5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Better Than Tweeting For Personal Accounts

Gautham A S
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Gautham A S
Gautham A S
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Before that advent of Twitter, there were a lot more personal bloggers who were using sites such as Blogger, WordPress etc to get their opinions across to others. Slowly, there seems to be a shift of these bloggers over to Twitter.In this post I’d like to discuss why blogging is still the “in-thing” and why people should switch back to blogging from tweeting for people using twitter to keep in touch with their friends and family.

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Not Enough Characters To Get My Point Across

I want to tell a story.I can’t do it on Twitter.

Twitter gives you only 140 characters, sure its faster, but what if I want to narrate an incident that occurred to me? What if I want to explain something? I need more than 140 characters.Blogging gives you an infinite number of characters to use to get your point across.You can cover everything you want in detail with all the examples you can think of!

I Want My Page To Be Unique

Every single profile on twitter looks exactly the same, so boring right?

In blogs, you can have literally infinite different designs that people implement on their respective blogs.You are free to design your blog the way you like, you can edit the code of your blog to make the design that you like.Twitter just does not offer such liberties and freedom to a user, something they should probably look at doing in the future.

I Can’t Make Money On Twitter!

To be honest, I blog for the fun of it and I blog to

get my point across to my friends and family, but it does not hurt to make a few bucks from it. With inflation and all that jargon, it could be nice to have a few extra spending bucks in our pockets.

Blogging offers hundreds of ways to earn money, through ads, affiliates, links etc.Twitter doesn’t.


To have an account on Twitter, I have to present so many details such as real name, mail address etc which I do not want to be visible to others. But there are easy ways in which people can find mail addresses on Twitter and hence use them to spam others with ads and links that no one really cares about.It’s such a pain isn’t it?

In Blogging, you own the site, you own everything. You do not have to let anyone see your mail or other personal details such as date of birth etc.You have complete privacy.

I Can’t Use CommentLuv. Haha

CommentLuv premium logo

Comments in blogs are the reason why I love to blog and commentluv is my favorite way to ensure there is a good interaction with my readers.There are no third party services in Twitter, which is kind of sad.

Maybe its something ComLuv should look at doing, working with twitter to make some kind of ComLuv feature which could really help bloggers too.

Blogging Vs Twitter Conclusion

So basically these are a few reasons why I feel blogging is better than twitter for people who use twitter as a personal social network.For companies and agencies that need to provide quick updates, Twitter is probably the best way to do it.What do you guys think? Please leave a comment! 


  1. I agree about twittering. I hate to show my personal info just for fun. Wise point of view. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Well said, agree with you. The 140 characters of twitter are something not enough to share personal information and to tell a story.

  3. Twitter has a lot of disadvantages like what you said about typing tweets. The tweet is 140 characters which is too short. Even trying to get traffic to your blog via twitter is never easy especially if you are a new blogger.
    wilfred imbukwa recently posted…Understanding SEO Through Traffic Travis Page Warnings ToolMy Profile

  4. Nice Compression, Got lot of new information from your article. Thanks!

  5. Hi Gautham,

    Yes. How true! What is sad is that people like to go with the herd. They communicate with each other and when somebody they trust says something like ” Got to X” they go to that X point. When everybody says that X method is good for traffic then everybody goes for that method. Sooner or later (usually later than sooner) they discover the truth. When everybody knows about a traffic method you can be sure that method doesn’t work anymore or it has lost, probably, 80% of its power.
    The same is with twitter, now. Somebody, probably an influencer, said “Hey! Go to twitter. Socialize there.” People started to listen and a new trend was born.
    What is important is to use your mind, your logic and your reason to find what works and what not. Twitter is not fit for writing articles and for socializing. It’s better for business purposes, like you said, for updates, news and things like that. So why should I bother with this trend? I’ll use twitter for what was and is meant for and that’s all.
    Very important. Whenever you find what you think is a new trend, test it to see if it really works. The results will show you the truth.
    Have a nice day.
    Silviu recently posted…Blog Commenting Results. Case Study 1My Profile

  6. All are reasonable gautham but still twitter is more popular and powerful than blogger.Because of some one loves share content in large amount and some one share content in short.
    raman bathina recently posted…5 People I Would Love To Connect With In a WeChat GroupMy Profile

  7. Both do very different things I think. A twitter account is obviously not as comprehensive, and is more of a sharing network for interesting links/pictures/thoughts… things like that. A blog allows you to introduce and discuss topics, go into more details. It’s important to know what you are trying to accomplish with each, confusing the two services can be frustrating both for you and for your viewers/readers.

  8. You do can make money on Twitter provided you have a large follower base. Then you can subscribe for Sponsored Tweets. You need to correct that point.
    Rohan Shankar recently posted…Build the Best Gaming / Editing Computer / PC under $1000My Profile

  9. Leon Bailey says:

    I tweet way more than I blog obviously, but I definitely agree with all of your points.

  10. You can’t even compare the two of them since they have different purposes to a certain extent.

    If you are looking for online success, you will need to grow on both sites. Need to!

    Samuel from internetdreams.com
    Samuel recently posted…Get More Followers On Twitter Faster!My Profile

  11. You are very right! I am not able to pass my message when using twitter simply because am a man of many words and twitter characters are just not enough for me.

  12. That was a pretty take, Gowtham.

    Blogging is of course better than micro-blogging, what we use on Twitter. But professional blogging cannot be free and one cannot easily become a superstar with personal blog.

    If one is thinking to start a new professional blog, I’m sure this post will give him/her enough of inspiration to get inn.

    Thank you.
    Koundeenya recently posted…20+ Best WordPress Wallpapers for Your DestopMy Profile

  13. You are completely correct in your assessment of why blogging is better for advertising than twitter. Social accounts like twitter, facebook, pinterest, etc. are tools that can be used to direct potential clients to your blog or website and should not be the sole source for advertising your products or services. Like you said, much of your content can be explained or advertised on a blog. Thanks for sharing this online marketing tip.
    Greg recently posted…What Keywords Get Website TrafficMy Profile

  14. Yeah at the end one has to blog !i blog for self satisfaction that twitter never gives me !
    harshi recently posted…Android USB Drivers For All Devices | Download all DriversMy Profile

  15. Its true, blogging has its own advantages like monetizing, but for twitter you can’t do so. Also 140 character of Twitter may fall short and can not express your feeling the way blogging can.
    Krishna recently posted…Cut The Rope For PC (Computer), Windows, Android Free DownloadMy Profile

  16. The most irritating about twitter is the wordlimit which restricts you to be limited while there is no such thing in blogging of course.
    himanshu recently posted…7 best free and paid Screenshot apps for AndroidMy Profile

  17. I guess twitter is for the lazy blogger. But if twitter and normal blogging is used in combination, the blogger will reap the greatest rewards.
    Narcis recently posted…Three Things That Suck About EnglandMy Profile

  18. I guess you can express more at Blog than at twitter.
    Moreover the Blog Gives better Exposure

  19. Good article Goutham. Did you notice some people use more than 140 characters? I mean, they break what they want to tell in sentences of around 140 characters and then keep tweeting for the next 20 minutes to get their point across. Funny, but just wondering if you ever came across such people :)
    Pitt Goumas recently posted…How Accurate Are Home STD Tests?My Profile

  20. There are also tons of people on Twitter. It’s hard to stand out from the rest of them
    Leslie Edwards recently posted…How To Become A Music ProducerMy Profile

  21. Not a big fun of Twitter yet. Thanks for taking your time to share with us!

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel
    I. C. Daniel recently posted…Placeable Old Barn v 1.0 – Farming Simulator 2013My Profile

  22. haha. i do agree with you. With blogging, i can earn more than tweeting everyday.

  23. Hey Gautham,

    nice brief comparison. Although I believe both these platforms have their own roles and cannot be compared really. In fact they compliment each other pretty well
    Jawad Khan recently posted…Content is King but Why Are You a Slave? Charge Higher Rates in 5 StepsMy Profile

  24. Hi there Gautham, I do agree that writing blog for me is much more interesting and receiving high quality comments for better blogging experience is the best thing for me as a blogger. Twitter, might be good for some cases, but compared to blog, I prefer blogging.
    Tony Nguyen recently posted…Fat Burning Diet – How To Burn Fat Quickly With Fat Burning Soup RecipesMy Profile

  25. Hey Gautham,
    Nice post and Yes, Blogging is the best way to share our view with others and it also helps in making relations with other and we can also make money. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 10000My Profile

  26. Hey Gautham,

    140 characters will not be enough to explain a whole thought. That is what the disadvantage Twitter has compared to a normal blog. With this disadvantage alone, we can say that a normal blog has a very big lead over tweeted contents. Twitter can be made as a compliment tool for a blog but will never surpass it in terms of incorporating or expressing a thought, idea, or information.
    Farrell John Conejos recently posted…One Piece Vs ZombiesMy Profile

  27. a very nice article Gautham..
    blogging is a very good platform not only for making money but i take it as a social networking as it introduce me with many successful bloggers in the blogosphere..
    by the way you’ve created a very nice article.. thanks for the same..:)

  28. it was kind of a new concept when you compared blogging with tweeting. It is because these two are very different things. Blogging is about sharing some knowledge with the potential readers whereas tweeting is all about the social media presence and entertaining the fans and followers.
    yogesh pant recently posted…Questions about solar systemMy Profile

  29. Twitter is an online social networking service and micro blogging service and followers.

  30. Interesting post, thanks for sharing. Twitter is a different way of communicating than with a blog. I tweet for only brief messages but also use it to promote blog posts. Tweets simply point to other content , it’s like texting instead of a phone call but not every conversation works the same way. My blog is more descriptive and I can completely express my thoughts.
    Sondra recently posted…Why Bother To Use A Classified Ad Submission Service? – Part 3 Of 3My Profile

  31. Vishal Verma says:

    You can make money from Twitter but it will require very large number of Authority followers…

  32. This is also a big issue that most of my friends need money and they are good blog writer but if they make tweet they can’t earn instead of if they write blog and post every week they can earn money easily because a good blog is important that 100 of tweets.
    Jonathan recently posted…2 conseils pour réussir dans un travail à domicileMy Profile

  33. Nice post. Never realized that we can also earn from twitter, although I don’t have a twitter account. Social networking is truly a powerful means to market oneself :)
    Ria Dancel recently posted…Sea’s Spring ResortMy Profile

  34. I agree, I do think that you can tempt peoples interest on twitter but it is hard to hammer home a point. Blogging helps you to build a “brand” and really express your point of view.
    Jake Harper recently posted…Tips To Rebuild A Sexless RelationshipMy Profile

  35. I agree that 140 characters for twitter is not enough to narrate something in English. The story is a little different when it comes to Chinese. Although twitter is blocked in China, Sina Weibo as website similar to twitter is so success to express things just because of the way Chinese characters are. Its is much easier to write a short story in 140 Chinese characters.
    chang recently posted…Quickbooks LoginMy Profile

  36. I completely agree with all your points in the post Gautham AS. Blogging is too much good as compared to twitter. And you say right it will give us money but twitter does not. T
    Gautam recently posted…10 Things You Need to Know About Android CamerasMy Profile

  37. I don’t like twitter at the time , i think that it is a total waste of time i agree with you
    Hossam Salem recently posted…Plan – G 0656 – EGP 424.00My Profile

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