What makes you smile?

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Troy S.
Troy Swezey is a Baker and Pastry Chef by day and a Blogger and Social Media manager by night. A U.S. Army Veteran and a ten year resident of Las Vegas he is always looking for fun and tasty things to do. Visit www.1KSmiles.com - a blog about 1,000 things that makes him, and hopefully you, smile every day.
Troy S.
Troy S.
Troy S.

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Troy S.
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Bringing Positivity to the World

Have you watched the news lately or picked up a newspaper? The things that are going on in the world around us is enough to make us question the viability of humanity as a species and wonder why some people do the things they do. You have this country invading that country, neighbors fighting neighbors over a fence and people everywhere filling our heads with their own personal brand of negativity.

We have all been there at one point where everything and everyone seems to be against you and the whole weight of the world is on your shoulders. Everywhere you turn there is negativity and nothing you do seems to go right. Everything you think about or see is wrong.

It’s time that we put an end to it and start shedding some positive light on our lives; thinking about the little things that make us happy and using them in our everyday life. Life does not have to be all about the negatives; let’s bring some positivity into the world and keep ourselves smiling.

There is a lot of positivity going on around us every second of every day; we just don’t tend to focus on it. There is beauty in everything around you. Don’t believe me? Then stop and just take a quick look around you. Go ahead, I will wait and do not worry, no one will think you are silly. Beside if they do, who cares? Maybe you will ever help them smile a little.

So? Did you see something that made you smile? What about that flower over there? Or the mother holding the baby? Do you see the beauty in that? Does that dog chasing the butterfly make you smile? What? You do not see a dog chasing a butterfly there in your 12th floor office cubicle? Then just think about a dog chasing a butterfly. There you go. That made you smile right? Or maybe it is something you did recently? Maybe that comedy club you went to or that hypnosis show during that crazy trip to Las Vegas or that one scene from your favorite James Bond movie or… Sometimes a song might come on the radio that triggers distant memories or maybe while walking through a crowded shopping mall a certain smell fills the air and reminds you of that special someone.

These are all things that happen every day and, if we take the time to notice them, they will make us feel better and be in a much better mood.

I know there is something out there that makes you smile. As hard as it sometimes is, I try to see the beauty in everything. Even if I was in the middle of a desert or the ocean with nothing around, there is still the warmth of the sand or the shimmer of the sun off the water that can make you smile. Or you can always go inside yourself and think about things in the past that made you smile.

Have You Smiled Today?

It has been said that smiling more often makes you healthier and can even help you live longer. We think it does, but you should decide for yourself. Go ahead, smile, it just might catch on with the people around you.

And wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing?

How do I try to keep smiling?

I try to have fun in everything I do and to see the beauty and pleasure in it. If it is not fun I ask myself, “How can I make this fun?”

To help with that I created a blog called 1KSmiles. Over the course of almost three years I will write about 1,000 things that make me smile. It could be anything from that gentle blue part of a flame to the sound of a sonic boom. Nothing is off limits as long as it makes me smile.

Perhaps it is a baby’s laughter or the first crack of a bat during baseball season; it could even be the smell of bread baking or something more complex like the taste of sugared grapes served with a perfectly cooked beef wellington. Whatever it is that makes someone smile and makes their life a little brighter, you’ll find it at 1KSmiles.

Try It, You Might Like It!

Focusing on the happier things in life seems to have a contagious effect on those around you. Did you ever see someone you know, or maybe even a complete stranger laughing about something and even though you had no idea what they were laughing about, you found yourself smiling and maybe even laughing as well? They say laughter is contagious and since smiling is generally the first stage in laughing, I believe we should all try to smile a bit more.

So? What is it that makes you smile? Let us know in the comments here and visit 1KSmiles today!