8 amazing places everyone should see before the zombie apocalypse

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Every now and then, people come up with some kind of apocalypse, like The Second God’s Deluge or The World’s End predicted by Mayans. As we all see, nothing of this has happened yet, but there’s another thing we should be worried about – zombies. Nothing motivates people to finally start doing things from their bucket list more than total chaos that’s bound to happen. If you’re one of those people, just imagine that the end is near, because there are a lot of amazing and breathtaking places on our planet everyone needs to see. We came up with this list that covers some of the most different places with only one thing in common – historical and cultural heritage.



Being the treasury for some priceless cultural artifacts, it’s obvious why Vatican deserves to be on the first place on this list. As a tourist in Vatican, you can choose from four different routes. Each of them is a journey for itself through this breathtaking museum, and all of these routes end with the Sistine Chapel. This museum complex is the largest in the world, with the amazing number of 1400 rooms. Prepare to be amazed by the astonishing number of art pieces that witness about human history.



Amazon is the place where nature is still mysterious and unexplored. A place where the number of animal and plant species are still being discovered each year. With more than 7,000,000 square kilometers, Amazon is often called the lungs of the Earth. This is the ultimate place for you to connect with nature, because it is untouched and free from civilization and all the bad things that come with it.


Pyramids of Giza

The secrets of the Ancient World lie right here, in the largest of the three greatest pyramids in Egypt. Even nowadays, when we have advanced technology at our disposal, the human kind is unfamiliar with the way Ancient Egyptians have built the pyramids. Entering the Great Pyramid of Giza will take you far back in the past, when people strongly believed in gods and the afterlife.



The famous prehistoric monument is still a mystery. There’s no kind of record about the culture that built Stonehenge, or any information about how they’ve built it. The scientists believe that the only

way possible to move the stones so large was by using some kind of supernatural power – any other way is simply physically impossible. It’s supposed that Stonehenge was a sacred place that people believed to have some kind of a healing effect. Another theory says that Stonehenge was built to unify the people who lived on this island a long time ago, around 3000BC.



This unique island is actually a product of the frequent volcanic eruptions, which resulted in the separation of this particular part from the rest of the land. Other than tourism, this Greek island is also proud of its archaeological site called Akrotiri, which dates from the Minoan era. If you’re not too much into merging your vacation with learning, you can always just let the magic of Santorini seduce you.


Rio de Janeiro

Being the home of Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro is a major tourist attraction. This religious monument attracts not only believers, but absolutely everyone – its size and significance are simply thrilling. But that’s not all Rio has to offer; people there are proud of their culture, and they are more than willing to share their spirit with all the visitors.



Petra, or The Rose City, is a symbol of Jordan. This breathtaking piece of architecture lies between two mountains, in a basin. It is a very old building – it’s established that Petra dates from 7000BC. It is still standing firm, but you should know that it’s in constant threat, and most problems are caused by erosion and improper rainwater drainage.


Machu Picchu

These intriguing ruins, placed 7000 feet above sea level, are separated into three different areas – agricultural, religious and urban. It’s believed that the first settlers arrived here anywhere from 20000BC to 10000BC – something as old as this carries a certain spirit with it, that simply cannot disappear. Also, it’s placed far from the cities and modern way of life, so it’s far from pollution and properly taken care of.

Although the inevitable zombie apocalypse draws ever closer, there is still plenty of time to schedule a few trips around the world and see some wonderful places full of culture and history. These are just some suggestions, but be sure to check out more places that people have suggested as being a veritable paradise on earth – those pesky zombies can wait.