An affair with Words: Why I comment?

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I am a comment vixen in disguise. My affair with words leads me to travel the web engaging in repetitive and lustrous affairs with the comment box. Lay a comment here and there, then worrying if my words fared well through-out the night, and return to see if my comment solicited a response or not. We all have done our fair share, haven’t we? Words in the comment box, however brief, still has to mean something. I understand the value of leaving a good comment. Should an article move me to tears, I’d leave words of encouragement. Should it help me to optimize my blogs, I’d leave gratitude and thanks. Should I share a barrage of back and forth question and answers, I’d be certain to leave a well thought out, thank you. It’s fun to engage with the author all in the convenience of the comment box! Not only does it show that you actually have read the article, but a well composed comment validates an understanding of their work, and creating a communicative circle, which is what blogging is all about.

Finding the Love!

Finding the ComLuv network not only affords you an honor to leave your

words but also a link of love. What of those blogs that are not CommentLuv enabled? Do we avoid them intently, or do we seize the opportunity to direct encouragement and awareness of the FamousBlogger and ComLuv networks? Comments aren’t just the words we use, it is the true intent of our opinions we leave behind. They would never forget who referred them to the community. We never forget our first.


We once were all newbies to blogs concerned of whether or not our words meant anything to anyone. Take the opportunity to introduce FamousBloggers and ComLuv to everyone! Not only will the ComLuv and FamousBlogger community continue to grow, it will stand to gain devoted readership in welcoming great bloggers into a community where everyone is waiting with opened arms. And you can rest well knowing that there are still good people out there to share your world with. Because blogging can be an obsessive love affair, an affair that no one should ever have to go it alone.

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