Finding the Perfect Christmas Gift for Everyone on Your Christmas List

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The holiday season is not about gifts, but try telling that to the millions of Americans who stand in line at all hours of the night on Black Friday looking to save a few dollars on a television or iPad. For most people, gifts are an important part of the festivities.

When it comes to giving gifts during Christmas, it’s important to make a list. This helps eliminate the risk of forgetting to buy for someone, of buying too much for one person or of buying too little for another. The real question, however, is exactly whom should you include on your holiday gift giving list?

Your loved ones

The most important people are your loved ones. This includes parents, grandparents, children, spouse, siblings, nieces, nephews and close friends. You needn’t be reminded that these people go on your list.

However, some families choose to give Christmas gifts in a different manner. Some choose to each pick one person in the family to whom to give. Others only give to children and don’t exchange gifts with adults. Find out before you make your list what your family and friends want to do this holiday season so you know for whom to buy.

Your children’s teachers

Teachers spend more time with your child than you do during the day, and they have another 20 or so children all to themselves at the same time.

While teacher gifts don’t have to be elaborate, they should be something meaningful. Have your child help decide what what to buy. A hand-made card to accompany the gift can be special, too.

Clients and colleagues

This one is

tricky. If you work closely with dozens of people, you might decide to do an office secret Santa where everyone is responsible for providing gifts to only one person.

When it comes to your clients, however, it’s a different story. Your clients deserve something to remind them of you and to show them you value their patronage. While you don’t have to provide everyone with gifts – Christmas cards will suffice for some – you should consider presents for your most important clients this holiday season.

The perfect holiday gift

The perfect Christmas gift for anyone on your Christmas list is something personal. Presents need not be expensive or elaborate to be meaningful. In fact, most people prefer you put more thought than money into their gifts.

A bottle of wine or champagne with a personalized label is a great gift for top clients. While many businesses choose to send holiday baskets, you’re sending something your clients will find not only enjoyable but personalized as well.

Personalized Christmas ornaments are the perfect holiday gift for a loved one who’s welcomed a new baby this year. Everyone in the office will enjoy their own candy bar wrapped in a personalized wrapper from you to them.

The key to great holiday giving is making lists, checking them twice and making each and every gift you give feel like something so thoughtful you spent a significant amount of time choosing it.


The holidays needn’t be expensive to be memorable. The more thought you put into a gift, the more meaning is behind it. Impress your loved ones, neighbors, friends, colleagues and clients with gifts personalized just for them.

They’ll think you spent months planning exactly what you wanted to give them this year when in fact, you spent only a few minutes placing your order.