Space Travel and its after effects on the humans

Yogesh Pant
Yogesh Pant is a final year student in Electronics and Communication Engineering. He loves to write about the technology and its effects and is passionate for astronomy. The dynamism of technology excites him a lot.
Yogesh Pant
Yogesh Pant

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Yogesh Pant
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Space Travel and its after effects on the humans

Space Travel, the walk on the nearby or distant planets, satellites and other astronomical bodies by the space travellers seems to be very interesting and quite simple if we go through the fiction books on space travel or any of the science fiction movies depicting the travel of humans on space. But if you, as a human go serious thinking of the travel in the space, you should always be aware of the after effects of the space travel on human bodies.

Why So Serious?

It is not that simple to travel in space by any ordinary human being due to many adverse conditions prevailing in the outer space such as zero gravity, weightlessness, direct exposure to harmful radiations, to name a few, which we humans are not addicted to in our planet, earth.

Cause for the after effects of space travel

Almost all of the effects caused in outer space are caused because we humans in our earth have to do most of our works sitting or standing, working against the gravity. As we know that there is no such factor in outer space, the astronauts which travel in space do not use their bodies (particularly bones and muscles) to that extent because they do not feel any need using them. This results in adverse conditions to the humans in the space.

The after Effects of space travel

The human body is designed as such that the motion of blood from lower to the upper parts have to work against the gravity. In absence of gravity, there is no such boundation and the

blood supply rate to all the organs is the same. This results in increasing the heart rate, blood pressure and the skinny legs. It may also result in puffiness of face, headaches or even nasal congestion to some astronauts.

Some of the other minor effects of the space travel to the human bodies may include vomiting, insomnia, malaise, dizziness and more spherical shapes of the red blood cells. The space travel may also result in the lesser immunity of the human bodies to the diseases.

Also, as the spinal bones have not to work that much hard to which they are addicted in earth and due to zero gravity environment prevailing in the space, astronauts grow up to two inches taller in space which results in the back aches. However, as stated earlier, all of these effects are not persistent but the space traveller return to their original state some days after they come back to the earth.

Last but not the least, Space radiation exists in the space environment. On the Earth, the atmosphere and the earth’s magnetic field provide a shield for human beings, and prevent space radiation such as the ultraviolet rays from penetrating to the Earth’s surface. But, due to the absence of any such shielding in the space, astronauts are subjected to greater amounts of these harmful radiations.

What’s actually happening in the space is that the cosmic rays are slashing through the brains of the astronauts. Along with the solar flares, these rays travel rapidly and tend to expose astronauts to higher levels of ionizing radiation. This form of radiation can damage atoms in human cells, leading to decreased immunity against general diseases also and a higher risk of cataracts, cancer, heart disease, damage to the central nervous system and brain damage.

So, next time when you go serious to think about the space travel, as a human being, go through the after and the on-travel effects of the travel as well. 


  1. Well yogesh a very good post, and really it’s awesome that you have selected a topic that is quiet different from usual posts.
    Space travel really is a matter of discussion for a lot of scientist and it also relates a time puzzle with it, and it’s quiet risky too, in absence of gravity know one knows where we are gonna go :)
    anyways very cool post…keep sharing!!!
    Ashutosh recently posted..Is Samsung the Real boss!My Profile

  2. One significant alteration in the hematologic and immunologic system in micro gravity is the transformation of red blood cells, the main component of blood. Ninety percent of our normal red blood cells have a biconcave discoid shape (i.e.) a doughnut without a hole
    Evan recently posted..Best WordPress Beauty Salon themesMy Profile

  3. Hello Dear

    really i am very impressed with your post and really this is effective points really in fact every human are need this is post really so thanks for sharing me

  4. Hello Yogesh..
    I had a great time reading it and learning about all the stuff a human body can suffer after goin to the outerspace .. pure astronauts :X but they must be paid really well hehe :P

    Thank you for sharing!
    Artiffex recently posted..Μοσχαράκι με λαχανικάMy Profile

  5. Twitter:
    A really nice post ! but i really wanna try this ! eager to go for this !
    harshi recently posted..Zyma Hosting | The Worst Host to Choose [Review]My Profile

  6. Twitter:
    Hey Yogesh, now you’re speaking my language. Me being a fan of anything different and unusual I can certainly appreciate this post.
    As for space travel, it’s something I would do in a heart beat if given the chance. Even though I understand that the effects on the human body may be potentially severe, I think in time, we may have no other option but to go into space ourselves. The Earth is slowly loosing it’s resources and the planet is slowly dying partly because of our “research” that led us to space in the first place. It’s a strange irony but something to think about.
    Thanks for a very interesting read.

    Best Regards,
    Robert Tuttle
    Robert Tuttle recently posted..Teleportation and Traveling Between DimensionsMy Profile

  7. Twitter:
    hello Robert,
    I was certainly waiting for your comment.
    I was pleased to know that you liked the article.
    Space travel is also one of the big dream of mine!
    Thanks for the comment.
    Yogesh Pant recently posted..List of UPSC Exams in 2013| NDA/CDS/IES/IFS/competitive examsMy Profile

  8. Twitter:
    Hi Yogesh,

    Really interesting post, and actually I never thought that traveling space means risking your health. I still remember few days back I heard a news that any celebrity is planning their honeymoon on space. I’m sure they must not be aware of negative effects of space traveling. They should read your post.
    Aasma recently posted..Mobile Balance Recharge SoftwareMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    hello Asma,
    LOL. Honeymoon on space!
    There are always many risks associated with the space travel. It is no joke travelling in the space and feel comfortable in the zero gravity environment!
    however, thanks for the comment.
    Yogesh Pant recently posted..List of UPSC Exams in 2013| NDA/CDS/IES/IFS/competitive examsMy Profile

  10. A very nice and somewhat out of league article, mostly i found these article on the website like and others, thanks for the information,. :)

  11. All the best for your dream… :)

  12. Twitter:
    Very interesting information! I think traveling in space sounds very fascinating but we still have a lot of business to do on Earth and take care of problems that have never been solved (like world piece etc.) before we can do more space exploration.

  13. Twitter:
    Hi Elena,
    it is not the case that we should do the exploration of space only if all the problems we have here on earth get solved.
    It is not practical to think that we can solve all the problems on earth.
    humans have always been fantasizing about their surroundings and in this regard, it is quite natural that the concept of space exploration is there.
    Yogesh Pant recently posted..List of UPSC Exams in 2013| NDA/CDS/IES/IFS/competitive examsMy Profile

  14. Twitter:
    Very Interesting! I never thought I would see a post quite like this here. When I was a kid I wanted to go to space. Turns out I wasn’t nearly smart enough, maybe that was a good thing eh?
    Dub recently posted..The Stinging Nettle PlantMy Profile

  15. Twitter:
    Hi Dub,
    there are really many of us who dream of visiting the space in their childhood.
    Thanks for sharing your dream!
    Yogesh Pant recently posted..List of UPSC Exams in 2013| NDA/CDS/IES/IFS/competitive examsMy Profile

  16. Twitter:
    I think is expensive to travel in space. Thanks for sharing the effects.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel
    I. C. Daniel recently posted..Samson SP15 Flotation v 1.0My Profile

  17. vishvast says:

    Great post, mate… Have you got the chance to read” thnx for this wonderful info

  18. Twitter:
    Nice post. That’s why I should go to space :D
    Touion Nguyen recently posted..Best Video Genesis Bonus and Prizes AroundMy Profile

  19. rockingsindi says:

    You made good points in this post
    Our body is familiar to earth’s environment and in space our body lacks many of familiar things
    and that’s why it affect human body most
    The most common problem experienced by humans in the initial hours of weightlessness space sickness and The psychological effects of living in space have not been clearly analyzed but analogies on Earth do exist

    • Twitter:
      yes, it is indeed due to the change of the atmosphere and the other factors in the outer space.
      There is no gravity, no atmosphere. These set of completely different situations results in the after effects of the space travel to the astronauts.
      Thanks for the comment.
      yogesh pant recently posted..THE REASON FOR EARTHQUAKESMy Profile

  20. Twitter:
    Improvement in spaceship should be more important which could definitely save the atronauts from the harmful radiations present in space.
    himanshu recently posted..5 best free and paid data recovery software 2013My Profile

  21. Twitter:
    Hi Himanshu,
    spaceships do have the facility that protect the astronauts from the harmful radiations.
    But, what is very difficult is to create an environment having the same level of gravity as we experience here on the earth.
    Thanks for the comment.
    yogesh pant recently posted..THE REASON FOR EARTHQUAKESMy Profile

  22. Twitter:
    I’m wondering why people want to go to the outer space. It doesn’t make any sense if you spend a lot of money just to be at the moon, since there are a lot of better (and nicer) places on earth that is not discovered yet.
    Prabowo Murti recently posted..Apa Itu Elastisitas Permintaan?My Profile

  23. Twitter:
    its something about passion Prabowo….
    money is not always valuable. The value of anything is relative. You always tend to do something in which you feel a sense of satisfaction.
    I think now you have got the answer why people want to have a space travel!
    yogesh pant recently posted..OBJECTS CAN BE MADE INVISIBLE: METAMATERIALSMy Profile

  24. Twitter:
    Hi Yogesh,
    A very different and unusual topic!. enjoyed reading as well got some more information on space travel.
    Mia Taylor recently posted..Unwarranted Concerns when Outsourcing Medical TranscriptionMy Profile

  25. This is a unique and interesting topic. Unique because only a very few people have the opportunity to experience space travel. Interesting because we don’t get to experience the excitement of traveling in space. Thank you for sharing this one.
    Ria Dancel recently posted..Evercrest Golf ClubMy Profile

  26. Twitter:
    hi Mia,
    thanks for telling that you got some information on space travel and also about its after effects.
    yogesh pant recently posted..Rings of Saturn: Facts associated with rings of SaturnMy Profile

  27. Twitter:
    Of all the hurdles with space travel to the human body, I read that High radiation levels beyond Earth orbit pose the biggest challenge to human exploration. Thanks for posting an articles on an interesting topic.
    chang recently posted..Pinger loginMy Profile

  28. Twitter:
    can be difficult to travel with your kids, mother-in-law, and the dog, into space… you need all kind of stuff for their needs, I mean, look how many crappy toys and stuff to have to take on you at lake Tahoe, for example, and when you get there you wont use 80% of them… kinda run out of air, no?… In space I mean…:)))

  29. Twitter:
    HI Iuve,
    you seem to take the space travel as a picnic either.
    This is not so simple buddy…
    Time will arrive when this will be much easier. Till then, you have to wait with all of them in the Earth only!
    yogesh pant recently posted..How to protect computer from virus?My Profile

  30. hi thanks for this post Earth orbit pose the biggest challenge to human exploration. Thanks for posting an articles on an interesting topic
    vaibhav recently posted..Facebook messenger application free downloadMy Profile

  31. Twitter:
    Hi Vaibhav,
    Thanks for the comment.
    It was nice to see that you found the article interesting…..
    yogesh pant recently posted..Mauna Kea is the highest volcano in HawaiiMy Profile

  32. Jon Swinden says:

    Great post. If we are to truly discover space we’ll probably need to reproduce in zero gravity. What do you think the effects of zero gravity would be on an unborn fetus?

  33. Twitter:
    well John,
    I think you have taken the point to far more extent.
    The result, (whatever they shall be) will not be good however, I think.
    yogesh pant recently posted..What is an Accretion Disk?My Profile

  34. Alexander says:

    Who says that we should be traveling in space?
    Why not stay on earth and visit one of the loveliest spots on earth?
    Let me give you a hint: I would suggestj on the southern coast of Portugal…

  35. Twitter:
    Hey Yogesh,
    another very informative post and I learned lots of new stuff after reading this post. Thanks for sharing these informative post with us.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Android Phone Under 7000My Profile

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