3 Ways to Get More People to Consume Your Content

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12109482-content-is-kingYou hear it time and time again, “Content is king!” And it is hard to argue with that mantra when you consider the following statistics:

  • Companies that blog receive 55 percent more visitors than those that don’t
  • Content produces 3 times more leads than legacy channels do
  • Seventy percent of consumers prefer to get to know brands through content over advertising
  • Sixty one percent of consumers prefer brands that offer custom content

Yet while these numbers are quite impressive, there is one that should be a concern to any business looking to use content to drive traffic; every day 27 million unique pieces of content are uploaded to the web. That is a staggering number that can leave anyone thinking, “How am I going to get people to consume my content over the other 26,999,999?”

These tips might be able to help you with that. Each of these techniques assumes you are doing things to create good content already: making it relevant to your consumers, writing for the web, using multimedia when appropriate, etc. These tips are for those who are creating great stuff, they just need a little help getting it in front of more viewers.

Facebook advertising

According to Facebook their site averages 526 million active visitors everyday so it would be foolish not to try to tap into this pool of potential visitors or customers.

Advertising on Facebook is quite simple; you put a set amount of money into your advertising account, set a budget and create

your ads. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you are charged the amount you set per click. Actually, its really not that simple if you want to do it right, but luckily there is a wealth of information available that can help anyone create highly targeted advertising campaigns on the world’s most active social network.

Twitter loves content

Twitter is still one of the best tools for sharing content. It helps if you already have a sizeable following, but even those who have only a few followers can get some traction if they tweet the right way.

Experts say that there are three main elements to a successful tweet: a headline that tempts the reader, a link that takes the person to the content and a relevant hashtag so people searching the Twitter stream will find the content – even if they aren’t a follower of yours.

Build that email list

Email is still one of the most effective tools for building traffic. Creating a great email newsletter that uses your content as a teaser is a great way to drive more people towards your content. Building a list might take some time, but it can pay off with huge dividends.

Start by encouraging visitors to sign up for your newsletter so they never miss anything you post and augment this with the other two strategies mentioned in this article. Be warned, however, that taking shortcuts like buying email lists or scraping addresses from other sites can backfire by annoying your prospective visitors and get you in a bit of trouble if you are labeled as a spammer.

Visitors aren’t going to show up overnight regardless of how good your content is. You have to do a bit of work to drive people to your site in the first place. However once they see what you have to offer you can turn them into regular visitors who anxiously await your next post.