5 Tips to Grow Your Blog Through Social Media

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Hand holding a Social Media 3d SpherePeople too easily forget that blogging requires a lot of hard work. You have to be consistent, and create regular content; and your work isn’t even done once you’ve created that blog post because now you have to go and share it to your social media profiles.

If you’re tired of feeling like your blog posts get written and then immediately disappear into the Web’s either, here are a few ideas for new ways to help you get more attention on social media sites and bring in more readers to your blog.

1. Start conversations

This may seem obvious, but it’s worth saying because there’s always more you can do to generate chatter around your content. If you want people to pay attention to your blog, you have to give them a reason to.

Encourage visitors to leave comments — and then actually respond to them! Make your posts easy to re-post with sharing buttons, and be the one to start conversations online.

Not only will you be a more interesting person to follow online, but you’ll actually build relationships with people and they’ll be much more willing to read and share your posts.

2. Make each status and tweet personal

It’s so easy just to connect your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and any other networking sites, and then just post to one site that filters to the rest.

But you’ve probably noticed how annoying it is when one person’s tweets fill your entire Facebook feed. Each social networking site has a different tone — almost different rules — and you should take the trouble to make each social media profile you post to has unique content.

3. Give people
new reasons to follow you

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut with social media, try something new. Finding a new hobby in your own life can spark creativity and give you something else to blog about that will draw in new readers.

If you want to give your current readers a reason to share your content to their personal profiles, you can encourage them with a contest through social media.

4. Collaborate as much as you can

The Internet is vast, and even if you run a niche blog there are almost certainly other blogs out there tackling the same topic. You might have a unique aspect to your site, and a little competition isn’t a bad thing, but having a “me vs. them” mentality doesn’t help anyone.

If you’re producing content within a specific industry, a success for someone else is a success for everyone, because it brings more attention to your field. Reach out to other blogs over social media, promote other people who are creating similar content by sharing their work (they’ll probably promote you in return), and work together to create new, interesting content.

5. Do your research and stay on top of the latest trends

Bloggers (and any kind of online business for that matter) tend to get stuck on the major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter — and that’s pretty much where their online marketing plan ends.

There are obvious benefits to being on Twitter and having a Facebook page, but if you’re looking to remain relevant, you should go where the crowds are. New social networking sites are popping up all the time, and new trends in blogging are worth your time.

The more you can grow your personal network and experiment with creating new kinds of media, the more likely that unfamiliar people will stumble across your blog. Just remember to have all your social media profiles connect back to your main website!


  1. Twitter:
    Generally everyone knows these things. But you have said in an interesting manner and these are easy to follow. thanks for remembering the use of social media.
    SAIMOHANREDDY recently posted..How To Solve Blood Relation questions With Simple Aptitude TricksMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    Nice article Jeff. I have never given a try to collaboration as I feel no one would be agree for it as we all are running same niche site and trying our best to get past the other. Though we can try it out with our friend’s blog. Inviting others to comment on your blog and engage them with acknowledgement seems to a better idea to attract people’s attention into your blog. Anyways you have suggested nice ways to grow blog with social media.
    alan recently posted..Whatsapp for PC Download, Whatsapp for Windows 7/8/Vista ComputerMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    The most important thing is commenting and remaining active with your users…. Its the best way to get active social media attention.

  4. Twitter:
    Hi Jeff
    yes it is most important that we should provide reason to our follower that why they follow us. growing blog in social media needs some tricks and points to be follow. Thanks for sharing these points with us.
    Mahendra recently posted..Android KitKat Latest android 4.4 OS new features & imagesMy Profile

  5. Twitter:
    Jeff, thanks for refreshing our minds on how to grow our blogs using social media. Social media have become the rallying point for our blogs and every serious minded blogger must think of how to integrate his blog with the social media and take advantage of the potentials they offer.

    Let me start from your very last point. It is true that a lot of bloggers only know about Facebook, Twitter and perhaps Google+. They have hardly heard about sites like Bizsugar, Blokube, Blogengage, Tweetlow, Viralcontentbuzz, etc. They really need to explore new areas and expand their social spread.

    Like you rightly said, initiating comments on your site is a nice way to make people interact with you. You need to ask your readers questions and expect them to answer. You also need to encourage them to drop their contributions, questions or comments and assure them you will respond to their concerns as soon as possible. This would encourage them to leave their comments.

    Finally, engaging with others by visiting their blogs is a way of making them visit yours too. If you form the habit of commenting on other people’s blogs, they also do same when they visit yours too. So if you want more comments, visit fellow bloggers and comment on their posts.
    Efoghor Joseph Ezie recently posted..How You Can Make Money From Home on Mygigerr My Latest WebsiteMy Profile

    • Jeff Orloff says:

      It is always important to give your readers reason to comment whether you leave them with a question or simply give them something to think or debate about. Great additions here Efoghor!

  6. Twitter:
    Thanks for this timely advice Jeff. I liked the second point about making each tweet and status update personal. Only the other day I was contemplating buying an automated plugin for social posting. Your point is a sort of reality check for me. Every social site is unique and as such, deserves a personal touch. Though, it means devoting some extra time, it is really worthwhile in the long run.

    • Jeff Orloff says:

      Definitely, the days of automated posting are coming to an end because they lack that personal touch. Followers want to be engaged, not spoon-fed the same links that a bunch of other people are sharing.

  7. Twitter:
    Hello jeff
    After publishing post our main task is to promote our content to readers.
    social media is great source of promotions, we should promote others blogs so that they also do same for us.
    this is win- win condition.
    Rajesh Jhamb recently posted..How to download and install iOS 7 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touchMy Profile

  8. Twitter:
    Thanks for sharing these tips, i agree with you on these points. Social media actually can play a great role in growing your blog. Not only in growing but also to make it a brand.

    A blogger should share , indulge audience and should engage by own in the social community.
    Shorya Bist recently posted..Growing popularity of online educationMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    Hi Jeff,

    I am really big on #2. Social Media now of days seems to be getting very cold. With these auto responders, fake followers etc we are losing sight and forgetting the “Social” aspect of Social Media.

    Steven J Wilson recently posted..Must Knows on Internet Security and HackersMy Profile

  10. Twitter:
    Hey Jef ! thanks so much for teaching us ti growing our blog
    i have to ask that when we share our links on reddit after publishing post , reddit gives us dofollow links or no follows?
    Zaib Abbasi
    Zaib Abbasi recently posted..ModernBlog Blogger TemplateMy Profile

  11. Hi Jeff,
    I always share my articles on facebook, google+ and twitter through automated ways ( IFTTT ) but I think its better to do manually to engage users.
    Whats you take on that ?

    Jassie recently posted..Kate Winslet Plastic Surgery Before and After PhotoMy Profile

  12. Twitter:
    Every man is getting aware to social media sites and the impact on their blogs. Today social media is bringing so traffic compared tot he paid advertisement/.

  13. Twitter:
    All information was good and i like it.Its awsm sir.Your every post i read.

    Thank you!
    Mohit Rajwani recently posted..10 Social Media Mistakes to AvoidMy Profile

  14. Alexandria Horne says:

    Great tips all around. I appreciate you sharing them to help us all up our game when it comes to social engagement. It is easy to forget the basics sometimes. Thank you!

  15. Judy Miller says:

    Social media is the future of online activity. We have friends in several countries and we could never keep in touch without FB. WE try to post one photo a day to show our followers what we have been up to as a family. I also use FB to promote products I sell in a subtle friendly way and I must say it works better than more traditional media.

  16. Twitter:
    Hi Jeff,
    Nice article. I always feeling lazy to share content on social sites although these are the good source of traffic. Till now I never thought that collaborative efforts will work with the authors from same niche. I will start looking forward the opportunities in it.
    Sagar Desai recently posted..How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster ToolsMy Profile

    • Jeff Orloff says:

      In a traditional storefront business, working with the competition doesn’t always work out. Online, it is a different story. Collaboration can help get you in front of an entirely new audience and bring more traffic your way. Consider this, it is easy to jump between two sites for a different take or point of view so working with someone else in your space isn’t going to be detrimental if you are providing value.

  17. Twitter:
    I just know one thing and always tell to my readers that Social media is the backbone of the seo and your blog these days :)

  18. Twitter:
    Nice tips Jeff. I agree with “Give people new reason to follow us”. It makes us more excited to improve our content quality and grow our blog faster than before.
    ithauphy recently posted..How to Get Paid to Write Tutorial ArticlesMy Profile

  19. Twitter:
    A very effective strategy that works is to start conversations in social media. I must agree though I am guilty of not using this tactic very often. However I do see many of my friends do well with this :) Especially intriguing questions that interests the mass perform very well!

    Thanks for sharing this!
    Jane recently posted..Leaving Your Day Job and Becoming a Full-Time Blogger: 5 Valuable Lessons LearnedMy Profile

  20. Thanks for sharing these tips. If used correctly, your methods can attract more traffic and build followers.
    Admir Gracanin recently posted..HostGator ReviewMy Profile

  21. Twitter:
    Starting a conversation is one of the biggest factors in engaging the audience on social media. This way you can get more followers and thus your blog will grow in no time.
    Thanks for sharing this post.
    Arbaz Khan recently posted..Top 3 Best Data Recovery Software for WindowsMy Profile

  22. Twitter:
    Hi Jeff,

    All the points you brought to the table are very good, even common sense points. No need to contradict with any of them. More useful it would be to emphasize a a specific point: Research.

    It is so important to research the net for information. So many bloggers avoid this important step.
    Wherever I look I find that about 90% of blogs post generic content. This means general information that, in principle, no one will contradict and there is a general consensus about their value and effectiveness.
    Now, it is good to know those principles and when you read it for the first time it will definitely help you. However, when you see the same thing repeated all over the place, it becomes very annoying. It is incredible how people succeed with this type of content. However, this is just a short term success.
    Unfortunately, at the end of the day, this type of content doesn’t help you much. So whenever I see things like : write stellar content, craft magnetic headlines, insert beautiful pictures, write short, sweet and to the point articles etc., I become enraged. It is like an ocean of redundant information that looks awesome but is empty and useless.
    So, all bloggers: do you research, find new information, create new perspectives and add value to your blog.

    Have a wonderful day
    Silviu recently posted..How to Convert a Page into a Post without a PluginMy Profile

    • Jeff Orloff says:

      Great points! I try to make it a point to include links to my sources whenever I write because it not only gives credibility to my points but it shows that I take the time to research my point of view. It gives readers a bit of comfort knowing that I care enough not to just throw a post together.

  23. Twitter:
    Great article. I have been skeptical of filtering blog posts to all of my social media pages at once, because, as you mention, the tone and the audience of each are different. It is a bit more time consuming to go through each one, but it is worth it for my type of work. Thanks for sharing.
    Dr Sarita Jackson recently posted..Does the Government Shutdown Affect the U.S. Trade Agenda?My Profile

  24. Twitter:
    Hi Jeff,
    I must say i very well agree with your 5th tip which is doing your research and staying with the latest trend, one of the easiest way to do this is by subscribing to newsletters and getting all the current news in your inbox. Without proper research I will say your posts as a blogger would be dead posts and nothing meaningful will come out from it. Quality content is a good way of getting people to come back to your blog and taking tweets personal also helps with good traffic.
    tnx for sharing and have a nice wek ahead.
    Olili Bob recently posted..How To Add Top Commentators Widget To Blogger BlogMy Profile

  25. Thanks for the info, Jeff. I have no problem keeping up with my blog as I enjoy writing, but getting eyes on it is another matter. I plan to start implementing your tips, which are a little different to others I have read.
    Best wishes,

    • Jeff Orloff says:

      This is where collaboration can really work to your advantage. Find someone who you can work with and review each other’s posts. You might come away with some great ideas as well!

  26. Twitter:
    SEO is getting more complicated and unpredictable nowadays. Therefore, social media is a good alternative to grow our blogs. Plus it\’s fun and you don\’t have to be tech-savvy to get good result there.
    Ismail N recently posted..Adnan Januzaj : Pride Or Glory DilemmaMy Profile

    • Jeff Orloff says:

      But don’t neglect SEO! Remember that certain SEO techniques like writing good content that adds value, using engaging images and engaging with your audience will always be beneficial no matter what algorithms change.

  27. Adhitya Chandra says:

    Social media signals become a good thing for google in indexing our site better. Those tips above are actually good, especially for a noob webmaster like me. Thanks for this awesome post.

  28. Solid Information. I totally agreed with your thoughts. Social media plays vital role in marketing. I have a good authority on twitter and Google plus for my blog.

  29. Lots of really good advice. I feel people often times think social media is only good for driving low cost traffic and one to one conversations. However, increasing your blog followers is certainly a less thought about benefit.

  30. Vasant Sakpal says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I completely agree with your thoughts, and very will explain here. I am using social media and getting great response.
    I must say point number 3 is new to me I will explore it and try to give interesting material to readers.

  31. Twitter:
    Great tips. Engaging with your friends and followers is one of the most important thing in social media. Thanks for sharing such a amazing post.
    Lakhyajyoti recently posted..7 Simple Ways to Improve Domain AuthorityMy Profile

  32. Twitter:
    I remember when I first started my blog, 5 years ago, I didn’t even know the benefits of social media, but nowadays I have Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc all pulling in my feeds from my blog and sharing them out, I also like to reply to the tweets etc that are made from the post that have been tweeted, although sometimes they can be delayed replies.

    But keeping on top of the social media and communicating on a regular basis via them is a must for any blogger these days ;)
    Karen Woodham recently posted..The Conspiracy – The huge FrightFest hit comes to DVDMy Profile

  33. Twitter:
    Hello Jeff,
    it’s good tips but hard work! and it becomes more hard when you ahve a big network of blogs. Social media for sure are the new way to increase your audience and keep your work attractive and constant.
    marc donovan recently posted..Download Shazam For PC (windows XP/7/8)My Profile

    • Jeff Orloff says:

      Yes, and when you are running a network of blogs it becomes tempting to automate as much as you can. It can get tough and overwhelming but that personal connection is so vital.

  34. You have shared good information regarding promoting the blog through social media . All the steps are nice , but i liked the last point “research and stay on top of the latest trends” . I totally agree that if we keep our-self up to date with latest trends , only then we will be able to keep our blog up to dated with best and trendy information and our visitors will love our Blog :)
    Jones recently posted..Carrom 3D Android Pc Download 3D Carrom Game For Computer / WindowsMy Profile

    • Jeff Orloff says:

      Research makes the writer as far as I am concerned. Anyone can churn out rehashed content but a writer takes a topic that they are familiar with and gives it something new.

  35. Dinesh Pathirana says:

    Thanks for the tips mate. These are what bloggers should follow to promote their sites on the web. Social media just made marketing your website much easier and cost-effective.

  36. Twitter:
    Keep the social “on” is the best way to promote blog in social media. I like your tip about collaboration it’s new perspective to me. Thanks for this post
    Okto recently posted..How To Find Writing InspirationMy Profile

  37. Twitter:
    You can not expect from other to follow you if you are not giving them some special reason. Why should they follow you.
    Your tips r nice. Thanks for the amazing update,
    Ashish Kumar recently posted..Apple acquired Cue for Competing with Google NowMy Profile

  38. Mikey Beck says:

    Great tips! In my opinion, engaging with visitors is definitely the most important thing you can do to keep a blog or site alive, but I love the idea of running a contest through social media to increase visitor numbers!

  39. Ashish Chadha says:

    Hey thanks for sharing these nice tips. But we can’t force others to follow us. It depends on their needs and interest. But yes you are right, we should at least convince them for following us and also keep posting the benefits and achievements. In this way we may get the referral clients.

    • Jeff Orloff says:

      Of course we can’t force them, and we should never buy followers. But if you give them something of value then the followers will come.

  40. Twitter:
    When I first started working at HomeCity, the social media was minimally active but I have started doing some of the things showed on here and it has been helpful! We started with about 1,100 likes and in a week we are up to 1,300! To me, that’s a pretty big deal! It’s hard to be engaging when your company is one that doesn’t do frequent business. We had approximately 500 transactions last year whereas most companies can do that in an hour! So I have started posting community related posts and more! We are even working on getting a sweepstakes going! Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated!
    Virginia recently posted..September 2013 Housing Market Update – Austin, TXMy Profile

  41. Twitter:
    It is really gorgeous tips.
    Big thanks and appreciate you sharing those to help us.
    Maybe its seems easy and simple to do, but its really work. social media are not only twitter and facebook page only actually- So, I’m agree with you.

  42. I think social media in all its forms (which are growing every day) is not only a good way to promote your blog but, an essential one as well. I\’ve been using various social platforms for the past year now to promote my blogs and have seen a tremendous improvement in the volume of traffic.

    • Jeff Orloff says:

      Not only is it essential for promotion, but it is essential that you use it to connect with your readers. Comments are a great tool for blogs, but social media gives you so much more reach.

  43. Twitter:
    Hi Jeff, this is great tips, i think sharing is important point to grow your blog through social media. Sharing your posts on social media gives them greater traction. And it’s not just you sharing your posts. Which is good and helpful. It’s your readers sharing your posts. Which is even better.

  44. Twitter:
    Great article, linking your blog out to multiple sources is important to help grow your exposure and get more “fans”
    Andy Lockhart recently posted..6 Tips for Attending a Networking EventMy Profile

  45. I saw a video by LISA, she is really great in blogging, she said in that video due to launch of many algorithm many back links will destroy your PR if those are from the bad website. So the best way is to use social networking as a backlinks.

  46. Twitter:
    Great post Jeff. Sometimes we get caught up in the latest marketing fad or trend and we forget the basics. I was initially frustrated with my blog until I started to treat each social media site differently and speaking directly to the needs of each specific social media audience. I agree with your comment about reaching out to others in our niche. I would also make sure to reach out to other bloggers/marketers regardless of the niche.
    Jack Malone recently posted..Winter Tires – Chuck the Chains and Grab Some Good ChemistryMy Profile

  47. Muhammadsaleem says:

    Now a day, social media is very important for bloggers as it provide us so many visitors and your tips are very useful in this regard. Thanks for sharing them.

  48. In the days of too many blogs, it is quite difficult to get noticed. While content is still king, I must agree that social media is equally important. From the little experience which I have on blogging and social media, I can say that all the points which you have made here are totally valid. Time for competition is gone, it is time to network and collaborate. Thanks Jeff ! :)

  49. amitsarwara says:

    Hi jerf,
    Yeah really nice points, these are some of the basic required tips that must be followed by every blogger . First of all you should try to stay online and also try to interact with users that built a bond of trust between you both.
    Thanks for these awesome tips.

  50. Twitter:
    Thank you for sharing such an awesome list of social media tools. It is pretty helpful collection of social media tools which makes easy to manage social media activities. I am really pleased to found some new tools which I did not interacted before now. Thanks once again.
    Sagar Nandwani recently posted..What is the Difference between Organic Fertilizer and Bio Fertilizer?My Profile

  51. Twitter:
    Social Shares and social signals have become much more important as ranking factors. So growing your social sphere of influence is becoming more important than ever. Some people think big numbers are cool whereas I would much rather have 1,000 followers (that match my desired digital persona) than 10,000 followers that have little to no need in using my social seo services.
    Neil Ferree recently posted..Dominate Page 1 Search Results using Social SEOMy Profile

    • Jeff Orloff says:

      And if those 1000 followers are engaged, commenting and actually sharing then they are far better than 10,000 inactive followers. People who buy followers don’t seem to get this.

  52. Twitter:
    hello admin
    Great article. I have been skeptical of filtering blog posts to all of my social media pages at once, because, as you mention, the tone and the audience of each are different. It is a bit more time consuming to go through each one, but it is worth it for my type of work. Thanks for sharing.
    rajat recently posted..Free shakira photos for pc downloadMy Profile

    • Jeff Orloff says:

      Definitely, if you don’t have to automate then avoid it. Manually posting gives it that personal touch and helps get readers engaged.

  53. Twitter:
    Hi Jeff, You made a very good point by saying bloggers needs to collaborate. Yes I know that blogger needs to collaborate but I always fear competition because I do think that collaborationj will not favour me as much. But with this post I have changed my mind and I will restrategies my marketing plan. Thanks
    oladayo ojekunle recently posted..Quail Eggs: How to make lots of Money from Quail Farming.My Profile

  54. Yusri Big says:

    Share a link to our blog on other Facebook pages that are relevant to the topic we are writing about. Are we a small business owner? Post a link to our blog on the chamber’s Facebook page. Are we a mom writing about school issues? Share the link onyour school’s PTA Facebook page.

  55. Twitter:
    Interesting tips as we know how easy it is to think everything ends with hitting the publish button. More is required to promote the published post.

    Thanks for posting value and do have a splendid weekend
    Enstine Muki recently posted..Make Money Blogging with John Chow – Who the hell is John Chow and why listen to him?My Profile

  56. Mark Seydel says:

    I am new to social networking strategies. This article is great. Trying to wrap my mind around Google+, now. Wow! It can be overwhelming.

  57. Twitter:
    Social media and blogging will always stay connected. If you have a business and wants to do well with inbound marketing, you have to use social media to showcase what your business is in entirely, and get social by having social media accounts and market your business.
    but with no.2, yes its pretty annoying even tho im a marketer as well lol.
    Jazz M recently posted..What is Bento?My Profile

  58. Twitter:
    Don’t you think that sometimes posting via social looks like you are forcing others to read your article or post. I actually don’t like social blogging since I believe more on organic ways. Still it is indeed a way to grow your blog.
    SAJID recently posted..FIFA 14 free for iOS and AndroidMy Profile

  59. Twitter:
    Last and Least point do research on latest trends is essential every individual, there are lots of tools and resources can help you to grow you social media.
    Chetan recently posted..First Home Buying Experience with Ravi Group BuildersMy Profile

    • Jeff Orloff says:

      But don’t forget to research your visitors as well. With tools from Google and others you can find out everything you need to know about your audience.

  60. Twitter:
    Hi mate !
    Its very important for a blogger to be a part of social media sites as it can bring tons of unique visitors to our blogs . I follow some of the tips you’ve mentioned and they work really well for me . I’m sure these tips will help others too . Thanks for sharing these all tips with us .

    Pramod recently posted..Best Android web browser apps for Smartphones & TabletsMy Profile

  61. Zac Johnson says:

    Great tips and advice. I’ve always known social networking was a huge part of online business, but it was never a big focus of mine until recently. It definitely makes a difference and does help with connecting with your audience and getting new opportunities. Just imagine where you could be a few years down the road if you are adding 30-50 new followers per day!

  62. Twitter:
    Hey i keep on trying and working for increasing my presence from social media but have never been successful.
    i have followed steps of almost every guru guy and it never helped me get huge amounts of traffic and likes from my social profiles…
    I am really sad to what i am doing wrong
    SAJID recently posted..FIFA 14 free for iOS and AndroidMy Profile

  63. Twitter:
    Interacting with your visitors always works. Blogging always goes with 3 Is, invention, inspiration and interaction. You have given good info. Keep up the good work.
    Prithvi recently posted..Shared Hosting vs Virtual Private Server (VPS) : Which is better?My Profile

  64. I love this tips. I always agree that social media has an important role for growing our blogs. I think nowadays many blogger try to create their own social networking. Promoting our business through social networking has always been very effective. Thanks for creating this post :)
    Aburizal recently posted..Samsung Galaxy Young S6310 Review Harga dan SpesifikasiMy Profile

  65. Twitter:
    Nice post , Jeff. And I fully agree with you . You have to personalize your tweets and status and be updated on the latest trends as well.

  66. Ankita Mehta says:

    Agree !! But it takes much time to give good result .. Its important to promote your blog through social media, but newbie has not focused on SMO as it is a larger process. Can you suggest me how we make it more easier.

  67. Twitter:
    Really agree with you, and have read this before. Though, if you’re a business you can’t “just talk” with people. It’s really hard to spark up a conversation when you’re a business.
    Tim Williams recently posted..LG Nexus 5 info en prijzenMy Profile

  68. Twitter:
    Hi Jeff,

    Excellent write up. Engagement is important and I think it has to be quality. Always start the conversation before others if you want to build some serious relationship. Of course, you can ditch this if you aer already famous :)
    Reginald recently posted..Organic SEO Strategies And SEO Tools For Hummingbird and Penguin 2.1My Profile

  69. Social media, will always be important for blogs. But remember that social media, just like the internet as a whole is consistently changing & growing. I agree that you have to keep up with what is new, the latest trends, and go where you can potentially reach more or new people. With that said, Facebook, Twitter, and the old guard still matter very much, I am not planning on abandoning them anytime soon. Great article, Xavier

  70. Twitter:
    I like your tip #5. This is probably the mistake many people do. They don’t go beyond the top 2-3 social networking website. Especially when the website is new, it is always beneficial to invest time to try other new and upcoming social media platforms.
    chang recently posted..way2sms loginMy Profile

    • Jeff Orloff says:

      Sometimes we get caught up in the size of these networks and spend too much time on them. We forget the amount of noise on them have caused many people to tune out where the smaller ones are attractive because people find the shared content more useful.

  71. Twitter:
    Hello; I enjoyed the post. I was having trouble with getting people to read the longer posts on my site until someone helped me understand the importance of and a way to use headings in my blog posts. By breaking the posts up into smaller chunks more people are reading them. I try to include photos, video links, and links to other sites or past posts. but the most important thing I’ve done is to reach out to other bloggers. As I build friendships and get to know people by commenting on their posts I am building an audience of loyal friends who will support my site in return. And there are a lot of nice people out there in the bloggosphere. thanks for the post, Max
    Maxwell Ivey recently posted..Advice for selling amusement equipment online part 4 inflatablesMy Profile

  72. Nitesh Kunnath says:

    Great post buddy. I am not very good with Twitter platform and I find it much boring compared to that of Facebook. I always wonder how I could utilize twitter as a good social media platform to promote my blog. Very informative post indeed.

  73. Twitter:
    Blogging without social media is like a car with out tires. Everything is becomes so fast that people used to upload status instead of sending text messages to individuals. Thanks for this valuable info!
    Osama Zia recently posted..Hodor Blogger Template- An OverviewMy Profile

  74. Simple, easy yet great. you’re right Social media has great importance in Blogging, I got everything in starting from social media especially Facebook, g+ and Twitter, now I have many blogs and every start getting results so fast due to strong base on social media, I must say this is a greatly written and very informative article. Thanks for this.

  75. Jonathan Lawton says:

    Thanks Jeff, Another great article. I personally think that its all about conversation, If you talk to your social media friends and partners you gain new followers much faster. The nice thing is that its that type of follower you want, someone who regularly posts and discusses matters that mean the most.

  76. Hi,Thanks for your article, my opinion is SEO through social media is needed, google increasingly intelligent and constantly updated algorithms, this is not beneficial for SEO.
    Danny recently posted..Online money making sites from Cash Funnels MachineMy Profile

  77. Asif Shahzad says:

    Thanks a lot for giving these tips! I agreed on all these points. Social media can basically play an excellent role in growing your website not only in growing but also to make website famous.

  78. One should also become regular in facebook groups related to the niche of the blog . This way we can come in contact with people interested in your niche. We should post regularly in these groups . gradully , people starts knowing you and it helps to increase facebook fan following on a vast cale

  79. Twitter:
    Hello Jeff! Thanks for sharing this post. I agree completely with you cause social media is what this generation focuses on. I try as much as possible to keep my fans interactive on social media such as Facebook and twitter by posting useful information and also starting conversations which will eventually get them involved. thanks so much for sharing.
    Ngah Benoit recently posted..The ultimate guide to a healthy and successful relationshipMy Profile

  80. Alexandra says:

    Yes, that’s right!
    Many people have learned this before, however, make it becoming practical is likely more important.
    Thank you anyway…

  81. Twitter:
    This is really cool! All 5 points are valuable – I know it’s important to think of new ways all the time, otherwise it gets frustrating. Even if you are doing quality work, getting noticed is important. But you need to notice others first!
    Renuka recently posted..Jaisalmer Fort – In Pictures (Part I)My Profile

  82. These are good ideas because I am trying to build a loyal following on SM. I like the new ideas you presented. thanks
    Michael Belk recently posted..Aaron Alexis failed to report an arrest, received security clearance.My Profile

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    Give me a small suggestion I was not active for last 2 years on my site, from last 2 weeks started working on it but traffic is not increasing as expected, around 30 per day, any special suggestion to boost site traffic in this case or should I wait few more days….
    Thanks in advance
    kishore recently posted..Google Drive Vs. SkyDrive: Comparison on ProductivityMy Profile

  84. onapthanh says:

    thanks for refreshing our minds on how to grow our blogs using social media. Social media have become the rallying point for our blogs and every serious minded blogger must think of how to integrate his blog with the social media and take advantage of the potentials they offer. I agree completely with you cause social media is what this generation focuses on. I try as much as possible to keep my fans interactive on social media such as Facebook and twitter
    Let me start from your very last point. It is true that a lot of bloggers only know about Facebook, Twitter and perhaps Google+. They have hardly heard about sites like Bizsugar, Blokube, Blogengage, Tweetlow

  85. Twitter:
    Hey Jeff,
    Social Media has gained a lot of attention in the past couple of years. Facebook started first but Twitter went past Facebook.
    In my early days of using social media, I wasn’t that active and did not engage much with other bloggers and users on social media. But since last year, I have been in touch with some great bloggers like Lisa and Tom on the Twitter and the list goes on and on.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us. It will definitely form a part of my social media strategy.
    Vineet Saxena recently posted..5 Reasons Why You Must Use Child Themes For WordPressMy Profile

  86. Neha Chauhan says:

    Agree with admin. Social media is one of the biggest ranking factor from google. Few months back, my personal blog does\’t rank well due to social media but now i Am plan to Implement on these above tips and tricks. So thanks for sharing admin

  87. Mark ashlay says:

    Great tips by Admin, I only know the first one but does’t the last three with you mention in the above text. But still i am confuse between how i force people to share my content on Google + and twitter profile

  88. Wonderful tips Jeff, social networking sites are always helpful to spread and share our ideas. As you have said in the beginning, the most important point to be considered is the consistency and regularity in our work

  89. Twitter:
    There is only one secret to be popular on social media, that is that you must be making lots of money . Also fake it until u make it!!
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  90. Twitter:
    I have always believed that we should not put all of our eggs in a single basket…With so much changes going on for Google (Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird), its safer to work on other medium.
    Social media is a good way but can be time consuming, we need to select some of the social media networks and work them….
    Sanjeev recently posted..YouTube SEO: 12 Must Have Tips To Rank Your VideosMy Profile

  91. Mushlihin says:

    Nice article Jeff. I have never given a try to collaboration as I feel no one would be agree for it as we all are running same niche site and trying our best to get past the other. Though we can try it out with our friend’s blog.

  92. Twitter:
    Nice article Jeff. I have given a try to collaborate with some people but not so many are open for it. So I am trying to find the right ones at the moment..
    Hristiqn Nikolov recently posted..15 Amazing Paulo Coelho Quotes That will Change Your LifeMy Profile

    • Jeff Orloff says:

      It takes some time to build relationships with the right people. Many are afraid to “lose” traffic and don’t realize what they stand to gain. Keep at it!

  93. Twitter:
    Great Tips Jeff,

    All tips given by you are great and more useful to grow blog and social media. All tips are very useful. This tips also helps to drive traffic from social media also.

    Thank you for sharing this great post with us Jeff.

    Nikhil :)
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  94. Twitter:
    There are tow ways that can be more beneficial for your blog 1 post interesting content 2 be active, comments, be responsive and helpful
    johnw recently posted..Opt-In Email as Email MarketingMy Profile

  95. Twitter:
    great post. contests is my personal favourite to create some buzz and get new visitors/subscribers!
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  96. According to my opinion, we should focus of our organic visitors instead of visitors form social media. At present Google is encouraging the social media, so we should also pay our heed attention towards the social media sites. I read your completer article and got it much informative. good information.Thanks for your precious information.

  97. Hi Jeff,

    I agree, blogging requires a lot of hard work. Blogging doesn’t only mean writing, it is also about getting your post popular and engaging users. Social media is the only means to get your blog popular and build your reputation online faster as almost of the world is on social media now! Great tips though, thanks for sharing :)


  98. Twitter:
    Engaging your visitors is the best way to take your blog’s reach to the maximum level. Sharing your content on social media only won’t really help improve the traffic of your blog. Though you must have quality content in your blog to spread it like nothing else, You will be able to interact with your visitors more if you are an expert of thing you blog about and you are ready for every queries your social media visitors make. You have mentioned every way possible to grow blog to the maximum. Thanks for sharing.
    alan recently posted..Download Dolphin Browser for PC, Dolphin for Windows7/8/Vista ComputerMy Profile

  99. Toni Vrbic says:

    Great post Jeff! Social marketing has become a big player like PageRank (maybe even bigger) to drive huge amounts of traffic to your site. Sharing is personal and many people will click on something if it is shared by their friends vs. search by which you search for something specific for your needs. I have found a lot of great websites through my friends.

  100. Hi Jeff,

    Total agree with you because now days in blogging Social media is playing important role therefore it’s need to build good community on Social Media.
    Individual tweets and sharing through Facebook or other media will drive good amount of traffic on blogs. Keeping update with latest news and trends; it’s a better way to attract peoples attention more than others.
    Anna recently posted..Gmail Account SignupMy Profile

  101. Awesome article! I defiantly struggle with posting different content on different sites. Another way to better your reach is finding the times your audience is online and post at those times. Great read!

  102. Twitter:
    Nice share , Jeff. The bloggers will really have to give a personal touch into each tweet / share/comment so that a chemistry of collaborative environment among the readers and the writer.
    kazi recently posted..LifeCell Gains Customers From Other Skin Product LinesMy Profile

  103. Twitter:
    Great post, Thoughtful usage of social media can be a good tool for search engine optimization. Google takes into account the social signals such as number of shares, number of fans and followers generated from social media channels for a page to come up with its SERP rankings. Anyway … thanks for a informative share.
    somon recently posted..Clash of clans for PC Download: How to install on Computer (Windows 7 / 8 / XP / Vista)My Profile

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    Social Media takes important part on promoting any blogs, Social media is in 3rd place in my blog to get visitors. Nice article, Thanks for it
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    Hi Jeff
    I really like these tips which you gave to us so that we can grow our blog through social media. Making a successful blog through social media is not so easy but If we will work hard and be dedicated towards our work and towards our blog then I must say social media can help to drive tons of traffic to our blog which results in success of our blog. Thanks for sharing these valuable tips. Happy Blogging :D
    Chetan Gupta recently posted..How to Create Contact Form For Blogger Using Google DriveMy Profile

  106. Twitter:
    Social media is Best way to Get Huge Traffic. But It is Not Easy as we think. we has to create a lot of Reputation by helping others at social sites Like Twitter , Facebook. Share Content According to Trend to engage More and More People at Social Sites. So, in the end it’s going to be Hard Work But the Results of that Hard Work will be beautiful.
    Atinder recently posted..Impact of Social Media and Video Sharing Sites on BloggingMy Profile

  107. Twitter:
    Hey jeff,
    Nice post and thanks for sharing this post with us. Social media sites really plays an important factor in blogging as it helps in promoting our blog and also drives traffic to our blog. Starting conversation is really very important. this post really gonna help many newbies.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Android Phone Under 12000 In IndiaMy Profile

  108. Twitter:
    Thanks for these tips for growing our blog with the help of social media. I think social media is the best way for growing our blog.
    Prakash recently posted..InstaFrame for PC, InstaFrame for MAC, InstaFrame for AdnroidMy Profile

  109. Twitter:
    Social Media is a great way to promote blog as there are many active users which can help us become popular. But we should always look to help others and get our self’s in a conversation to make more friends.
    Atinder recently posted..4 Social Media SEO Tips to Improve Search RankingsMy Profile

  110. Twitter:
    Really nice tips Jeff … I agree with you that being personal in our statuses/tweets instead of sounding like a robot would truly help us in our blogs growth.
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  111. Twitter:
    I find the making things personal works for me. I am a person who likes to talk to people about all things. I try and get info from the other person but not to be used in a business way but just to get info to be on a personal level. This seems to really work for me.
    Thanks, Mike
    Mike Gray recently posted..1 Way To Increase Social Media Engagement Try being more sociable!My Profile

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