5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Better Than Tweeting For Personal Accounts

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Gautham A S
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Gautham A S
Gautham A S
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Before that advent of Twitter, there were a lot more personal bloggers who were using sites such as Blogger, WordPress etc to get their opinions across to others. Slowly, there seems to be a shift of these bloggers over to Twitter.In this post I’d like to discuss why blogging is still the “in-thing” and why people should switch back to blogging from tweeting for people using twitter to keep in touch with their friends and family.

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Not Enough Characters To Get My Point Across

I want to tell a story.I can’t do it on Twitter.

Twitter gives you only 140 characters, sure its faster, but what if I want to narrate an incident that occurred to me? What if I want to explain something? I need more than 140 characters.Blogging gives you an infinite number of characters to use to get your point across.You can cover everything you want in detail with all the examples you can think of!

I Want My Page To Be Unique

Every single profile on twitter looks exactly the same, so boring right?

In blogs, you can have literally infinite different designs that people implement on their respective blogs.You are free to design your blog the way you like, you can edit the code of your blog to make the design that you like.Twitter just does not offer such liberties and freedom to a user, something they should probably look at doing in the future.

I Can’t Make Money On Twitter!

To be honest, I blog for the fun of it and I blog to get

my point across to my friends and family, but it does not hurt to make a few bucks from it. With inflation and all that jargon, it could be nice to have a few extra spending bucks in our pockets.

Blogging offers hundreds of ways to earn money, through ads, affiliates, links etc.Twitter doesn’t.


To have an account on Twitter, I have to present so many details such as real name, mail address etc which I do not want to be visible to others. But there are easy ways in which people can find mail addresses on Twitter and hence use them to spam others with ads and links that no one really cares about.It’s such a pain isn’t it?

In Blogging, you own the site, you own everything. You do not have to let anyone see your mail or other personal details such as date of birth etc.You have complete privacy.

I Can’t Use CommentLuv. Haha

CommentLuv premium logo

Comments in blogs are the reason why I love to blog and commentluv is my favorite way to ensure there is a good interaction with my readers.There are no third party services in Twitter, which is kind of sad.

Maybe its something ComLuv should look at doing, working with twitter to make some kind of ComLuv feature which could really help bloggers too.

Blogging Vs Twitter Conclusion

So basically these are a few reasons why I feel blogging is better than twitter for people who use twitter as a personal social network.For companies and agencies that need to provide quick updates, Twitter is probably the best way to do it.What do you guys think? Please leave a comment!