s.

4) Put the Keyword in Your description

I find the best way to do this in WordPress is by using Yoasts WordPress SEO plugin, there are of course other plugins or even themes which can help with this.

Again, bear in mind that you can squeeze in a longer tail version of your keywords along with more catchy wording to pull in the SERP viewers.

5) Use H1 (Header 1) Tags around your Keyword

This again is fairly easy to carry out, just be wary of writing exactly the same thing in your articles H1 tags as you did in

the title. It looks kinda strange, especially when they are both right at the top of the page one on top of the other.

6) Put Keywords in alt tags of an image

Putting an image in a post makes it look prettier anyway so why not take the opportunity to get your keyword on the page in another form by using the image alt tags? Not only do the search engines take notice of this, you may end up picking up a few extra visitors through Goolge image search.

7) Write Your Keyword Once in Bold and Italics

Once again, this is pretty much self explanatory, I personally like to do the keyword with both bold and italics on time and towards the beginning of the article. Toward the start of the first paragraph is the best option if it will make sense.

8) A related YouTube video

Quite simple, head on over to YouTube and search for a video that is related to what you are talking about and embed it within your post. Make sure that it is helpful and informative for the visitor, they are more likely to stay longer on your page if they watch and Google likes this! :-)

By the way, have you noticed I haven’t mentioned using the meta keywords tag?

How to Get Ranked on Page 1 of Google Using Smart Keyword Research

9) Skilled Keyword Research

This really should be the very first thing you concentrate on, without good keyword research you are really going to struggle no matter how good your on page SEO is. You could fail for many reasons:

  • Not many searchers for your chosen keyword
  • Keyword is too difficult to rank for
  • Building links to get yourself ranked, ends up getting you slapped instead

Big companies with a big budget or huge authority sites will always have a big advantage over us when it comes to ‘head keywords’ like ‘SEO’ or ‘dieting’ etc but there is fortunately a way we can research keywords to see if they will be easy to rank for.

To give you a clue on how to do this, you could choose one of the keywords that you are trying to rank for on one of your own posts and go through the top 10 results in Google to find out if they are doing everything I told you to do above, with your on page SEO.

You might be lucky and find that they are not, doubtful however.

Now next time you are doing research you can go through each of your prospective keywords one by one, trying to find the gems that have not been heavily targeted yet. You have all the information you need to succeed now.


…it is going to take you hours and hours of research every time you need a new keyword for an article.

This is where my new book comes in, it will show you how to get all of that research done in record time using free tools and it also runs you through a live example where you get to see how I increase website ranking to page 1 for a 1300 local US search in a matter of days.

And it will cost you less that a glass of beer, not the crazy amounts these gurus charge you for garbage that doesn’t work!

I hope you found enough value in this article to go and take a look at my new book which is called ‘How to Find Low Competition Long Tail Keywords Using Free Tools’ by yours truly, Chris Naish.

You can find it here:
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No Kindle? No Problem…

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Thanks for reading! 


  1. Twitter:
    Great post. I just started to try to optimize my site and help it rank better so what you have mentioned here will help for sure.
    brad recently posted..New Night Golf ExperienceMy Profile

  2. Thanks for the great tips i didn’t even know about tip 5. i wil consider doing it now

  3. Twitter:
    Really nice tips, and youtube is best in to get rank for specific keyword. however youtube video links are nofollow but still it works.
    Issaq recently posted..The Wonderful And Mystical 4.5 Billion Year Old Fukang Pallasite MeteoriteMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Hey Issaq,

      We are talking embedding videos within your own content here, not linking back to your site via a YouTube page.

      What you say is however correct. The link below “Are WordPress Sidebar Links Blogroll Links Good for SEO?” was an experiment I ran with Andy which involved ‘nofollow’ links, which showed that they do help. I see no reason why it shouldn’t be the same with YouTube links to your site.
      Chris Naish recently posted..Are WordPress Sidebar Links – Blogroll Links Good for SEO?My Profile

  4. Twitter:
    using the youtube video in a post tip is new to me and I think it may work. cause google loves youtube however I think embedding a youtube video in our blogpost may reduce its loading speed. Am I correct?
    Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar recently posted..5 Reasons You Should Switch To a Laser KeyboardMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Every extra element you put on your page is going to increase load time Debarshi, I don’t see the load time being a problem with regards to YouTube videos unless you start putting lots of them on a page.

      Could make matters worse if you have loading speed issues on your site anyway I guess but somebody would probably need to review what they have going on at their site anyway if this is the case.

  5. Twitter:
    9 great steps. It seems that as of right now #3 is where I get the best results. We’ve had really good results using titles for building related pages to pull in targeted traffic.
    Charles Daniels recently posted..Why you should be using Google Analytics on your websiteMy Profile

  6. The information provided by you was really helpful and unique. The main problem with the blog i’m working upon is that it doesn’t has much traffic till now. I hope that by following your tips would solve the problem. Please add anything extra in your website if you have more ways abt how to increase traffic. Thank you.

    • Twitter:
      Thanks Pranav,

      There are quite a few other tips in the book buddy, the stuff listed above is the meat of it all but short of reproducing it all here there isn’t much more to say. More posts with the right keywords targeted the right way is the way forward.

      I can’t go giving away the farm now can I? lol

  7. thanks for sharing these 9 great steps. i will definitely follow all of them.

  8. Twitter:
    I want to add something. It is really important to have diversity of keywords for your blog. Let’s say I always try to come up with up to 15 keywords for the whole blog and for each post/page I spread out around 3 keyword.
    The main point is to look “natural” under Google’s eyes
    Anh Le recently posted..How to find do-follow blogs with CommentLuv & KeyworkLuv to build backlinksMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Good point Anh, That’s something I used to struggle with a lot. Still do now sometimes if the truth be told!

      It’s hard sometimes to write naturally when you are into SEO but I find writing for the reader and THEN going back through putting in keywords helps you keep a leash on it.

      Yoast’s SEO plugin and a simple control + F search also helps make sure you didn’t overdo it.

      Repeating keywords throughout the site too much is another mistake to be avoided IMHO.

      The golden rule I guess is to only REALLY hit one keyword strongly and make it the longest tail possible of your shortest tail. As an example, this post goes for:

      ‘Increase Website Ranking’ as it’s shortest keyword (140 global)
      ‘How to Increase Website Ranking’ (Interestingly 170 global even though it is longer :-S) and ‘Increase Website Ranking on Google’ (28 global) for slightly longer tails and…
      ‘How to Increase Website Ranking on Google’ (58 global) as the longest.

      This way you are allowing yourself to target the shorter tougher phrase while increasing your chances of at least hitting some kind of traffic from the really long tails if the short doesn’t pan out.

      That’s part of the beauty of the method outlined in the book, finding those longer tails that still produce traffic and that allow you to hedge your bets can be difficult if you don’t know how it is done.

  9. Twitter:
    It’s really hard to get authority links from my niche. I have tried some link building and my keyword gone away from the search at all. I don’t know how many links I should make to avoid penalization by google. Please guide me, how many links should I do in 1 day?
    Maddy recently posted..How To Wirelessly Stream Music, Videos, And Photos Among Samsung S3 and Smart TVMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Unfortunately some niches just don’t fit with natural linking Maddy, if you have done it manually and sent too many optimized links or too many spammy links that might be your problem.

      As for how many links in 1 day, there really isn’t a cap if the links look natural. Look what happens when something goes viral. Thousands and thousands of links but no penalty.

      • Twitter:
        Thanks for reply Chris! I think you should write an article on “How to Build Backlinks in a Natural Way” I am really not sure that how I can make natural links. When I was using article submission techniques, then I used to add only 1 keyword in my article and publish that article on 40 to 50 articles directories with PR 2 3 4 and 5. Now this technique is useless for me. I don’t know why it’s happening….
        Maddy recently posted..How To Remove Jailbreak Data from iPhone 4/4s to Reinstate WarrantyMy Profile

        • Twitter:
          Hey again Maddy,

          I am really not your man for advice with regards to link building, there are others that are far better in this area. (I even managed to get the site I ranked in the book slapped by outsourcing links. lol)

          That’s why I go for very good keyword research instead, you don’t really need to build a lot of backlinks. Great if you are lazy about writing and re-writing articles for links like me. lol

          One thing I am experimenting with is on the Adam Shepard post I link to below. The big blue ‘connect with Facebook’ button is what I’m talking about. If somebody wants the freebie they have to post the link to their wall which sends other visitors who also have to click the button for the freebie and so on.

          Not really a related post there but if you click the button you can see it in action. (Just remove it from your FB wall after if you try it.
          Chris Naish recently posted..Adam Shepard One Year Lived PDF FreeMy Profile

  10. Twitter:
    Great post, thank you so much for this information. Keywords can be so intimidating & confusing for most people & using them in a post properly can be quite challenging.
    Kerry McNally recently posted..6 Steps to Separate Your Personal Life from Your Business.My Profile

  11. Twitter:
    The tips no #4, I think it’s not necessary to focus on making meta description to boost your article.
    I see many people ignore it. And I recently create an article with no description but it’s ranked on the page #1 to #3 on google in just 2 day.
    rich amor recently posted..Cara Tepat Menghilangkan KomedoMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      That is true in some cases Rich,

      If you have the keywords in the very start of your post it will usually be the SERP description anyway which is why so many people tell us to use the keywords in the start of an article.

      Using the meta description helps when this isn’t possible for some reason.

      If you are targeting keywords in languages other than English it is also likely that competition is much lower. I would challenge you to rank for a similar keyword that actually brings traffic in English and you’ll almost certainly find it more difficult.

      That said, I know of marketers that actually do foreign keyword research and outsource the articles because they don’t speak the language so if what you do works, stick with it.

      Nothing is compulsory here and there are no rules saying you can’t rank unless you do what is outlined but it will help.

  12. Yasir Khan says:

    The title of your article is the single most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting your article read. It is a very good idea to include your keyword their in order to immediately start your website optimization.

  13. Twitter:
    Keyword research is no doubt the big monster behind SEO success!
    Anybody who doesn’t take care of the keywords is actually making nothing out of their SEO campaign.
    Chetan recently posted..SEO For Dummies: 10 FAQs AnsweredMy Profile

  14. Twitter:
    Basic points, but pretty useful to rank your pages higher on search engines. Keyword Research is quite crucial plus you should give proper attention towards writing useful and informative content.
    Aasma recently posted..Rancor Infotech Mobile Recharge SoftwareMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Most of the points are mainly pretty basic I agree, a couple that are slightly more advanced and that could mean the difference between a hell of a lot more traffic all other things being equal.

      Keyword research crucial?


      If I was only allowed to use one method from all the tips above to get traffic and leave all the others to chance, I would take smart keyword research every time.

  15. hiiii Chris Naish
    i liked your idea about how to increase website ranking of websites..but i must say searching is key element of SEO…. primary keywords are very essential which has to be used in title,domain name,and description.

  16. Twitter:
    I hope with these methods i could increase website traffic and would rank good in google.
    himanshu recently posted..Apple i car an amazing one.My Profile

  17. What about bookmarking sites?? Will it help to increase page rank or these steps are enough?
    Evan recently posted..Red Hot WordPress HTML5 theme Showcase 2013My Profile

    • Twitter:
      These stepa are just a great way to let Google and the other search engines know EXACTLY what your article is about Evan.

      There are never any guarantees that you will rank, even if you read the book I wrote but you will certainly improve your chances.

      As I keep repeating, the choice of keywords are THE most important element. Unfortunately, not too many people seem to realize this or they don’t want to do the work involved which is a mistake.

      2 or 3 articles that are targeted to good, easy to rank keywords will bring you more traffic than dozens of keywords aimed at head keywords which are being targeted by lots of other SEO’s.

      Work smarter and you cut out a lot of work or expense to rank.

  18. Twitter:
    great article..yes keyword research is the most crucial step..we should go for long tail keyword because they have low competition..and on page SEO is essential
    prabhat recently posted..Temple Run Vs Subway Surfers: Which One is Better Game?My Profile

  19. Brilliant tips and very useful post . My opinion is great content, basic SEO optimization and good promotion will get you ranking high ..

    Thanks for sharing this informative article

  20. Twitter:
    Hey great article about SEO..Long tail keywords work out well for new bloggers.once you gain a good page rank you can probably work on ranking for high competition keywords as well
    Suraj recently posted..Castle Illusion HD announcedMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Hi Priya,

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

      You are exactly correct BUT only if that good promotion involves a lot of money if you don’t have easy to rank keywords. (Sorry to readers going through the entire comment section if it seems i am repeating myself, I HAVE to write for the commenter in order to help the most!)

      You could rank on page 1 position 1 for the keyword ‘SEO’ or ‘weight loss’ etc with “good promotion” but can you afford that good promotion?

      likely not!

      I don’t mean to be… mean lol

      It is just essential that everybody understand that they MUST find out how difficult a keyword is to rank before setting out to rank for it.

      The tips above will of course help anybody with ranking, but they are useless tools for simple bloggers and webmasters such as ourselves if we try to rank for tough keywords. You might (as an example) move from page 8 on Google to page 7 if you adopt the tips above but you’re still not going to get any traffic.

    • Twitter:
      The trick is to target both the short tail and the long in one article IMHO Suraj.

      You don’t end up repeating yourself and producing duplicate content that way.

  21. Twitter:
    Hey Chris,
    Nice post and Yes, all the tips you mentioned above are must for increase website ranking and I am totally agree with you that Yoast is the best plugin for this as it check 2nd, 3rd and 4th point in it. Thanks for sharing these useful tips.
    Sudipto recently posted..How To Make Smart HomeMy Profile

  22. Twitter:
    Good content and basic SEO is all you need!
    Jarryd recently posted..Inmarsat Solutions UNPLANNED – OUTAGE – New (Reference 3668)My Profile

  23. Twitter:
    I agree. Your blog’s url must contain the keywords that is similar to the blog’s title. Also each post or article you write must contain keyword density.

    • Twitter:
      Thanks Wilfred,

      I personally don’t subscribe to the density as in ‘you should have a minimum or maximum’ other than to say don’t overdo it. The tips above should be quite sufficient, some suggest also putting the keyword right at the end of an article also. I can’t say I disagree with this either for any particular reason.

      If I were forced to put a number on it myself…

      …Include the keyword once for every 100 words in the article.

      I’d be interested to hear what others have to say about this.

  24. Hey Chris ,

    Great to see someone focusing on the fundamentals rather than the ‘click-this button for instant first page on google’ style garbage that seems to be rampant these days. I’d argue personally that as important as points 1-8 are , 9 should be top of the list. Research , research and research those keywords until your blue in the face. Make sure you’ve got keywords that are low competition , have a reasonably high search volume but most importantly of all, ones that have strong buyer intent.

    Over and Out…


    • Twitter:
      Thanks Michael,

      Yeah, the fundamentals are important. Whenever I try shortcuts (as I always will lol) I find that they usually end in disaster.

      Glad you brought up buyer intent also, this is somewhere that I have failed in the past a lot and something I still need to work on on an ongoing basis.

  25. Twitter:
    Well, I have to admit this is a helpful hand of tips dear Chris.
    You have a very nice blog so I will subscribe for more.
    Best regards from I. C. Daniel – Romania.
    I. C. Daniel recently posted..Get High Quality Dofollow Backlinks From NewGamesToPlay.comMy Profile

  26. Twitter:
    Google ranking is always helpful in traffic and attracting some new visitors. I think All the tips you have shared are amazing . Thanks for sharing them with us. :)
    Ashish Kumar recently posted..How To Take Screenshots on Android Devices.My Profile

  27. I checked out Chris’s book at amazon and it is just amazing. His article here is full of stuff that I have never tried in my effort towards increasing my ranking.

    Keep up the good work.

  28. Pretty good tips. It is sort of a checklist really. I have done all of that and still don’t rank on the first page. I’m usually on the 5th or 6th. I hope it gets better over time. Thank for the article
    Adam recently posted..German Volume TrainingMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Hey Adam,

      Some keywords do improve with time, the answer to that is really more of a set of questions…

      How long have you been waiting already?

      How old is your domain?

      How much authority does it have?

      Have you overdone it with on page SEO?

      And finally (and most importantly)…

      Well, you should look at the reply I made to Priya above for that. :-)

  29. Twitter:
    What do you mean by long tail keywords >>??
    harshi recently posted..2 ways to Root Samsung Galaxy Grand in minutesMy Profile

  30. Hey thanks for the great SEO tips. SEO is a lot harder than it first seems but I think the trick is to keep at it. Adding backlinks here and there, and eventually google starts to pick up on them.

  31. Twitter:
    Putting a video in my posts is definitely one I’ll be doing a lot more of. It makes since being that Google LOVES Youtube videos.

    One tips I tell bloggers is to create a video about their post going over the strong points. This could result in a good amount of traffic and leads from YouTube….
    Dennis recently posted..How Do You Make a Youtube Video Go Viral?My Profile

  32. Twitter:
    I have heard that having main keyword in URL may hit by EMD update ? Please confirm is it still helpful in ranking to have main keyword in URL or not?
    James recently posted..Eclipse – advanced search and highlighting code blocksMy Profile

  33. Twitter:
    You have clearly define both On-page and Off-page seo strategy. Without doing proper On-page optimization, we can not find more value from Off-page optimization. Recently I have article, where author described “do not bold or italic keywords in page content”. what you think?.
    chetu recently posted..Integration of Social Media Networks & eCommerce Platforms – A Case StudyMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      I’m not sure why somebody would say that but I can think of reasons such as giving away your keywords to other SEO’s on a plate.

      If that is the case however and they know you are ranking they are going to see from headers, alt tags etc what else you are targeting anyway.

      I’d be interested to read the article you are referring to Chetu.

  34. Twitter:
    …or simply buy SEO pressor and optimize your article accordingly.., and more concentrate of building the external links and social networking sites sharing..:)
    Rohit recently posted..Addressing modes of 8086 microprocessorMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      I hear good things about SEOpressor and it is in the back of this site. I like what it does but there is also something that it does that I don’t like, stripping the filler keywords from the slug to be exact although this can be turned off.

      • Twitter:
        yes, its SEO pressor 5 at the back of this site.., I love it because it suggests me the possible SEO we can perform with our article..,
        Rohit recently posted..Top Budget Smartphones under 10K price range | 2013My Profile

        • Twitter:
          Hey again Rohit,

          I have to admit, I ignored some of the stuff that SEOPressor was telling me in the back of this article and I didn’t like the way it stripped away the filler words from the slug. If you look at the URL for this article, the ‘ho-to’ and the ‘on’ is missing from the longest tail keyword ‘how to increase website ranking on google’.

          Those ‘filler’ words are a part of the exact keywords I was targeting so I believe that side of SEOPressor is bad new. (Don’t worry, I spoke with Andy about it and he said he wasn’t aware of it and has now turned that off.)

          Anyway… What I’m getting at is that I’m confident enough to use the method I outlined above here on this post in public. Even with the URL not being perfect, 2 of the keywords show on page 2 and one on page 3 for me already with no linking at all.

          The long tail keyword I outlined above actually contains another 3 shorter tails, the main keyword one is easy to pick out as I have bolded and italicized it at the top of the article. Because the first page is covered with authority type sites (there’s another tip in there somewhere. ;-) ) on the subject this is a set of keywords that I WOULD NOT have tried to rank for on a weak site but because is a PR5 I took a shot to see what would happen.

          Seems it is working out for the longer tail keywords but we have to wait and see with regard to the shorter keywords.

          THAT is the beauty of hedging your bets on every post by finding longer versions of keywords that you want to target. Even if I fail to rank for ‘increase website ranking’ there is a fallback that doesn’t make the work a waste of time in the majority of cases and over time the ranking may improve anyway.

          • Twitter:
            A very nice explanation Chris,
            I want to raise an another issue with SEO pressor,there is a case with SEO pressor that it asks user to make another title inside the post, I don’t know whether is good for SEO or not but it seems very awkward while placing another subtitle in H1 just after the main title.., I don’t know exactly whether this is the issue with SEO pressor 5 or not but its older version annoys me a lot…
            Rohit recently posted..Top Budget Smartphones under 10K price range | 2013My Profile

          • Twitter:
            The H1 right under the Title is something that I have issues with also, I like to do it but try to make it ‘different’ from the title.

            One work around I found was on the Socrates theme, it can (if you choose) put H1 tags around the article title so that you are killing 2 birds with one stone. Something I have only played with so far but could be a neat workaround.

  35. Twitter:
    This is a great post however there’s a plugin called SEOpressor that does all this job ;)
    Anis Emitez recently posted..6 Powerful Tips to Help You Make Money Online Starting TodayMy Profile

  36. Twitter:
    I bought your ebook ( ‘How to Find Low Competition Long Tail Keywords Using Free Tools’), just now from Amazon. I hope it will be useful (I am yet to read it:).
    Will come back and comment after reading and using (hoefully) the book.
    Jupitor Chakma recently posted..Home Remedies for Acid Reflux DiseaseMy Profile

  37. Nice post! I have tried almost all of these techniques and have also had success. I have not yet tried the YouTube video, but I plan on it.
    Jason recently posted..Agmatine and Nitric OxideMy Profile

  38. Pete Wise says:

    I like your tips, but I’d love to get your opinion on the risk of over-optimization. If there is a keyword in the url, h1, h2, h3, throughout the text, with an outbound link to a keyword-friendly source, at what point do you risk a penalty? Have you explored the upper limit of the Panda Algorithm?

    • Twitter:
      Hi Pete,

      No, I have not done any specific testing to see when exactly a penalty might kick in, I personally think that would be pointless anyway as Google is always tweaking so you could never put an exact percentage on things, or say it is safe to use all the header tags or really to do anything with any level of certainty.

      With regards to using the keywords in h2 and h3, I don’t recommend that in the article although it is fine in my opinion to use a related keyword in these headers where appropriate. The outbound link also needn’t be your keyword, in fact I would urge you not to use your keyword as you are going to help the site you are linking out to, to rank for the keyword you are targeting, perhaps beating you in the process.

      Somebody asked a similar question above and I said if I were forced to put a number on how many times to use the keyword in the article I would try to go for no more than once for every 100 words which I believe is a conservative figure.

  39. Twitter:
    Hi Chris,
    Awesome post. Very much of info here. Even i have just started optimizing my blog SEO. This post can help me too. Thanks for this, and Keep up your good effort
    Fairooz recently posted..Best iPhone 5 Camera Tips and TricksMy Profile

  40. Hey… thanks for sharing these SEO tips with us.This will help everyone to gain good rank in Google. I am just starting to optimize my blog with these tips..
    Rajat Prasun Sati recently posted..Micromax Funbook 3G P560 tablet is now available online for Rs. 8,799My Profile

  41. Thanks for article!

    I’ve made exactly what you told (to have keywords in domain). I hope it helps. :)
    Ksiusha recently posted..Karaoke en RusoMy Profile

  42. Proper SEO is very important to get good rank in SEO. You added some basic points. But most bloggers don’t do it properly.

    Thanks for share

    • Twitter:
      I agree Ahsan, too many people concentrate on all the secondary stuff that takes ages to get right and don’t check off the basics as they go. If your competition is already weak even the basics will help to shoot you up the rankings.

      Anyone who want’s to be a teacher in this area should absolutely HAMMER the basics into their students before setting them loose on a website IMHO.

  43. Twitter:
    Thanks for sharing! These 9 step is the best for increase higher pr ranking and improving of quality blog traffic but I think at maybe forgot the use the keyword as image name. Absolutely, this is educational tips and useful time
    Kimsea recently posted..A Failure Blogger Tell How to Become Successful BloggerMy Profile

  44. sintu kumar says:

    Thanks for the wounderful list of steps…great work

  45. Rajkumar Jonnala says:

    cool this is really a great idea to increase google ranking

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    These step really nice and informative. It really helpful to increase my website rank.

    thanks for share with me!!

  48. Hello Dear

    i was read your post and i think video search marketing is latest marketing and link build only do follow link and blog commenting is one of the best way of link building, and thanks for sharing me

    • Twitter:
      Hey Mansi,

      First of all, thanks for calling me ‘Dear’, I liked that. lol

      Not very experienced with ‘video search marketing’ to be honest with you but with regards to only building ‘dofollow’ links, that might look a bit suspicious to Google IMHO.

  49. Amandeep Singh says:

    Well, the tips are great to follow. and I would like to add that as Mansi Kaul said about Video Marketing, I too think its gonna be break through thing in the future.

    • Twitter:
      I think you both might be right Amandeep. Those who are on the bandwagon first will no doubt reap the biggest rewards if that is the case but I think there will always be room for the written word as long as people are wary of getting in front of a camera or simply don’t have the tech know how to do it.

  50. Craig Allen says:

    Keyword research isn’t a big and tedious task. With Google’s keyword tool I can check tens of them in just one click and it doesn’t take me too much time :).

    To be honest I’ve done all the steps that were mentioned in this article and I’m being ranked only on two ‘boring’ keywords that don’t have nice monthly searches.

    I’m updating my website with fresh content and adding backlinks sistematically (however, most of them are turning to be no-follows) but there is still no great results. Site is one month old. Any advices? : )

  51. Twitter:
    It’s so important to research your keywords. You cannot be too broad or too specific. Doing the work to uncover the most accurate keyword for you will really help focus your efforts and turn them into higher search engine rankings. You can’t start to improve your ranking if you don’t know what you want to be ranked with. Start with your keywords and go from there.

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    For on page SEO, don’t over optimize your site because Google can penalize you
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    yep. using keywords can get you on top of google. but i also believe that we should not overdo it since google might consider out site a spam..
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    i mean *our site a spam
    marilyn cada recently posted..A Blog for Bloggers of all Sizes and ShapesMy Profile

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    How many time my dear friend you will reinvent the same wheel. These terms and ideas are already been implemented in Yoast seo and SEOpressor. so even a newbie now knew about this. the point is- now you have to write every time a new and researched article to get some real ranking and do not sell links from your blog, otherwise besides all your efforts you can not achieve high ranks.
    rakesh kumar recently posted..LOL – Free Funny Image wordpress themeMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Oh no my dear friend Rakesh, there is a totally new wheel in the book. ;-)

      You can sell links all you want and it’s very unlikely you’ll get penalized unless you are stupid enough to advertise the service somewhere like the Warrior forum.

      Neither SEOPressor or Yoast’s Plugin will do the most important part that I outline in the post. The tips were just hints as to how you can analyze whether or not you can actually rank for a keyword or not.

      I’m afraid you might have skim read the post and missed the underlying theme Rakesh, I hope you can pick up on it with a more thorough reading. If you’re confused just ask and I’ll do my best to clarify. :-)

  56. So great, Chris.
    I can conclude that the most important thing is keywords. So the role of keywords in our site is so meaningful to increase rank on Google.

    Thank you.
    Ilmu Kimia recently posted..Senyawa KompleksMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Thanks for the kind words Ilmu,

      The role of keywords and the competition that goes with them is everything.

      Everything else I lay out in the article just pays lip service to the keywords that the research brings you.

  57. nice post . but one doubt
    i mean we already have h1 in the title section then why to write h1 again

    • Twitter:
      Hey Raj,

      That’s a good question!

      The title is actually in tags, not tags, if you right click on this page and then select ‘View page source’ you will see that the title for this page shows up like this:

      How to Increase Website Ranking on Google in 9 Simple Steps – ComLuv
      The H1 looks like this:
      Want to Know How To Increase Website Ranking Easily? Look to Home First!

      I used h2 in this case, can’t remember if it was because it looked too big or not but I now try to set up my sites to have a smaller H1 text for this reason. I’m guessing I did that out of respect for the fact that I was posting on somebody elses site or perhaps SEOPressor changed it? :-S

      Anyways, I’m digressing, I hope I answered your question in an understandable way Raj? :-)

    • Twitter:
      Hmm, Made a mess of that Raj…lol
      Should have read like this

      The title is actually in title tags, not h1 tags, if you right click on this page and then select ‘View page source’ you will see that the title for this page shows up like this:

      Title How to Increase Website Ranking on Google in 9 Simple Steps – ComLuv /title
      The H1 looks like this:
      h2 Want to Know How To Increase Website Ranking Easily? Look to Home First! /h2

      I used h2 in this case, can’t remember if it was because it looked too big or not but I now try to set up my sites to have a smaller H1 text for this reason. I’m guessing I did that out of respect for the fact that I was posting on somebody elses site or perhaps SEOPressor changed it? :-S

      Sorry about that Raj, forgot the html would disappear! lol

  58. Hi Chris,

    This is actually worth sharing and will be very useful to some aspiring SEO specialist. You are right, most resources in the internet are confusing and sometimes misleading. But I have found yours very precise, direct and clear. Applause to you! Keep up the good work!
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    • Twitter:
      Thanks Margaux,

      I’m really happy that you believe this is worth sharing!

      Some of the experienced guys who know the ‘on page’ stuff already seem to be skim reading and missing the underlying theme of the post which is a shame. The readers who are newer to SEO however seem to be taking their time over the article and picking out the true point.

      Glad you are in the latter category Margaux!

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    Thanks for this! now I should really learn more about keyword research. I really want to improve my search ranking that’s why this article will surely be a great help for a newbie like me.

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    thanks for sharing..

  61. Definite good tips for anyone trying to help their ranking. I’m still at a struggle with mine, but I am working on it. Too many wedding photographers in the area!

    • Twitter:
      Hey Leon,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      Too many wedding photographers huh? That is where the long tail will help you for sure! The book will help you there.

      A friend of mine is into his photography quite heavily, maybe you could hit him up and exchange ideas on keywords for your areas. You can find him here:

      Guess who helped him find the domain name btw. ;-)

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    • Twitter:
      Thanks Raj,

      You heard the phrase “If you build it then they will come” right?

      Well it’s dead wrong with regards to websites unless your keyword research is done right.

      Forget everything I tell you in the article until you address No9 and you will be fine.

  65. I don’t think the second point works these days. Heard Cutts talking about that.
    Rohan Shankar recently posted..Best Books To Learn Android Application DevelopmentMy Profile

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    Hey Chris,
    Recently i started SEO work on my blog and finding some tips to increase it. When i was searching on google, i find your guest post. Its really nice, simple and clean. I am finding proper way to do SEO and you provided. Thanks for sharing such nice info.
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    Hey Chris a Very Impressive write up to increase Google Ranking of a blog.The blog’s authorship play’s a very important part along with the other Seo aspects in gaining google rankings.Keep up the good work
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  68. Great Post. Newbies can actually use your post as a checklist of things they should do for SEO.

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    but i already have a domain name registered before reading this post!
    so now i am concentrating on other tips which are mentioned in the article as to have the permalink of the post containing the keyword.
    i will also suggest to my friends to have the keyword in mind before registering the site name.
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    it was good to know that the post which we are writing should also match the name of our website.
    however, i had already registered my website before reading this post.
    but, i shall suggest the same to my friends who are willing to have their domains get registered soon!
    yogesh pant recently posted..Aurora: The facts about borealis and australisMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Hey Yogesh,

      That isn’t really what I said buddy, point 2a should only really come into effect if your domain is all about a specific subject (Think where as 2b is for when you have a site which may deal in many subjects. (Even if all articles are related in a general way).

      If you did both, you could never make anything above a 1 post site! :-D

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    Totally agree that it is going to take hours and hours of research as well as hard work because getting good rankings in google is a holy grail for every webmaster. If the above tips are used properly I think they will definitely provide long lasting results.
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    Clear and concise article. I intend to use all that was mentioned here to try to improve rankings. Is it a problem if the keyowrd in the title is only part of the, I want to rank for the word fitbug but my title is fitbug orb
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    Try to get referred domain links. they matter more than ordinary backlinks
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    Really simple steps to increase website ranking on Google, it helps me a lot. Thanks for share :)

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    Good informative post! Hits all the right points. We use SEOPressor plugin for WordPress as it does much of what is listed here in the steps.
    Stephen Malan recently posted..Want to Rule YouTube?My Profile

  77. Twitter:
    Sorry but the only step outlined above that would help you increase your ranking is for your keyword(s) in the Title tag. Everything else is pretty much a waste of time because Google has gone to great lengths to reduce a webmaster’s ability to influence his/her webpage’s ranking using on page techniques.

    If you want to rank well in Google the only thing you can do is work and getting backlinks from quality sites. And yes, that is both time-consuming and expensive.
    Ken Glick recently posted..Problems With Free-Product RecoveryMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Hey Ken, thanks for comenting,

      I agree and disagree with you, the backlinks are certainly going to help A LOT but what is outlined above helps to either:

      a) Let Google know without doubt that your page is about ‘insert keyword here’.
      b) Indirectly increase rankings by increasing time on site.
      c) Making it easier to rank because you have selected the right keywords in the first place.

      Each step is a minor one, (except for the research) agreed. That’s why I said they were ‘simple’ steps. Helpful all the same however!

  78. Twitter:
    What are some examples of phasing to maximize your key words? Would that be increasing LSI keywords in your content?
    brad recently posted..Night Golf LaunchMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Hey Brad,

      Although I am familiar with LSI, it’s not something I set out to do when I write an article. For me personally I find it too much work to start looking into all that although I would never turn somebody away from it either.

      I guess I use it to an extent when I try to avoid using the same keywords over and over so perhaps I hit it naturally.

      The quick answer is I’m no expert in that area so I will not pretend to know about it. :-D

  79. awesome post. what i think is these 9 steps are very easy and any blogger can follow them.
    keep writing wonderful stuff like this.

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    Nice article, I think on page SEO and keyword research are the main to rank top in Google. When i start my blog i was doing only on page SEO and keyword research and i my blog is going well in search engines but after that i started to make good quality high PR backlinks which helped me lot. So good quality baclinks from high PR sites matters lot in SEO.
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    Researching your keywords is paramount to your sites success. Before you can put these steps into practice, you need to make sure that you have the best keywords for your site: not too vague as to be completely overshadowed, and not too focused to miss out of potential site visitors.

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    Very good key points on how to achieve great website rankings. Long-tail keywords are always the best as well as using the best SEO practices. Thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks Chris Naish, thanks a lot.
    I really need to follow all the steps guided here, other blogger copying post from my site & getting top position on google, where as my site always remain on 2nd or 3dr position on google :(.
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    Great resource. Thanks for going over the basics again, and the other tips.
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  86. A good SEO related post as you mentioned importance of keywords and their effective usage in making a blog post great with a high keyword density very necessary to be tracked easily by search engines .

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    awesome tips Chris you share here thanks again to give these type of tricks. I will definitely follow these steps. :-)
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  88. Heidi Passey says:

    Great tips on getting your blog to rank better in google. I’ve been doing pretty good at most of them, however I do forget about linking to an authority site. I need to go back through my previous posts and add some in. I also ad YouTube videos into most of my blog posts, but want to start shooting some of my own videos soon. Thanks for the great tips.

    • Twitter:
      Hey Heidi,

      I wouldn’t worry about going back and adding outgoing links to absolutely everything. Maybe just use this tactic on pages that actually perform.

      Some of your content should be there just to help the visitor and external links will not always be necessary. Think a series of posts with the main article being the ‘hook’ that ranks, if the content is good they will go through to other pages to get all of the info.

      That’s just an example of one of any number of scenarios of course but I think it looks a bit strange if you link out on every single article. Even in curation circles they recommend some articles of your own to break it up.

  89. Stephen Kjeldsen says:

    People should know these by now if they work with SEO, but this list rounds it ALL up pretty good. Good for new ones! Thanks.

  90. Twitter:
    Does Constant backlinks reporting to Google can enhance the Search Results Visibility for Blog ? Do Anchor Texts affect search engine results?
    Ravi recently posted..Future of Artificial Intelligence for SmartphonesMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      A staedy stream of backlinks is what apparently looks most normal to Google if that is what you mean Ravi?

      And anchor text does affect search rankings, yes. If you use the same anchor text too often you will likely destroy your site so you can see that it can affect negatively as well as positively.

      Again though, this is not my area of expertise. I hear people saying anywhere from 10% to 30% as your exact keyword, if the experts say that, I’m going for the safer end of the scale personally.

  91. Twitter:
    Your points are valid and sound, however, keyword research is probably the single most important step in increasing your rankings on Google and the most difficult simply because search trends are changing constantly. We compare it to women’s clothes and fashions. What may be hot one month may not be hot next month. Great article – thanks for sharing.
    Greg recently posted..Natural Link Building – Consider ThisMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Good points Greg,

      Personally I like to think that fantastic content that is ‘evergreen’ is the best way to go as I’m sure you know, but plenty ride the waves of new fads and do well. Not something I have tried seriously however.

      Another, more difficult method is to try to come up with something totally new while still targeting an evergreen niche so you get the natural linking. I tried this out on a post about the best keyword research tool for SEOover at at the previous link.

  92. Twitter:
    Hi Chrish,
    All bloggers want to improve their blog rank. As you said that dofollow is a factor to improve our website rangking. How many dofollow link we need for this?
    Aufa recently posted..Opera Mini Web Browser Download for MobileMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      I’m no expert in that area Aufa but from what I am seeing from other successful marketers, it is different for each niche, as is the amount of links you should build.

      Look at your best ranking competitor and try to do what they are would be sound advice.

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    A pretty nice sum up of the steps required to improve SERP ranking … Nice share Chris !

    P.S: Will be checking out your e-book shortly for some tips to find low competition long tails.
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  94. Paula S says:

    Can you elaborate on why Linking to a Related Authority sites increase SEO? It seems a bit counterintuitive to me that passing on link juice will actually help you (especially linking to those who I am competing with). So far I’ve been reluctant to do so, or at least reluctant to dofollow. Can you clarify?

    • Twitter:
      Seems counter intuitive to me also Paula! lol

      The idea is that you can actually leech a little authority by linking to an authority. Also, if you are linking out to a few authority sites when you also link to one of your own pages it will more likely be taken as a more legitimate link and the personal link will hold more weight.

  95. sintu kumar says:

    Thanks a lot for the information,i think its helps for me to increase my blog traffic.

  96. Tim Blanc says:

    I read about a year ago that bold and italics helped, so started changing a bunch of posts and pages. Then I recently read that using those would be over optimization. I guess using a judicious sprinkling of bold/italics may be the way to go.

  97. Twitter:
    Thanks for this great info. I am working on a new website with my developer and this will come in very handy. I’ve been confused as to how to leverage my homepage content and I think you have answered a lot of my questions!
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    I always read about keyword research being the most important factor, but I honestly have no idea how to factor it into my music website, WayUpHere, since the content is always new music with different artists ant titles. I try to incorporate the artist and song title early on again in the post and include the words “Free download” if there is one as well, but other than that I’m lost. Any ideas?
    Ryan Reynolds recently posted..Ace Hood – Bugatti (Remix) ft. Wiz Khalifa, T.I., Meek Mill, French Montana, Future, 2 Chainz, DJ Khaled & BirdmanMy Profile

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    Hey Chris Naish
    Thanks for sharing this valuable post with us. I don’t know about this at previous. I have some question related to this topic. I am using the plugin named ” wordpresss seo by yoast “.
    Q.1 How many targetted keywords can we use for better working???
    Q.2 How put keywords in alt tags of image???
    Q.3 What to do if my all keywords does not come in the URL???
    Please give me the answer of these questions. I am waiting.
    Chetan Gupta
    Chetan Gupta recently posted..How to Plan a Website in Few Easy StepsMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Hi Chetan,

      1) Depends, the rule of thumb is 1 but you can go for longer and shorter tails in 1 article.

      2) I’ll not be able to do a tutorial of it here but there will be plenty of resources online to tell you how to do this. I also don’t know if you are using WordPress or not.

      3) If you have not been building links, you rank nowhere and you get no traffic you could change the URL slug.

  100. Twitter:
    Thanks for these 9 amazing tips. Very useful and practical.

  101. Twitter:
    What is the best way to get high quality dofollow besides using guest post? Does facebook links count?
    Foo recently posted..LoveClaw Plugin Get You 350% More Facebook Like | ReviewMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Best way to get high quality dofollow…

      a) Buy a high PR domain.

      b) Buy links on a high PR domain.

      c) Do something great/crazy/unusual that high PR sites will want to link to. (Linkbait)

      Perhaps they are not the best but they are the methods I’m familiar with, hope that helps FOO.

  102. Twitter:
    somehow we have done all the steps involved in your article and “somehow” google dosen’t care much… also google said that EMD will not be as important in ranking as before, and “somehow” they didn’t respect either that… probably they didn’t wanted to loose all the “milking cows”… hahaha!
    Iuve Travel recently posted..Harry Potter TourMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      I guess I must have failed in putting across the point of my article Iuve, Sorry! Let me quote part of it again for you that talks about keyword research:

      “This really should be the very first thing you concentrate on, without good keyword research you are really going to struggle no matter how good your on page SEO is. You could fail for many reasons…”

      When trying to rank for tough keywords the tips above will do very little, if you know how to find low competition keywords however, the above tips will often be enough to get you ranking.

      I followed your links back through your 2nd tier link to your money site and it seems you have about 50% of the words on the page (All your keywords?) in bold by the way. I wouldn’t suggest bolding every other word Iuve, how will Google know what the page is about if we make that mistake?

      • Twitter:
        you’re sure it’s about my site? (a travel site, not money site – I dont “give money” I take money…:))) and about bolded words, I dont now why they appear that way, I sure didn’t bold’em 50%… just 5-8%… but beeing H2 maybe that’s has to be, unfortunately, it’s the old html style, drupal or joomla are to expensive, still

  103. Right now, I feel like stupid to not purchase a good domain when I could.
    Rahul recently posted..15 Killer Ways To bulid Quality Backlinks To Your Blog InstantlyMy Profile

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    I recently started optimizing my blog, thanks for the Post. Do you think embedding the Youtube Video will work ?
    Nagaraju G recently posted..Detect Fake Profiles on Facebook with FB CheckerMy Profile

  105. David Wedge says:

    Hi Chris,

    I preach a lot of what you say to my clients, and watch them gradually glaze over! Why cant Google just rank my site without all this fuss is a common question – and a fair one at that. My question is on the domain name, I know an SEO expert who has been saying for a while that having your keyword included is now of very minimum impact, and obviously EMD’s did get hit last year. I was certainly of the view that at best the domain name importance was slowly disappearing and that it should not now be of great concern.

    • Twitter:
      Hey David,

      That’s a tough question!

      I personally don’t believe that EMD’s are getting penalized so much as they have lost their strength if that makes sense. Like just about all aspects of on site SEO however, EMD’s or ‘keyword included domains’ are not vital any more but I still believe they help to an extent.

      Great links from strong trusted sites is your greatest asset, the tips above work best for ‘uncompetitive’ niches.

  106. Twitter:
    Sometimes I forget to add H2-H3 headers including the main keyword and I need to go over it again.
    About the Youtube video, I get it’s a great way to increase rankings, or at least rank the video in the first spots, but many times I don’t even know what to put into the video, so I struggle there.
    Servando Silva recently posted..Squarespace vs WordPress – Which one is for me? (2013)My Profile

  107. Twitter:
    For a beginner these tips are the basics, but you’ve got to know the basics! When I try to rank in Google, I always try to write a post that is the best possible answer to the Google search query. That’s my philosophy: best the best answer to the question.
    Matt recently posted..Where to Buy Kona CoffeeMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      That’s a good philosiphy Matt and one I believe in.

      One page I have has a terrible bounce rate but people find what they need, copy and paste it then leave. (Been spying with crazy egg type software. :-) )

      Does google see that small bit of page interaction? Not sure but they keep sending it traffic. :-)

  108. JamiePullman says:

    Great tips! I have been following some of these steps but I think not in the efficient way. I found this post very useful. Now on will follow these simple 9 steps and increase my website PR. Thank you!

  109. Amber Moore says:

    When starting my first website I made the mistake of choosing a name for my url that did not include my target keyword. I now know that this is an important factor, and will be remembering this for my next site :)

  110. Richard Eaves says:

    [in response to the comment made by Anh Le (April 15, 2013 at 8:42 pm)]

    I agree with Anh regarding the need to diversify keywords. It helps Google look at your site or blog more kindly if there is a natural flow of keywords.

    Richard Eaves

  111. The most important key to increase our rank in google is keyword.
    Thank you for your nice share, Chris.
    I like it, awaiting for more.
    Ilmu Kimia recently posted..Ekstraksi LogamMy Profile

  112. Twitter:
    This would be a perfect post about website ranking with an useful video and the detailed list posts.Chris you mentioned total 11 points right including sub points.All are create steps to build a high quality blog.But don’t play with keywords it is under keyword stuff.
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  113. such a nice post need to follow these all steps to get high page rank ..
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    This is great post buddy.I think follow these steps will bring you fame and money.I think using the step 7 is not effective nowdays. Anyway this a great piece of information.Thanks again for sharing this awesome informations
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  115. Twitter:
    Oh some great tips there!

    I know about some from before…but why must the keyword be in both bold an italic? I’ve always used both with good experience…ranking me top 10…
    Espen Høgli recently posted..Football Manager 2013 Wonderkids – Best Talents (425+)My Profile

  116. Twitter:
    i always include the keywords in the title and meta data…thanks a tonne for the info :) i guess following ur steps would really help make a difference ni the coming days :) thanks!
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    I worked regularly on these tips and found that these tips are like gold for bloggers.
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    SEO strategies consist of off page and on page SEO technique. 9 steps above give me great knowledge about off page and on page technique. Beside 9 steps above, quality content is important also. By creating great and fresh content, viewer will love it as well as search engine
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  119. Twitter:
    Hi chris, Ranking mostly depends on 2 things: relevancy on content to targeted search queries and quality incoming links. Some make it seem more complex. Your on-page SEO guides will allow us to recognize how to increase the rank in a practical way. But getting quality incoming links is also a big factor to rank high on search engines.
    somon recently posted..Clash of clans for PC Download: How to install on Computer (Windows 7 / 8 / XP / Vista)My Profile

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    I do keyword research, I don’t select keywords which is used in average. And i agree with the author about the fact that people should not change the permalink of their blog if they rank for some keywords, It will affect the entire ranking of our web sites.
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    Thanks for this nice post. I will keep it in my mind. Hope the next time you will share us how to increase Video ranking on Google
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    Some of the tips are pretty much old news Santosh, all of them are handy to know however.

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