The two secrets to happiness

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I want to be your Life Sherpa. Everyone needs a little motivation along the way to the top.

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The only person that really matters

I’ve been married for about eight and a half years.  I don’t know everything about marriage.  Actually, the longer we’re together I find out how little I know.  I find that over time the high, highs and low, lows can even themselves out.  This can bring you back to a sort of homeostasis in the relationship.  It gets boring, could be another way of saying it.

How do you keep that spark?  How do you elevate the normal every day routine to a higher level of normal on your own personal happiness scale?

Become a drug dealer. 

No, no not illegal drugs or even legal ones.  I can’t believe that’s immediately what you thought!  How about the natural occurring drug that your body produces.  Oxytocin.  This naturally occurring “love drug” happens when you are affectionate towards your significant other.  It’s what you were originally addicted to when you first starting dating way back when. 

In large amounts it can make your stomach flutter and etch a permanent smile on your face for days because someone special to you gave you a strong dose of it.  I believe they called it “twitterpated“ in the movie Bambi.  Well,

folks it’s real and you can have it back with your loved one.

A simple thirty second embrace can get it started.  Try it.  Really need to enjoy it and you’ll find that you’ll feel a little better at the end of those thirty seconds.  It is essential that you still get that “in love” feeling.  It’ll make the rest or your day so much better. 

These two things

I believe there are two secrets to happiness in this world.  I told my wife about them years ago and we both firmly agree that I’m on to something. 

Marry the right person. 

Without that person’s love and support day in and day out you miss a great opportunity to get your dose of oxytocin.  But it’s more than that.  Most people want to be loved.  Be with the right person who will love and support you.

Choose the right job or career.

You’re going to spend upwards of eight hours a day there.  You might as well enjoy it.  The good thing is, if you’ve picked the right person to be with, they will help you with your job selection.  And no matter what, they will support you unconditionally during your career.  But always remember to put your loved one ahead of your career if push comes to shove. 

Can it really be that simple?  Yes, I think so.  Pick the right spouse and pick the right job for you and your life.  If the job isn’t right, get another one.  Jobs will never hug you back and love you unconditionally.  If you have the right spouse, your job will be a far second to them.

I wish you good luck in your search.