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image-optimization-tipsYour ultimate image SEO tips for better result and ranking. In this article you will find 5 different most important image SEO tips. Actually they are well known but still most of them get neglected by almost everyone.

You all must be having a question. Why? to take so much trouble, after all its just an image. Then I would like to tell you, that sites like Flicker, Imageshack, imgur, photobucket and many other similar services gets millions of hits every month just because of the photos hosted with them.

So let’s move with our work. And here’s the list of topics we are going to cover

  • Link Structure ( Pretty one )
  • Titles ( I don’t like those dslr_201204 )
  • Alternate Text & Keywords Placement ( Utmost Important )
  • Optimize ( Size, Visibility and quality )
  • Description ( I performed test with one screen snapshot, and see my success )

So Getting Started with Image SEO

Get ready to explore the tools, plugins and read on articles. Make sure to download the tool listed in this article. They are not just free to use, but will help you get better, optimized, compressed and high quality images.

Readable Link Structure

If you have lots of images, then you must have observed that most of them have some weird names. Say its a beautiful picture of any girl and you got if from Google. And its name is something like ” 009_HQ_pix_girl002 “. Now I am damn sure you are not going to edit it and give it a proper name.

Now you have uploaded that photo without changing its name to your blog and gave it a good title. But do you think, that the image is SE optimized or human readable. For human its OK, but for search bots, they will come to you at last. Your link will be something like : ” ”

So it’s really important to assign proper and related names to your pictures. Since in other way, its like the placement of keywords. Over here also you can use the long tail keywords for better result.

Assign Proper Titles

Perform this step only if you are optimizing your website for humans. Really, Title tags have nothing with SEO. But when your images doesn’t load or when people surf online with ” load no images ” option enabled. Then these tags comes in some real use.

With proper use of names you can let such people know, what they are missing on your page. And its important to assign appropriate name to our pictures. Or else they will not appear on google search ( for related terms ) or will not be used by the googlers. It also have one more work and you will get it at last ( check my test )

Most Important Regarding Google Image SEO

Keyword Placement: We have done lots of customization and optimization for humans. Not let’s consider the search engines, as they are the main key to traffic and money. I think you must know that, search engine robots can’t see graphics.

They can only read text ( no emotions at all ). So it’s really important to tell these robots about the presence of the pictures or graphics. And for this purpose we utilize the ALT tags. So how it helps ?

  • ALT tag are used to describe the images to those who can’t see them
  • They helps in better performance ( considering SEO )
  • Add your targeted keyword in your Alternate text, since it will help you a lot in getting discovered from Google.
  • Make sure you don’t repeat your keyword too many time ( It’s completely spam work : Keyword stuffing )
  • Place your picture close to main targeted keyword in your article.
  • Make sure to add the caption

Optimize Your Images For Better Performance & Visibility

I think everyone knows the different type of image formats supported by browsers. Bitmap, Gif, JPEG, JPG, PNG and I might be missing some of them. So if you are asked to choose any particular format for your website, then what you are going to choose. Now I think the answers will vary from person to person, with different base. Designers will go with PNG, bloggers usually move with JPEG or GIF. But what if everyone could be able to use high quality images with reduced size.

You can download these free tools : GIFOptzr and Fileminimizer ( trial : 30 days ). Using them I get approximately 60 to 80 percent compressed files, and without compromising with the quality. All the images I use on my blog are optimized with these tools. Remeber, that Google calculates the total pageload, which also include the total time taken by individual images to load completly. So its one among the most important image seo tips which I am providing you here.

So how using these software can help you :

  • You image size gets reduced from 10 to almost 86 percent ( in my case )
  • Your graphics loads faster
  • They are optimized for web
  • You visitors get a complete view of your design
  • Overall page-load time is reduced by almost 30 to 40 percent, indirectly contributing for better SEO

Most Important Image SEO Tip From My Side

Simply Add Description : You will be amazed to know that, one of the screenshot of the premium theme ( which I took from themeforest ) on my blog get almost 20 to 30 hits from google web search. It was completely intentional. Don’t believe me, then just try it yourself.

Search on google for : ” SAHIFA RESPONSIVE WORDPRESS NEWS AND MAGAZINE THEME ” and you will get my blog media file on result page, within top 4 or 5.

Why, because it’s completely optimized and it was the test which I conducted. Instead of linking the picture with the file, I liked it with the media page.


How I did it :

  • As I already told, link structure is really important
  • My Snapshot file name has become the media page title
  • My caption and alternate text are same.
  • My description contains the keyword in the starting ( the theme name )
  • Finally lots of backlinks, since people are honest when it comes to giving credit ( actually fear of google )

I wish my article on Image SEO Tips was helpful for you all. Make sure to share it and please leave suggestions.