3 Ways to Get More People to Consume Your Content

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12109482-content-is-kingYou hear it time and time again, “Content is king!” And it is hard to argue with that mantra when you consider the following statistics:

  • Companies that blog receive 55 percent more visitors than those that don’t
  • Content produces 3 times more leads than legacy channels do
  • Seventy percent of consumers prefer to get to know brands through content over advertising
  • Sixty one percent of consumers prefer brands that offer custom content

Yet while these numbers are quite impressive, there is one that should be a concern to any business looking to use content to drive traffic; every day 27 million unique pieces of content are uploaded to the web. That is a staggering number that can leave anyone thinking, “How am I going to get people to consume my content over the other 26,999,999?”

These tips might be able to help you with that. Each of these techniques assumes you are doing things to create good content already: making it relevant to your consumers, writing for the web, using multimedia when appropriate, etc. These tips are for those who are creating great stuff, they just need a little help getting it in front of more viewers.

Facebook advertising

According to Facebook their site averages 526 million active visitors everyday so it would be foolish not to try to tap into this pool of potential visitors or customers.

Advertising on Facebook is quite simple; you put a set amount of money into your advertising account, set a budget

and create your ads. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you are charged the amount you set per click. Actually, its really not that simple if you want to do it right, but luckily there is a wealth of information available that can help anyone create highly targeted advertising campaigns on the world’s most active social network.

Twitter loves content

Twitter is still one of the best tools for sharing content. It helps if you already have a sizeable following, but even those who have only a few followers can get some traction if they tweet the right way.

Experts say that there are three main elements to a successful tweet: a headline that tempts the reader, a link that takes the person to the content and a relevant hashtag so people searching the Twitter stream will find the content – even if they aren’t a follower of yours.

Build that email list

Email is still one of the most effective tools for building traffic. Creating a great email newsletter that uses your content as a teaser is a great way to drive more people towards your content. Building a list might take some time, but it can pay off with huge dividends.

Start by encouraging visitors to sign up for your newsletter so they never miss anything you post and augment this with the other two strategies mentioned in this article. Be warned, however, that taking shortcuts like buying email lists or scraping addresses from other sites can backfire by annoying your prospective visitors and get you in a bit of trouble if you are labeled as a spammer.

Visitors aren’t going to show up overnight regardless of how good your content is. You have to do a bit of work to drive people to your site in the first place. However once they see what you have to offer you can turn them into regular visitors who anxiously await your next post.


  1. Nice tips, I have been using most of these except the importance of hash tags in twitter. But now I guess I know.
    Prerna recently posted…Home Remedies for OPEN PORES-Best Treatment & CureMy Profile

  2. Basri Abdullah says:

    Hi jeff

    I have been using facebook only to promote my website for people consume content, not yet others.

  3. I had been advertising in Facebook and to be honest I had seen a difference on my blog traffic and people are more willing to comment on my blog.

  4. Justin says:

    Very interesting article. I am amazed at the statistic stating that companies who actively blog receive “55 percent more visitors than those that don’t”. May I ask where you got that number? I personally never had much success with Facebook Advertising, but I have to admit I could’ve taken more time to perfect and test my campaigns. Thanks for the info.

  5. Hi Jeff,

    Email marketing is certainly one of the best way to reach our your targeted audience, and I would also suggest to Google+ communities to expand your exposure. Google+ communities are quite engaging and have less spamming than Facebook.
    Pankaj recently posted…Single Sim Recharge SoftwareMy Profile

  6. Very great advices! So far I haven’t tried email list due to “dual language concept” of my blog. But it is great way to make loyal audiences consume our blog content.
    Okto recently posted…How You Can Lower Your Bounce RateMy Profile

  7. Hey Jeff,
    Nice post and Yes social media like facebook and Twitter really helps in promoting our content and drives new reader to our blog. Email is also a good way. Thanks for sharing these tips with us. This post really gonna help many newbies.
    Sudipto recently posted…Free Messaging App For AndroidMy Profile

  8. Wonderful post I guess, Well indeed twitter is the awesome social platform for sharing our stuff and we could get result sin short time.

    Thanks for the awesome tips.
    Samir recently posted…Top 5 Hidden Features of Google ChromeMy Profile

  9. Facebook and email advertising is the best ways to gain more consumers. Great post, very valuable to the reader.
    J. Wright recently posted…How Coffee Helps with Weight LossMy Profile

  10. Twitter has proven to increase my website’s traffic more than any other medium. Commenting on other content maker’s blog has not worked as well for me. But I enjoy sharing my thoughts on blogs anyway. Recently, I’ve decided to just stick to commenting on “Luv” sites to see if I run into people who enjoy commenting on a variety of blogs. All the same, Twitter has been my “bread and butter.”
    James recently posted…The Foresight of The Teacher in Mother and Father-CommentaryMy Profile

  11. Recently I suggested to make facebook advertising for one of my client’s beauty product. The result is really surprising. My client is very happy. I am totally agree with you it would be foolish not to try facebook advertisement for potential customers. Anyway ….. thanks for nice share
    somon recently posted…Pou for PC or windows 8 7 XP Mac computer freeMy Profile

  12. I think the email list is the most important one as most of them ignore this part of the business and so I really want to focus on this one.Great post …….liked it a lot.
    James Frost recently posted…Google Play Services know when we walk and when we runMy Profile

  13. Facebook advertisement is a good option, but I use Twitter because I get more genuine visitors from twitter as compared to Facebook .
    Noor Basheer recently posted…HostGator Vs GodaddyMy Profile

  14. Lalit Sharma says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanx for a very good and informative post. I have been using facebook by making a page to promote my website. Now I am going to twitter too. Thanx again.

  15. Thanks for providing these three ways to get more people to consume content. This is really nice post and this is also very useful. We should follow all the tips.
    Prakash recently posted…Garageband for PC, Garageband for windows 7/8, MAC, Garageband AndroidMy Profile

  16. This ways are good but there are also many other great ways. Try Q&A sites like yahoo answers, quora.com also you can use reddit.com comment on sites that have a lots of traffic, make youtube videos etc. There are many other free ways you can do it but you will need some time to master them and generate good amount of traffic.
    Tamara recently posted…15 Best Websites to Watch TV Shows Online FREEMy Profile

  17. Can you suggest some better was to promote tweets on Twitter?
    Ansh Gupta recently posted…13 Best Lawyer WordPress Themes For Attorneys & Law FirmsMy Profile

  18. I dunno. I somehow don’t think it is THAT simple. Facebook changes its algorithm as often as Google does. And guess what Facebook is REALLY for? To make money. Sponsored ads get moved to the top of the news feed. It is complicated I am told. To just put some ads up and hope it helps is not going to.
    Twitter? Same thing really. I am not sure how many people actually scroll through the super busy feed. And if you only have a few followers, not sure that is gonna help much either.
    Troy S. recently posted…#949 German Chocolate CakeMy Profile

  19. Kuldeep says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Nice Tips, I just started using Facebook and getting good ROI from Facebook ads. It is one the best way to get people to consume your content. I’ll try my hands on email list too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Hello Jeff,
    Recently I tried FB Advertising and to be frank it was not so cheap, for sidebar ads there were no clicks at all, and feed ads were a bit expensive… So until and unless am Promoting some Aff stuff I dont think its a cheap deal.

    Email list is what can be consider as a evergreen method, towards what am working now a days..
    over to you and yes to be frank till now i have never used Twitter for content marketing…
    Sunil recently posted…google zero gravity homepageMy Profile

  21. Rakesh Desai says:

    Totally agree with you Jeff, Content is the King, promoting website using social networking is the best way to do marketing. Thanks for sharing. great Post.

  22. Wow..awesome ways gonna try out them soon and I am sure these will be gonna work for me.
    Mohit Rajwani recently posted…CBSE 10th Result 2014 | CBSE 10th Class ResultMy Profile

  23. Great selection of ideas. So many people don’t use Facebook advertising to help target the right audiences, it such a powerful tool that can help build your followers and brand exposure. Same applies to building email lists, great way to keep in touch with customers.
    Mark Buckley recently posted…Pittville Pump Room WeddingMy Profile

  24. Jyoti Chauhan says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Great article full of chucks of useful information, I use Facebook and Google+ to advertise my websites, after reading your post, I will surely give a try to Twitter and focus to make a targeted mailing list.


  25. Although I generally agree with you on most of the above and that it is just p0lain foolish, if one has any fresh content to publish every now and then, not to use a blog for it, statistics always need to be taken with a grain of salt. The “Companies that blog receive 55 percent more visitors than those that don’t” data suggest a causation that may not be there or not to the exact magnitude suggested. There may well be business that are not as well served by blogging than others. To know the exact causalities we would need to know if those, often also more SEO and media savvy, companies don’t also have more paid traffic than others.
    Dermot Gilley recently posted…What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Internet Marketing 101My Profile

  26. i will prefer mail list if i have to choose one because it has many other benefits as well.
    btw facebook ads and twitter is a good source of traffic if used correctly.
    Hamza recently posted…Comluv for blogger blog-A step by step guide to install.My Profile

  27. Thanks for you’re tips, great post, but i think that social networks are not that good traffic
    Anna recently posted…One Of The TOP Best Upcoming (Futured) And Already Realeased PC Games Video Gameplay List For The Year 2014My Profile

  28. Hi,
    Thanks for Sharing this nice tips.
    I thing people need to know this topic.
    I usually advertise my website into Google+ and Twitter. I couldn’t Focus on Facebook? I dont know how to get it.
    priyamathi recently posted…6 Cities that Must Visit in Your Lifetime – Part 2My Profile

  29. Yes building a targeted email list will surely help us to deliver right content to right audience.
    Rahul Biswal recently posted…Best SEO Plugins For WordPress in 2014My Profile

  30. Well said, Jeff. There isn’t any thing I can think of now except to make sure that your content is about the best online…people have a hard time resisting genius, you know?

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…THE 80/20 RULE: HOW DOING LESS HELPS YOU ACHIEVE MOREMy Profile

  31. I think Email Marketing is the best way to consume Readers to your content. It will attract many visitors to your blog.
    Atinder recently posted…How to Write Scannable ContentMy Profile

  32. Nice post. I agree social media like Facebook and Twitter really helps in promoting my website content.
    Lalina recently posted…Gmail Login – http://www.Gmail.com – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

  33. From own experience I can attest to the fact that social bookmarking should not be underrated (Reddit, delicious, Stumbleupon and their clones). E.g. if you take the time to check out the right “subreddit” instead of posting a Reddit link to the “big dungheap” you can get a very targeted audience to look at your content. Even better, if you don’t bookmark it yourself but some ardent followers did it. Which boils down to … building a followership by decent branding etc.
    Dermot Gilley recently posted…What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Internet Marketing 101My Profile

  34. Well written interesting stuff, this is exactly what I am looking for. I think it is all about of our skills. thanks for sharing.
    Sreeraj M Ajay recently posted…How To Use Fetch As Google In Webmaster ToolsMy Profile

  35. You’re perfectly right! Social networking sites are more helpful in pulling in viewers to our site. But i’m amazed at the fact that more 27 million unique content is added to the internet! Reminds me of a quote by Alvin Toffler ” Technology feeds on itself. Technology makes more technology possible”.
    Thanks for the share!
    Kathy Mathis recently posted…Maya Angelou : Letters to My Younger SelfMy Profile

  36. Thanks for sharing useful tips, I have already tried twitter and Google+ but recently I just started with Facebook advertisement but still waiting to get good results.

  37. I never had any success driving traffic from twitter…. Can you please share any post about how to get unlimited twitter traffic…easily
    lalina recently posted…Gmail Login – http://www.gmail.com – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

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