Social Media Is Our Comfort Blanket

Mark Masters
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Mark Masters
Mark Masters
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Comfort Blanket

The world of social media isn’t necessarily social. To many it serves as a comfort blanket where it shields from being public.

Social media doesn’t change anything, it’s another method of talking with a long-term goal to build conversation, interaction and connection. However, it also becomes a lazy route to think that all roads lead to Rome (or all roads lead to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc). Do we really think that the world of social media will help us lead better lives?

What’s Happening Over On LinkedIn At The Moment

What the plethora of platforms show is that it becomes easy to hide behind a faceless product and then dictate a message to your audience. A recent example I seem to be finding on LinkedIn over the past few weeks are direct messages that say:

“I’d like to request 10 seconds of your time to leave me a quick rating here:……

Thank you in advance!”

A number of the requests are from people I have little relationship with, but by pressing a button to send to a host of email contacts becomes a warm duvet that you can feel assured that you’re work is done. By sending a templated message

with a sign-off of ‘thank you in advance,’ lets everyone know that the individuality you once had is now replaced by a ready-made email in a tone of voice that isn’t yours.

We Need To Find Our Voice

Communication has shifted in a world that is now connection invitation overload. Our challenge is to find our own voice, be human and become comfortable with it. The social media platforms are fantastic at building relationships and conversations, it’s just a case of using them in a way that positions you as a leader in your marketplace.

Taking warmth in connectivity but being shielded from being social and representing who you really are, is a recipe to merely blend in with everyone else. Take a look at your Twitter timeline and look at those who are selling their product and dictating a message, as opposed to adding value and information to those that are part of your community.

The Ways Of Doing Business Hasn’t Changed In 100s Of Years

People do business with those they know, like and trust. This hasn’t changed in hundreds of years, the only thing that is different today is that we’re not limited geographically.

It’s time to kick that warm security blanket off, be present, stand for something and champion being normal again.

Image: Courtesy of Flickr – sewtobed


  1. Social media is one of the best means of meeting new friends and communicating.
    Many people around the world are using social media to not only communicate but also integrate various debates touching on different issues that are affecting the society and the whole world at large.
    But is it really so?
    Many a times these networking sites are also used as a means to cheat people.
    It is being rightly said here that it is used as a platform to hide behind a faceless product and then dictate a message to your audience.may it be write or wrong.
    Ultimately it depends on us how we are using it .every things has its own pros and corns.

  2. I really think social media has become like a cup of tee in morning . We just need to use it properly.
    Rounak Baral recently posted…Why you should not use Facebook Hashtags !My Profile

  3. shikha mehra says:

    Hello Dear

    actually you are correct but social media is one of the best place of promotion really and @Rounak Baral is correct :-) so thanks for sharing me

  4. siddhartdas says:

    Hi Mark,
    Informative Post and i am totally agree with you that there is no doubt social media is also great for our websites , we can say just like key . if we work in proper way then definitely we will get +ve results. Well thanks for sharing this informative post.

  5. Interesting comparison) I bet you can hardly find a blogger who doesn’t care about social media! SM rocks!
    Martin recently posted…Is FLASH Appropriate for your Business Website?My Profile

  6. Of course these days social media has became more popular. Just we need to maintain it properly.
    Johnw recently posted…How to communicate and connect with the key decision makers?My Profile

  7. Hi Mark
    nice article social medial sites are very help full for promote and get traffic to your website. in current time social media site are very helpful for any website. thanks for sharing.
    hiren recently posted…Saurashtra Gramin Bank Recruitment 2013 – http://www.sgbrrb.orgMy Profile

  8. Social media is very important for all people who do online businesses or entrepreneurships. Thanks to it and the internet, businesses are no longer bound to geographic limitations as well as search engine results. Sometimes, it’s just sad to see that some people are using it in a crude and generic way.
    Emily recently posted…5 considerations before going for cloud storageMy Profile

  9. It seems to me that the one thing that has not changed is how people who are bad at sales or being social in the real world think they can use technology to hide from what they have to do. it does not matter what the techonology is, lazy people will always find a way to avoid real work.

    Louis Sanchez recently posted…Carrie Keagan Getting Her Breasts Cast for CharityMy Profile

  10. Lisa Merchant says:

    I think people depend way too much on the social media profiles today, which affects our actual social lives big time. Not to say that most of the things we do go public – so the Internet know so much more than we think it does..

  11. It seems the vast majority of what goes on with social media is a response to Google saying they will put more weight on public “votes” for a website and less on backlinks because they believe it’s a better gauge of the quality of the content since a site owner with poor content can get as many backlinks as a site with good content. Problem is, social is getting gamed just as much if not more by people putting content on their sites that is not related to their business but is just more interesting so is more likely to get tweeted or liked. Give them a couple years and Google will have an algo update that targets all the fluff that passes for relevant content.
    Kirby Hopper recently posted…Social Media Lead Generation – An Oxymoron?My Profile

  12. Leon Bailey says:

    I wouldn’t be able to survive without my social media. Still working on my voice and building my niche business wise.

  13. This is the thumb rule in business: people do business with people they trust!
    Vineet Gupta recently posted…How to Increase Sales – Closing Techniques I UseMy Profile

  14. Mikemilton says:

    yup man i agree with your article.. now a day social media is very useful for promote your article and also helping to get more traffic on your site or blog…

  15. Social media really helps as a Blanket and i use social media at its best and i use it to promote my site well.
    Gautam recently posted…Download WhatsApp For Pc,WhatsApp For Windows 7/8My Profile

  16. Not sure if I totally get this article. Finding our own voice and ditching the social media security blanket?

    I’d like to think that the majority of SME’s understand how much of a time sponge social media is. As a way of self promoting it has its uses but as a sales channel by creating relationships, really?

    The old fashioned sales methods still work, and I understand this is what this article is about. But sometimes ypu have to call a spade a spade. Or a phone.

  17. Well i can’t count how many things I do with the help of social media sites! No matter it is facebook, twitter, G+ , linkedin or anyother social media site, I,m addicted to them.
    Osama Zia recently posted…How to use proxy in Firefox/IE to unblock a siteMy Profile

  18. Social media is relationship and conversation media. At its core is the art of building relationships with others, human-to-human. However, we can’t be everywhere conversing with everyone at the same time. We need to pick our battles. Where we “hang out” digitally, just like any outreach and marketing program, should be driven by where our constituency hangs out.
    Okto recently posted…Save Time & Manage Your Blogging Schedule EasilyMy Profile

  19. No one would ever have thought that social media would be used as a aggressive marketing tool in near future, but it is being used like that. At the start on its launch it was being introduced to connect people from all over the world, so that they can connect with each other, but things have completely been changed after years. These social networks have now become the best source of advertising any product as most of the its use are active one, & this is what a business need.
    raj recently posted…Shazam for PC Download,Shazam for Windows7/8/Vista Computer,Shazam Para PCMy Profile

  20. Narender Sharma says:

    Social Media is indeed a major source of traffic/income these days. One who is successful with SM techniques performs really well in all other sectors. I tool use social media to promote my content and it is giving me good results. Thanks for the points you have made here.

  21. Social Media today is a great way to connect and expand social circles for personal use or for business. I completely agree with your suggestion to bring the human factor in and sound less like a bot. One has to stand for something they believe is unique and in customers best interest. The same applies to youtube subscribers. No one can take pride in having many subscribers if they don’t provide good/useful/interesting videos on their channel. The users always have an option to leave the channel.
    chang recently posted…Bigpond Email LoginMy Profile

  22. Webmasters or marketers can’t afford to ignore social media sites ..They are key source of revenue and traffic or most of them .Nice article, Thanks for sharing it with us Mark .

    Pramod recently posted…LAVA XOLO A500S specs,price and featuresMy Profile

  23. Hi Mark,

    Nice point, We do business with real trustworthy people. So if one is looking to establish or expand his business then he has to come out in the market and build relationship only then he can expect success. Sitting behind any mask is not going to work at all.

  24. steve Zbranek says:

    These days Internet marketing have same significance as direct marketing had in earlier days. Social media marketing playing great role in attracting customers and clients across the world hence promoting our business easily especially when you are doing whit hat technique.

  25. Hi Mark,

    I think this is an excellent write up…especially about Linkedin. It is so burning right now and you need to call the fire truck now! Joking :)

    Nonetheless, good write up and thanks for sharing!

    Reginald recently posted…Guest Posting Confession: Getting Started And Essential ChecklistsMy Profile

  26. Communication overload. God point. Too many social networks and too many people using them. Armies of people screaming for attention. Attention overload.
    Also there are a lot of abuses. The truth is that no matter what kind of new software, platform or network appears on the market, it won’t solve people’s problems and it will be abused.
    Thanks to the economic crisis a lot of people switched to digital economy (the only one still in expansion) in the hope this will bring them the freedom they dream at. This is especially true in case of social media networks. All these created an overcrowded environment where it becomes difficult to develop, to grow and frustration is steadily increasing.
    I honestly thing blogs are better than social media. On a blog you can really show who you are (if you want) and it is more difficult to hide behind a faceless product. You have more control and you can do pretty much whatever you want.
    Why most people are heading to social media, then? The explanation is simple: they go with the herd.

    Have a nice day
    Silviu recently posted…Alexa Traffic Rank. What is your rank?My Profile

  27. I agree with the points made in this article. It is the same argument that I make in terms of attracting clients to my business and what makes me more likely to purchase a product with someone. While social media is useful, nothing beats that personal contact. For example, I have found that I have attracted some people to my blog and public speaking events through social media. However, most people that I attract are convinced after meeting me and receiving a personal invitation. Personal contact requires more time but it is definitely worth the investment.
    Dr Sarita Jackson recently posted…The Domestic Side of International Trade NegotiationsMy Profile

  28. Great post. Personally, I have never been a very active user of social media websites as I prefer more personal contact with friends and family members. But now that we have started a blog, I am trying to navigate the vast world of social media. With so many options and so many ways to use it, it is all about finding the best options for your blog/business and finding your own way of communicating that keeps your subscribers around. Social media certainly makes it easier to reach people around the world, but its another to actually foster real engagement on these sites.
    Jessica recently posted…Travel Research: Are Travel Guidebooks Still Useful in the Digital Age?My Profile

  29. Social media is one of those things nowadays that some people do for the sake of it. It has become another step in the typical routine. I do the same thing myself, read social media for at least an hour a day and then complain that it is getting boring, then do the same all over again. It has become a form of addiction now in society which can be great for web marketers to tap into!

  30. I agree with the points made in this article. I think Social Media plays very important role in promotion of your business

  31. hi thanks for this post it was really useful
    vaibhav recently posted…Best nvidia graphics card for PCMy Profile

  32. Well, thanks for this really nice post. Its really great piece of information about Social Media!
    Prakash recently posted…Best Android Emulator for PC (Windows 7/8 and Mac) Free DownloadMy Profile

  33. The problem with social media marketing (or content marketing) is that it’s what I call “selfish marketing” which is telling someone what you want them to know rather than telling them what they want to hear. Because it’s so self-serving, selfish marketing appeals to people who think that they’re God’s gift to their industry and that everyone is waiting with bated breath for anything they publish.

    The only effective social media marketing strategy is that which seeks to develop an ongoing relationship with one’s target audience and that usually means giving 4 to 5 times more than you ask for them to give you a mention, link or citation.

    That’s what I think, anyway.
    Ken Glick (EEI) recently posted…Problems with the SCDHEC PROGRAMMATIC QAPP 2013 Revision For Doing Environmental Work in South CarolinaMy Profile

  34. Puneet Gupta says:

    Hi Mark,
    Interesting Post and i impressed with you That’s fact that Social Media is indeed a major source of traffic for our website. and We can trust at all these Sm which can success in our Business life.. and Now a day We need to Do SM which is more Important for us to get the Huge amount of traffic. even we can earn the Money by the SM. Well Thanks for the points you have shared here.

  35. Nice Read! Share of voice is very important for every business. With the help you of social media we can gain users trust, sentiments and likes.
    chetan recently posted…Natural Health Products, Vitamins and Supplements online in IndiaMy Profile

  36. Reetika Gupta says:

    Hello Mark,
    Mind blowing Post and i like your post which you have shared with us Well, thanks for this really nice post. Social media is one of the best key to get the Traffic of huge amount…Its really great piece of information about Social Media for me.. Thanks again.

  37. Chris McCarron says:

    Thanks for the article. I think social media is just an extension of texting on mobile phones. It’s a way to stay instantly in touch with people we don’t really have much interest in seeing in person.

  38. Hello Mark,

    I could say only thing that Social Media is very much important in today’s world as it has its own place and your blog post helped in clearing some concepts on social media. Thanks to you.

    Siddhartha Sinha
    Siddhartha Sinha recently posted…Buy Godaddy Hosting for 50% Discount – HurryMy Profile

  39. Social Media is a great way to connect with fellow bloggers and develop relationships with them. It serves as a major source of traffic for all my blogs.
    Gautham Lurk recently posted…Download Vector for PC Free with InstallationMy Profile

  40. Hi mark,

    Great post you got here.
    Social media is what I call a platform that bloggers can’t do without, its not just a way of promoting our blog or whatsoever but also a way of creating connections, traffic and backlinks.
    Keep up with the quality contents.
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted…5 Significance of a Quality ContentMy Profile

  41. Gouri Shanker says:

    Really now social media is a comfort blanket . Now we get lots of visits from it . And I Love it <3

  42. Hi Mark
    Thanks for the awesome update. I have visited you blog to learn more and liked some of your post. You have different kind of writing style which I am sure attract many users.
    Keep up the good work , would love to read more from you
    Ashi recently posted…Twitter Android App Now Has Two Step VerificationMy Profile

  43. Media network is the basis of meeting new people within and outside the country to either communicate or talk about business or on friendship basis. But many times many people use this to discomfort some people or users in the absence of sound knowledge. Thanks for this!
    Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…GAINING POTENTIAL VISIBILITY IN BLOG-O-SPHEREMy Profile

  44. So you basically telling us what all the older people already know. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Technology is great but only if it helps to make us better.

    Louis Sanchez recently posted…Microsoft Advertising Video Solutions – Branded Entertainment ExperiencesMy Profile

  45. David Jones says:

    Social media now has become a vital part of our blogging life . Lots of blogger only lives out of social posts ! So if it is not then one have to make it a comfort blanket ! Otherwise he / she will be missing a great thing .

  46. Having Social Media in our lives is great, but we need to start talking to each other in person, not through email, text or Facebook. What happened to those old good times when people had several great friends instead of 300 so-called Facebook friends you don’t even know? I agree with you that going back to basics is not a bad idea!
    Elena recently posted…In-Depth Diet-to-Go Review: Is there Any Truth to Diet Meal Plans?My Profile

  47. I feel like am wrapped in a warm blanket of social media which help us to reach our audience quickly aand build a firm relationship with them.
    himanshu recently posted…Best Jelly Bean apps for Android in 2013My Profile

  48. hi thanks for this article keep up the good work , would love to read more from you
    vaibhav recently posted…Free quick time media player downloadMy Profile

  49. really, social media is turning out to be a comfort blanket.
    It helps in making and maintaining relationships with the like-minded people around the globe.
    yogesh pant recently posted…The reason for high cost of goldMy Profile

  50. Putra Purnama says:

    According to me social media is the “soul” of blogging. Yes, like other said that one most important thing from social media is we can reach high traffic in our website. As a blogger…, that’s right that social media is my very very very comfort blanket.

  51. Social media has become an integral part of the blogging for its traffic generation as well as its Brand marketing. For some its quite easy, for some its quite tough I am in the second category and trying my level to improve that.

  52. kelvin Smith says:

    I agree with your article. Social media now has become a vital part of our blogging life but also a way of creating connections, traffic and backlinks. Keep up with the quality contents.

    Thanks for share.

  53. I spend daily 1-2 hours on Social Networking. Its now a part of my life. Totally agree!

  54. Get social when you have a business is a ‘must do’ nowadays guys.
    I. C. Daniel recently posted…Krampe BBS900 MultiFruit v 1.3My Profile

  55. I heard 70% of social network users shop at online and 55% users share their shopping information. As an ecommerce marketer I feel social media has become more important for business campaigns in the last six months. Although still my business in early stage and there is more yet to discover in coming days. Anyway …. thanks for a nice article.
    somon recently posted…Download Angry birds go for pc or computer (Windows 7 / 8 / XP / Vista)My Profile

  56. Hey Mark,
    Nice post and Yes, social media really helps in promoting our business and also attracts new customers but for this we have to use it properly. Thanks for sharing this post with us.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 12000 In IndiaMy Profile

  57. This is right that social media is our comfort blanket. Thanks fr this nice post. This is really helpful for me.
    Riya Khurana recently posted…Path Talk for PC Download, Path Talk for Mac (Windows 7/8)My Profile

  58. aminericher says:

    Hey Mark,
    Starting with 30 minutes per day dedicated to social media and 60 minutes on the weekend to my blog has a huge impact in the promotion of my business..

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