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Josue Valles

Josue Valles

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Josue Valles
Josue Valles
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Tourist on Saint Istvan Basilika in Budapest

The itinerary suggested in the guide below is specific, as the order in which visitors take their tour of Europe matters. England, being proudly independent of other countries in Europe, has retained the Pound. Thus, the tour starts there and goes onto all the other countries which use the Euro. That way, there is no need to keep on changing currencies once the first visit has been made. Your itinerary may enjoy different locations within the countries suggested, as these are easily within reach of each other by car or plane.

Wave the Union Jack

If you have never visited Europe before, the best places to travel in Europe are those that easily interlink with each other. For example, if you can buy tickets as part of a package, to include the countries of interest, you can get great discounts by booking early. Starting in London is a must as there is just so much history within the grasp of the everyday traveler with easy transport links from Central London to airports. Visit the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and stop off in Oxford Street for a little shopping. Relax in city parks and take in the whole city from the London Eye, situated next to the Thames.

If stopping in London for a couple of days, taking an excursion to Brighton is worth it. This city alongside the sea offers a really British beach experience, coupled with great shops. The Brighton Pier is an experience all of its own with entertainment for everyone and the antique shops along the sea front are reminiscent of another time. It takes about 60 minutes to get there and the train will amble through some great British countryside on the way. Visit the City Museum and the Royal Museum and stop off in a street café to rest your weary feet.

Going back to London is easy from Brighton, though you may want to take a detour to Canterbury. Here, the visitor can enjoy the old city walls and the cathedral sharing its prominence with today’s modern city. It’s a worthwhile detour, since Canterbury differs so much from other venues chosen for this visit.

From London, taking a plane ride to Paris shortens travel time, though if you wish to take the tunnel from the UK this is also possible, though less easily accessible. Paris offers so many sights that it’s almost essential to book a stopover and enjoy the Champs Élysées at night. It’s also worth seeing the Eiffel Tower and taking a walk through Parisian shopping areas to experience the French ambiance. One place you mustn’t miss is Montmartre as the area offers fantastic views over the city, approached by quaint streets where street artists gather.  Walk along the Seine and enjoy the relaxation offered by the city.

Take in the Alp regions

From Paris by car or by air to Austria, what awaits the visitor is wonderful countryside, great food and a welcome that makes the Austria one of the best places to travel in Europe. Austria is filled with quaint towns and a heartwarming welcome. Across

the border by train, visitors can take in the sights and sounds of Switzerland because this is a country with a triple personality. From Basel in the German part of Switzerland, visitors can experience the mountainous regions within the Italian and French parts of the country. The hills and valleys that make up Austria and Switzerland are breathtaking.

The best thing about taking in Austria and Switzerland is the contrast between the two countries. Architecture, tradition and backdrop are all so very different. Visitors also get a chance to let loose with their phrasebooks in three languages, before heading back to France.

Back Across the Border

From Switzerland, the obvious choice is to return to France, though heading further south. Carcassonne airport will land you within reach of one of the most magnificent fortress cities in France, which is still a living city within medieval walls. It’s worth lunching there as varied offerings are available. Some of the best places to travel in Europe are the hidden gems and France has plenty. Toulouse, or the “Ville Rose,” is within easy reach of Carcassonne and although not as large has Paris, offers city life among the bridges and architecture that takes its nickname from the color of the stone used to build it.

If you choose to fly south, Brive la Gaillard airport takes you into the Lot district of France where roads lead into Martel and give you access to the Dordogne at Creysse, St. Sozy and many other small villages along the way. This is a very desirable area of France with countryside which encompasses rolling hills and which has some of the best chateaus in France. The architecture here means many houses have medieval towers helping to add to the fairyland ambiance.

Vivre Espagne!

A plane from Carcassonne or even from Toulouse down to Barcelona in Spain is well worth it. In fact, you will find so much to do in the city that hardly ever sleeps. A port town with the wonderful night life of the Ramblas, Barcelona has traces of the work of Gaudi in so many tourist spots within the city. It’s amazingly beautiful and the Segrada Familia is the best starting point, leading on to Park Guell. Gaudi used the inspiration from organic or natural environments to create an architectural style which is fluid and beautiful.

Stand in the Guell Park in the center of Barcelona and look over the ceramic rooftops created by Gaudi so many years ago and still silhouetted against the blue skies. The park offers some splendid views and gives city visitors a break from city activity. It’s very safe too and you’ll find your camera trigger always at the ready. With esplanades plush with greenery, Barcelona offers warmth and plenty of shade in this Catalan region of Spain which is fiercely proud of its heritage.

The currency of convenience

These are some of the many highlights of your potential first visit to Europe, though there are of course many alternatives. Just make sure you get your phrase books at the ready. The advantage of traveling in the order suggested is that you won’t have to worry about constant currency changes. These are some of the best places to travel in Europe. In London, the Pound is still used, though all other countries mentioned use the Euro.