Causes of memory loss

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Searching Causes of memory loss? Have just got the right spot to stop. Here, we are going to discuss the causes of memory loss.

Causes of memory loss: Introduction

Many times, people met a horrible accident. What happens at the physical level is one thing. But, sometimes, they lose their memory. Same can be the case when they hear some tragic news. These people forget their past. They even fail to remember and recognize their close friends and relatives. In some of the cases, they even fail to remember their own names.

Causes of memory loss

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Causes of memory loss: Amnesia

In psychology, they name this condition as “Amnesia”. Amnesia can be caused by many factors. In some of the cases, there may also be multiple reasons for the same.

  • Head injury

  • Mental Shock

  • Extreme Tiredness

  • Ill-Effects of medicines

  • Old age

  • After effects of drinking

These are some of the probable reasons for such a condition. However, there can be many more. But in most of the cases, the causing factor is one or many of these listed above.

Whatever among these may be the reason for amnesia, its effect on the brain is almost the same.

Causes of memory loss: Effect on the Brain

Memory is said to be stored in brain as a “Memory trace”. According to one theory, each experience sets up an oscillating pattern or wave of electrical excitation in a group of cells. Each learning experience generates its own unique pattern of excitation.

Whenever someone suffers from amnesia, he forgets events either preceding it or following it.

Memory loss

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Causes of memory loss: How long does it last?

The effect of the loss of memory may last for weeks, months, or in some case, for years. It always depends on the casual factors and the damage caused. There are people who have lost memory for life. One thing is however certain that in spite of the restoration of memory, some after effects always remain. These after effects cause permanent weakening of the memory to some extent.

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