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anti-spam with commentluv premium

New Anti (human) spam features of CommentLuv Premium

The advanced anti-spambot features of CommentLuv Premium have done a great job of dramatically reducing the amount of automatically generated bot spam on many premium users blogs and now the same dramatic effects can be made with human generated spam with some of the new features that have just been added to CommentLuv Premium

User warnings

This is the brand new feature available to CommentLuv Premium users. Instead of sending the comments to spam where you’ve got to go through them anyway you can set the plugin to warn users why their comment would not be accepted and give them a chance to go back and fix it.

This means that the comment doesn’t even get entered in to your database unless it passes the rules that you set in the settings. You can even specify what message gets displayed.

Maximum URLs in the comment

I’m sure you’ve seen those comments in your moderation queue with a bazillion URLs to all sorts of questionable sites. With this new feature you can set a maximum number and any comment with more will (depending on what you have set the plugin to do) get sent to spam, moderation or denied completely.

Maximum words in the name

Prevent Mr. buy my crap and stuff from leaving comments by restricting the amount of words that someone can enter as their name

Minimum words in the comment

Fed up with ‘nice post thanks!” and other waste of time comments? Now you can set the minimum amount of words that a comment needs to have before it will be accepted.


amount of seconds before commenting

This is one of the most effective ways of combating the human generated spam caused by users of tools like scrapebox that automatically load a comment form into the application and pre fill all the fields so the user only has to click the submit button.

By specifying that a user has to be on the page at least 10 seconds before they can submit their comment then you can be sure that someone using an automated tool would much rather spam someone else than wait the required 10 seconds to submit another comment on your site.

Genuine users, even really fast typists who are responding to a few comments on the same page will take at least 10 seconds to read the comment and type their response.

Extra viral goodies

Another new feature that will help your posts to go viral is to show when previous commenters click on the social enticement buttons when they commented.

When a new commenter sees that other people have used the +1, like or tweet buttons to get a dofollow link then they are much more likely to use the buttons on their comment.

You get to see in the admin page too

It keeps getting better!

With a CommentLuv Premium license, you get all of these features and you get to have all the new up and coming features for FREE FOR LIFE because a premium customer gets support and updates forever. For just one payment!