Positive Affirmations Took Over My Life (in a GOOD way)!

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Thomas Allan
I am Thomas Allan, I am passionate about positive affirmations and all areas of self improvement, and I run and am growing the world's largest resource for free affirmations. I am always happy to talk, and would love your thoughts, comments, and suggestions on my writing and ideas!
Thomas Allan
Thomas Allan

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Thomas Allan
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Today I’d like to share a personal story with you – my personal story of how I have used positive affirmations throughout my life, and indeed, how they have took over my life in many areas and many different ways.

Before I get started, let me make sure you know what affirmations are.

To summarize, all positive affirmations are, are simple statements which you repeat to yourself over and over again. These statements are short, usually in the present tense, and ALWAYS positive!

Here are a some examples of positive affirmations for weight loss for example:

  • I am losing weight naturally.
  • I am slim, healthy and at my ideal weight.
  • I exercise regularly and eat a healthy balanced diet.
  • I love eating healthily, exercising and living an active lifestyle.

The way that affirmations work is that the more you say the positive statements to yourself the better.

The more you say them the more they sink into your subconscious mind, and the more you start to believe them. This is where the magic happens as belief is 99% of the truth – if you believe you are confident for example then this is all there is to it really right?

The magic happens with belief – when you start to believe them, they start to become true, reality, a real part of who you are – you live and breathe them and they  do transform you and help you to reach your goals.

Anyway.. My Story:

My name is Thomas Allan, I am still on the positive side of 50 😉 and I have used positive affirmations for over 20 years. In-fact I have used them almost constantly, at times really taking over my life and infiltrating my pursuits in a huge way.. but this I see as a good thing, they provided massive transformation for me in a positive way and helped me to pursue many personal goals to accomplishment.

It all started when I used affirmations to improve my confidence – one minute I was a shy 17 year old, unable to make friends easily, and definitely unable to talk to girls…

Even just a few days after starting with affirmations I started to see the difference in my inner thoughts, how I thought about myself, my positivity and my basic levels of happiness and self esteem.

Then over the next few weeks it all changed and I was hooked for a lifetime on affirmations :) I became massively more outgoing, I could actually feel things clicking into place within my mind and my outward behaviour changing. I made new friends much easier, I started going to parties, and I chatted to some girls.

But this was just the beginning!

For the next 20+ years I have started my day without fail by saying my positive affirmations for 5 minutes. I also finish my day by saying them into the bathroom mirror every evening, and I have never missed a day!

I have used affirmations for everything imaginable! They have helped me to slim down and to take regular exercise, then pushed me to excel in running and in sports, I have used them in my personal hobbies, to pick myself up when I was feeling frustrated and down, to help my mindset in running my businesses and real estate properties, and to enhance my relationships and love life.

I’m now in early retirement after spending 20 years running multiple businesses, investing in land and real estate – I still keep myself busy with some personal projects and business interests, and of course, still my affirmations – throughout all the changes of my life, all the downs and many ups, affirmations have been my constant and my biggest ally.

I hope this article inspires some people, and gets people interested and started on a life long journey with affirmations too :)