Understanding SEO for Meta Description

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imagesMeta description is a set of 155-160 characters which can be added to each page or post or to homepage to give a sneak peek into the content. In other words, it is a brochure for your website whose job is to lure the users (clients) in. You can also call it a summary of your content. It doesn’t play any role in the rankings but does play a significant role in drawing the user’s attention to your link increasing the chance of Click-through-rate (CTR). The words in the Meta description get bolded which match the keyword being searched further convincing the user to click your website’s link. I have share few tricks as to how to do SEO for Meta Description.

Where does Meta Description appear?

  1. Search Engine– Meta description is a part of the snippet on SERPs. Please refer to the picture below: –
  2. Social Networking sites – Websites like Facebook, Google plus uses the meta description of the link being used to point to your site.

SEO tips to write good Meta description

  1. Placement- The Meta description should be placed in the <head> section of your content.

<meta name=”description” content=”Write your meta description here”>

  1. Should contain significant aspects of the said topic- Since the primary use of writing a meta description is to attract more users, the description must contain key aspects of the content and the words which the user is looking for.  A very good
    example of very written meta description is given below:-
  2. Must be unique- Like title tags, meta description must be unique for each page. You can check Google Webmasters Tools for the same. It would list out all those pages/posts which have the same meta description.
  3. Include the primary keyword- Including the primary keyword in the meta description is highly recommended. It further proves the fact that how relevant the meta description is to the content.
  4. Use Call-to-Action words- Using words like “click here”, “learn more” or “download now” holds a better chance of high CTR.

When not to write a Meta description?

As much as writing a Meta description is important for a webpage, there can be situations when avoiding writing a Meta description can also be ok. Those situations include when you are writing a post which has a few long-tail keyword or a phrase which cant fit in a meta description. In that situation leave the meta description blank and the search engine will automatically pull the relevant paragraph to the keywords. However, if the keywords don’t match, then the search engine or the social networking site pulls the first lines of the content.

How to write Meta description: –

Writing Meta description for your webpages are very easy. You can download any of these plugins and it would automatically give you the option for writing the meta description for each page and post.

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