How to punch spammers in the face!

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New wave of spam – how?

There is some automated comment software that can learn your comment form, it can see all those hidden fields that anti spam plugins add for referrer values, time on page, and other ‘trap’ type fields

all those anti-spam plugins are pretty much useless against it

there are some things you can do, you can change the name of the fields or have a unique value for each page (which is how GASP does it)

but, if spammers really want to spam you then they will find out how

they can even check your page after the comment was submitted to see if their software was successful or not

all automated


Chain Links


According to some people, they make the web world go around.

Getting a link in their name on their comment to theirs (or more likely, their clients site) is a valuable thing

the more links you have to your site, they more likely the search engines will see you as a popular site

..and in turn, the more likely to show your site in the search results

well, google says that was how it used to be but I think in way it still is

No links = no incentive to spam

Seems simple right?

here’s two filters that you can add to your functions.php theme file to remove all links from all comments



The problem with that though, EVERYONE loses their links!

If you’re displaying someones’ first comment with a message of ‘your comment is in moderation’ then it’s probably showing the links

those links tell the spam software that the comment went through (even if you didn’t approve it)

that gets you spammed even more

maybe even put on a list of ‘easy’ sites to spam.. oo-er!

A better option

You could go a bit fancier on your filters and check the comment first to see if it’s in moderation or not..

that way the automated spambots wont see any links on their moderated comments andwill think that your site doesn’t give out links and then they should leave you alone

This one has to go in to a plugin though because the callback functions need to be available before the theme loads..

just copy this to a new text file and save it as punch-spammers.php and upload it to your plugins directory and activate it in your plugins page to get it to work.

Plugin Name: Punch spammers
Plugin URI:
Description: Very simple plugin that filters the name and text of a moderated comment so that it shows no links so automated spambots wont think they're getting through with their spam
Version: 0.1
Author: Andy Bailey
Author URI:
function mod_strip_tags($text){
    global $comment;
    if($comment->comment_approved == '0'){
        return strip_tags($text);
    return $text;
function mod_get_comment_author($authorlink){
    global $comment;
    if($comment->comment_approved == '0'){
        return get_comment_author();
    return $authorlink;

An even better option

The plugin above may be all that you need if you’re getting targeted by this new automated spam software. You just need to let it know you’re not someone who gives out links to everyone.

There is a better option though.

I’ve written a plugin to work alongside CommentLuv Premium that does a whole lot of magic and not only punches spammers in the face, it kicks them right up their butt! can hide all links until someone has made X number of comments
.. it can blacklist users who spam too much
.. it shows you how many spam comments someone has made next to their name
.. it allows you to send a commenter an email with the reasons their comments weren’t accepted
.. you can whitelist users so they always get links
.. you can even put people in the sinbin so they get their future comments moderated
.. and more!

It’s called ABLP or Anti Backlinker Plugin and it’s free for CommentLuv Premium users..


You can win a copy of CommentLuv Premium Multi Site and the Anti Backlinker Plugin for free by clicking the link below..

Click to enter the contest!



  1. Hey Andy,
    I set up this Backlinker yesterday and just loving it. I think it’s really the best option and I’m writing a post about it.

    Looks like your brain is constantly at work ;)
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Shalu Sharma ~ Blogger of the weekMy Profile

  2. Hello Andy,
    It’s a great additional features to your premium plugin. I have few questions about that:
    – all comment marked like spam are “no-follow” links?
    -is there a way to delete all the comment automacally of an user when it reach a given number?
    -this feature work with the existing software antispam plugin like askimet?
    marc.donovan recently posted…What is Whatsapp Messenger?My Profile

    • 1. comments marked by spam wont show so dofollow doesn’t matter
      2. you can use the link to search for all comments by a user and delete them manually, there is not automatic thing
      3. this should work with all other plugins

      hope that helps!
      andy recently posted…CommentLuv PremiumMy Profile

      • Andy thank for this clarification. it’s clear now. Anyway I’m interested by the algorithm you use for that especially How you calculate the time spend on page during a reply…

  3. Hey Andy,

    Although I won’t get any links in my comment I’m still sharing my opinion because I so appreciate you letting me test this one for you. I LOVE it and it really does help cut down on spam. It also helps you know who is serious about blogging and commenting and they aren’t just there for the link.

    It’s really sad to me that spam still exists but I have a feeling instead of getting better it’s going to continue to get worse. Thanks to you, a solution has been born.

    I appreciate all you do for us and the CommentLuv Premium family Andy. You’re the man.

    Have a great rest of your week and I hope everyone will grab your fabulous plugin. They’ll be sorry if they don’t.

    Adrienne recently posted…7 Ways To Run An Unsuccessful Mobile Email CampaignMy Profile

    • you get links Adrienne because you comment so well, so often :)

      I really appreciate all the excellent feedback about the plugin, you made a big difference to how it eventually turned out

      keep on luvvin!
      andy recently posted…Submit Your ArticleMy Profile

      • Ah, thank you Andy! ;-)

        I think with Kim being more of a WordPress expert and me being more of a commenting fool you had yourself a winning combination. So glad I could help and again I sure appreciate you having faith in me to test it for you.

        Thank you Andy and I’ll definitely keep on luvvin!

        Adrienne recently posted…HELP: When Spam Is Not SpamMy Profile

  4. Hi Andy

    Not sure how to go about getting ABLP, but I sure could use it! There’s no link to it here and it doesn’t seem to show up anywhere in the CL+ settings. Am I missing something?
    Bill Nickerson recently posted…Internet Marketing Mistake #1 – Building on Shaky GroundMy Profile

  5. I have got to say that ABLP is fantastic, installed it the other day and seen the difference already, so a big thank you Andy.

    It was easy to install, set up and tweak. Cheers.
    Karen Woodham recently posted…Twitter Verification, How? Why? When? Do you need it?My Profile

  6. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for your work. I am using Comluv, Gasp, and Askimet, and if I weren’t I would be overwhelmed with spam. The 3 together catches most of my spam but occasionally, like this morning, a bunch gets through the spam filter at once. I am going to go chance my Comluv and Gasp settings now.
    Aqiyl Aniys recently posted…Vitamin B12 For VegansMy Profile

  7. Andy,
    As always thanks so much for your hard work. I just installed ABLP. With every update you release, CommentLuv keeps getting better and I’m confident that this is going to help curtail spam even more.
    Sherryl Perry recently posted…Do-Follow Social Media Sites and a Filter for Facebook | FridayFindsMy Profile

  8. Himanshu Negi says:

    I was happy with GASP + Commentluv but then one day lots of spam comment hit my blog and I was confused how it happened. Then I heard that GASP needs to be updated but nothing worked and then I replaced gasp with a simple captcha plugin called “the the captcha” form fly. So now i hardly get more than 5% spam and I can just mark them spam with a single look.

  9. Jonathan Lawton says:

    The amount of spam I receive on my blog seems to fluctuate in patterns of around 3 months however its greatly reduced in the last 12 months without any intervention, this has been the case with a couple of websites I own.

    We still produce the same high quality posts on a weekly basis and gain page rank as we go so nothings changed on that front.

  10. Yes! Spammers getting more and more crazy when attacking my site, I hope your tips works Andy. It’s so wasting time dealing with all spammers in our comments section. I hate theme very much!!
    Latief Pakpahan recently posted…Tips Digital Marketing Untuk Usaha Kecil Dan MenengahMy Profile

  11. Lately i am seeing many bloggers disabling commentluv because of increased spam even after using akismet and GASP. Also commentluv lets to decrease in pagerank because of many dofollow links. Do you think these problems are genuine with commentluv?

    • this is a problem with users not following proper comment moderation techniques

      if you let anyone post anything and get a dofollow link of course you’ll get bad results!

      same as if you let anyone in your house from the street, they’ll ruin it! but if you have rules you stick by then your house remains clean and unabused.

      same thing with comments.

      I have a very very busy site here and with the anti-backlinker plugin that works with commentluv premium, I get less than 10 comments needing moderation each day and only a couple of them are spam.. usually from newbie marketers who haven’t learned how to comment yet

      I works for me and many others so I don’t think that those problems are genuine!
      andy recently posted…CommentLuv PremiumMy Profile

  12. Very helpful plugin. SPAM is everywhere at every step, pretty hard to deal with it.

    Kind regards from I. C. Daniel

  13. Hi Andy, Thanks for the update on this technology. I didn’t know of this spam checker. I have seen it is a good tool to use when you want to control spamming on your site. Nice one ~ Anetts
    Anetta Bursh recently posted…Download BlueStacks for Windows 7/8 & MAC PC (Offline Installer)My Profile

  14. Bonjour ,le plugin de comment luv est vraiment formidable ,désormais je l’installe sur tous mes blogs !!

  15. Thanks for the share Andy … I am fed up with the spammers and now its time to punch them on their face using the Anti Backlinker Plugin
    Salman recently posted…5 Best Apps for Rooted Android PhonesMy Profile

  16. I found that GASP worked really well, especially by setting a high number of keystrokes. Most (if not all) of my spam now comes from manual comments, I usually keep on top of it but took a few months away from the blog and came back to a couple of hundred comments in the moderation queue! This looks really interesting, great work Andy :)
    Mike recently posted…Nom Nom Nom… Come Dine with Me!My Profile

  17. sadia khan says:

    thank you so much for precious script sharing with us here big pain now days i feel with my blog after the attack of spammer but now you given solution thank i will inform you after the reaction of this script.

  18. Phillip Dews says:

    Hi Andy,
    Am back to blogging again after a break of a couple of years! I love this punch spammers plugin I will see if I can improve it at all! Perhaps add a little JavaScript filtering on there or something else totally different, assuming you don’t mind having a play about!
    I’m Currently trying to build a custom twitter app after my first one stopped working after the API update! I still have my clients ringing in my ears shouting that their twitter app I built in their site had stopped working all of a sudden! Damn you twitter, Still have gotten over that now!
    Great script anyway dude I was getting loads of Calvin Klein jeans spammy comments all the time so this will probably cut down on that!
    All the best mate!
    – Phillip

  19. Michael Chiong says:

    I definitely feel like punching spammers in the face with this. I have not updated to comment luv premium but will try to do so when I save up some extra money. Think the $97 should be well worth it since I have multiple sites that need a system like this.

  20. Hey amazing post… Like spammers are so annoying.. I have to deal with 100 spam comments everyday which is so annoying.. I will probably change my functions.php right now! Thanks once again
    Hristiqn Nikolov recently posted…15 Amazing Paulo Coelho Quotes That will Change Your LifeMy Profile

  21. Nice tutorial Andy. I feel very much annoyed blocking a large number of spam comments. I was looking for a trick to block them. This tutorial of code change may help me solve the issue permanently. thanks for sharing the code mate. keep sharing.
    alan recently posted…BBM for PC Download, BlackBerry Messenger for Windows7/8/Vista ComputerMy Profile

  22. Thank you. I have been using GASP and it worked for awhile and then stopped. I just got the anti backlinker plugin and so far, I love it.

  23. Hi,
    nice tutorial indeed.spam comments are very dangerous.Its nice plugin. thank you for share.
    sameer recently posted…How to Change Facebook PasswordMy Profile

  24. Those spammers are really anoying. Thanks for this post. We will see if i’m really going to punch them in the face now, haha!
    Jos Kamps recently posted…Wat zijn backlinks?My Profile

  25. @Andy

    Thanks man!! Loved that video and I’m deff. going to share it with my friends!
    Jos Kamps recently posted…Top 5 smartphones 2013My Profile

  26. After reading this post i actually still don’t understand the PHP part. Who can explain itt???
    Jos Kamps recently posted…LinksMy Profile

  27. Hi Andy.

    I have been using CommentLuv Premium on all my blogs since it was first created, and before that , the CommnetLuv lite. One thing is for sure, CommentLuv Premium, do a great job of stopping spammers with the GASP addon.

    But lately I have encountered spammers that got through and still registered on one of my sites and thus could still comment on the blog as a registered user. That was a minor inconvenience, but I did come across some decent plugins that can work alongside CommentLuv to completely eliminate the comment spam and even eliminated the registration spam.

    Be sure to come visit my blog and see them for yourself.

    PS, How do you seperate your comments and trackbacks? I would like to do that too. Are there a plugin that can do that?God bless and keep well.

    • the separation of trackbacks is controlled by your theme, it just depends on how it shows them.

      you can use ABL plugin and not allow registered users VIP status and set it to deny comments if they fail some of the criteria so you don’t get spam from them at all
      andy recently posted…CommentLuv PremiumMy Profile

  28. yes, that’s a good idea to stop spam in comments links.
    Thanks for sharing.

  29. Great giveaway,Count Me In and I really love Commentluv it really lets us fight spam and Premim version will be really awesome.
    Gautam recently posted…Windows 8 Transformation Pack To Transform Windows 7 To Windows 8My Profile

  30. Stoian Ciprian says:

    Intersting article, I didn`t know this things and maybe I will try it on my blog! :D

  31. hi ! thanks for share this i relay need it. i am fade up from spammers

  32. You are always best. Well, on my well-established blog, I receive daily 50 – 60 spam comments and I have tried every plugin but unfortunately, it’s doesn’t works. However, your trick, I am gonna try it out and let you know further. Thanks :D
    Sohil Memon recently posted…Happy Valentines Day 2014 PicturesMy Profile

  33. I am laughing out loud after having a look on your gif image. By the way, you are absolutely right that the Commentluv Premium plugin is a helpful plugin to avoid spamming on blogs. I would like to use the premium plugin for my blogs soon.
    Zareen recently posted…How To Clean Mobile and Computer Screen EffectivelyMy Profile

  34. Do this only work for commentluv or can you modify existing spam features. I had commentluv installed on my blog and i swear i was getting like thousand of spam messages a day. So i just removed it. I will try this and see if i can get it to work for my blog. I really want comments to be open i Have getting dumb comments about “handbags” when my blog is about marketing…lol

  35. I get hundreds of spam comments each week, it’s beyond ridiculous. I switched from Commentluv to Jetpack comments and I use Akismet. The spammers come but Akismet catches them. I have set comments to be held in moderation just in case a spammer slips through. I hate having to go through and clear the spam, it’s a blogging chore I guess. I’m going to try the punch.spammers.php though I want to write posts not continually carry out spam admin.
    Pasha recently posted…Fixing broken FeedBurner and RSS feedsMy Profile

  36. I receive thousand of spams daily. But I have got Akismet on my blog nd it do all the work on my blog.
    Ashish Kumar recently posted…Access Your Android Device From Anywhere With AirDroidMy Profile

  37. Hello Andy
    This is really very nice of you to prevent us from the most disturbing thing of blogging that is spam. I will surely gonna use it. thanks for the nice share.
    Mahendra recently posted…Best video player Software for Windows 7,8 List 2014My Profile

  38. Great way to beat the spammers. There are many spammers on web and always try to dirt our blog. Nice article to avoid spammers.
    Dilip Win recently posted…Sony Xperia z3 Specification, Rumors and Feature listMy Profile

  39. Antoinette says:

    Hitting them doesn’t count! Giving them the dose of their medicine but they keep coming back!

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