10 Killer Ways To Drive Lucrative Flow Of Organic Traffic

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Nikhil Ganotra
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Nikhil Ganotra
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Everyone present on the internet knows how huge the competition is on the web. Earlier it was just the market that you used deal with but now it’s the whole world you have to fight with.

killer ways to drive lucrative organic traffic

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Most of the entrepreneurs who are present on the internet would like to take challenges. The internet is an interesting world and there are lots of challenges and hurdles that you will have to cross. The most difficult part is driving organic traffic because traffic can be changed into profits. If you want to have traffic in the shortest time possible. Then this is going to be next to impossible. It will take time and here are ten smart ways that you can consider.

10 Killer Ways To Drive Lucrative Flow Of Organic Traffic

1. Include links and let your page grow

Today or tomorrow your blog is going to expand and will become in existence. Make sure that as your blog starts growing you will have to include links in your page. This is because sometimes readers are looking for more and may find those links useful. This is also good from the SEO perspective and provides your site with referral traffic.

2. Long tail keywords: – find their best use

Finding competitive keywords is really a tough job, thus focusing on the long tail keywords is going to be great. Long tail keywords are not popular at all and you can take advantages of these. You will need to choose keywords that are relevant and specific to what you are offering. People do not have complicated things in mind and they choose very easy and simple keywords to find what they are looking for. In such cases long tail keywords are going to be great.

3. Go for link building

SEO is the most important part that will help you in driving organic traffic. Off page SEO is a great option and you can create them for free. You can ask several people like your friends, partners or others to embed those links to your site. It they have good rankings so are you going to have a benefit.

4. Include at least 4 keywords

 If you are posting ten blogs on your blog in one month, then place two keywords in each page.  In total you will have to create thirty keywords to have constant traffic. These keywords are to be used in the body and this

will help you in getting traffic from Google and other resources.

5. Join related communities

Many people don’t have time for this but after hearing this you might want to give it second thought. Communities and blogging are the two great ways to build networks. You will be able to talk to other bloggers and this will help you two in cross promoting your content.

6. Contact industry experts

Everyone wants to have a reputed business and people are curious to know that what people have to say about their business. To know what people are thinking you can go for guest blogger or ask for opinions? There are many people who are having great interest in guest blogging.You can also read this post and get the suggestions of widely known experts in the industry such as Neil Patel, Nick Loper and others.

7. Write consistently

To drive traffic you will have to provide your readers with something fresh.  You cannot waste time in thinking what is best instead you will have to display it out on your blog. You should be consistent in updating your blogs and sites. Make sure you are providing good content.

8. Optimize your blogs

Don’t forget your old blogs as they might still have the spark. Combine them with the new one and post them again. Optimize your page regularly. Meta descriptions, keywords, URLs should be accurate, relevant and unique.

9. Tweet out your business

Twitter is the most popular social networking sites among the big personalities. You are going to find all well known entrepreneurs and business owners on twitter. It will be best to take the aid of social networking. If you are promoting your blogs and websites, then this is the best site from where you can get organic traffic. Just make sure that you are mentioning their names.

10. Answer questions

On the internet you are going to find many people who are similar to your niche. These are the people who listen to their clients and customers and answer them. There are sites on the internet like Quora and Yahoo were you can answer questions that are related to your industry. This is a great way to make happy customers. For online business you have to do nothing just make sure that everything is relevant and accurate. Illegal practices can make you pay penalty and driving organic traffic from best possible way to avoid penalty.

 These are the ten easy and simple superb ways by which you can drive organic traffic to your websites and blogs. Beginners may find establishing their sites and blogs for the first time but with all these ten tips your struggle is going to become easy.