How to punch spammers in the face!

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New wave of spam – how?

There is some automated comment software that can learn your comment form, it can see all those hidden fields that anti spam plugins add for referrer values, time on page, and other ‘trap’ type fields

all those anti-spam plugins are pretty much useless against it

there are some things you can do, you can change the name of the fields or have a unique value for each page (which is how GASP does it)

but, if spammers really want to spam you then they will find out how

they can even check your page after the comment was submitted to see if their software was successful or not

all automated


Chain Links


According to some people, they make the web world go around.

Getting a link in their name on their comment to theirs (or more likely, their clients site) is a valuable thing

the more links you have to your site, they more likely the search engines will see you as a popular site

..and in turn, the more likely to show your site in the search results

well, google says that was how it used to be but I think in way it still is

No links = no incentive to spam

Seems simple right?

here’s two filters that you can add to your functions.php theme file to remove all links from all comments



The problem with that though, EVERYONE loses their links!

If you’re displaying someones’ first comment with a message of ‘your comment is in moderation’ then it’s probably showing the links

those links tell the spam software that the comment went through (even if you didn’t approve it)

that gets you spammed even more

maybe even put on a list of ‘easy’ sites to spam.. oo-er!

A better option

You could go a bit fancier on your filters and check the comment first to see if it’s in moderation or not..

that way the automated spambots wont see any links on their moderated comments andwill think that your site doesn’t give out links and then they should leave you alone

This one has to go in to a plugin though because the callback functions need to be available before the theme loads..

just copy this to a new text file and save it as punch-spammers.php and upload it to your plugins directory and activate it in your plugins page to get it to work.

Plugin Name: Punch spammers
Plugin URI:
Description: Very simple plugin that filters the name and text of a moderated comment so that it shows no links so automated spambots wont think they're getting through with their spam
Version: 0.1
Author: Andy Bailey
Author URI:
function mod_strip_tags($text){
    global $comment;
    if($comment->comment_approved == '0'){
        return strip_tags($text);
    return $text;
function mod_get_comment_author($authorlink){
    global $comment;
    if($comment->comment_approved == '0'){
        return get_comment_author();
    return $authorlink;

An even better option

The plugin above may be all that you need if you’re getting targeted by this new automated spam software. You just need to let it know you’re not someone who gives out links to everyone.

There is a better option though.

I’ve written a plugin to work alongside CommentLuv Premium that does a whole lot of magic and not only punches spammers in the face, it kicks them right up their butt! can hide all links until someone has made X number of comments
.. it can blacklist users who spam too much
.. it shows you how many spam comments someone has made next to their name
.. it allows you to send a commenter an email with the reasons their comments weren’t accepted
.. you can whitelist users so they always get links
.. you can even put people in the sinbin so they get their future comments moderated
.. and more!

It’s called ABLP or Anti Backlinker Plugin and it’s free for CommentLuv Premium users..


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