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I don’t care what industry you are in, if you want to be at the top mountain some day, you need to read books.  You may be an architect, fast food worker, business person, law enforcement officer, homemaker or civil servant during the day but you still need to read professional books to better yourself.

I read books in spurts.  I shoot for at least two a month.   When I do read books, I get lost in the book for a day or two.  Which makes me wonder why I don’t read more often?  I routinely read online articles and news quite a bit each day as well to feed my trivia addiction.

Some poor reason you’re not reading (*with rebuttals).

  1. I’ll miss my TV shows.  *Rebuttal; I have a DVR. Or skip it all togehter.
  2. I may miss a status update on facebook or a tweet.  *Rebuttal; Did you seriously just write that!
  3. I need to spend more time with my family.  *Rebuttal(s); The kids go to bed hours before you do.  A smarter well read Dad/Spouse/Mother/Partner is a better person.
  4. It takes too much time.  *Rebuttal; Being uninformed takes even more time or rather lack effort.  Lack of effort on your part is something you can fix very easily.

Those are just a few reasons to pull a book of the shelf, go to the library, go to your brick and mortar book store (while they still exist), or download a book on your Kindle or Nook today.

The books you read will help shape your future.  Read for fun and read for personal and professional growth.  You can’t afford not to.

Start with one book a month and build on that.


  1. Victoria says:

    I read a lot of books too, mainly books about web development and programming, as these help me with my work. It’s a good way to improve your skills and learn more about a topic.
    Victoria recently posted..How to automatically include your header and footer on every page of your siteMy Profile

  2. Britney says:

    I’ve found that the best way to get tons of reading done, at least if you have a Mac and a book in PDF format, is to have the voice reader read the book out loud to me as fast as I can comprehend it (so I speed it up until it is slightly below auctioneer level). If I do this, I can knock out a 1400 page political history book like “Tradegy and Hope” by Caroll Quigly in about 25 total hours. The typical 200-300 page book takes about 2-3 hours to get through. This allows me to work on stuff in the kitchen and absorb it like I’m listening to a talk show on the radio.
    Britney recently posted..Conspiracy reality for boy and girls hot and bothered over Chris and RhianaMy Profile

    • Sunny Dee says:

      I didn’t know you could speed the book up. That’s pretty cool because that’s one of the main reason I don’t like audible books because I find they tend to be read at a pace slower than what I would read. I am also an avid reader and I couldn’t agree more about the importance of reading. At this point a convenience to reading has made it almost as easy to access books as it is to watch television. I personally love my Kindle and have found that I’m reading about 10 books more a month now that I have a Kindle.
      Sunny Dee recently posted..Unbearable LightnessMy Profile

    • reiter331

      That is fantastic! I never even thought of that. I may need to replace my daily podcast habit with some ebooks! Thanks for the tip.
      reiter331 recently posted..How to be a quitter in 4 easy stepsMy Profile

  3. JPop

    I have also read a lot of books about web development, webdesign and seo, It helped me a lot for my work and to built my own websites and blogs since many years. I think it’s an essential way to learn new things about a topic.
    JPop recently posted..Fairy Tail Opening 2 – SOW by IdolingMy Profile

  4. Karen

    I love reading books, specially proper books, not these digital things! There’s nothing better than the smell of a new or old book and the feel of the next page between your finger and thumb as you prepare yourself to turn the page to read the next thrilling section of a good read ;)
    Karen recently posted..My Remedy For My Agonising Toothache!My Profile

  5. zoopco says:

    Reading is one of the things I actually need to improve on. The last “books” that I read were my engineering ones when I was in college – Now I work full time, blog occassionally, buy/sell extensively so there is absolutely no time to take on another task and dedicate time to reading. I do however read news articles and anything else that interests me – however I do agree that reading is crucial.
    zoopco recently posted..Online Illinois Tax Is BullshitMy Profile

    • reiter331


      That counts! Keeping up on the news and other interesting articles is important. Books are nice though. Ebooks. Books on MP3 as stated above is a great idea too. You can listen to them while you do something else. At high speed!

      I have a slight trivia addiction so I read as much useless (rather helpful) stuff I can find on a daily basis. As long as it’s going to help me win my trivia league… I’ll read it.

      reiter331 recently posted..How to be a quitter in 4 easy stepsMy Profile

  6. Martyna


    Life without books? Possible of course, but with books, so much better. Books are like meeting great people, befriending the greatest minds in the history of the mankind.

    Crush the excuses
    Martyna recently posted..The Midas TouchMy Profile

  7. One of Charles “Tremendous” Jones most memorable quotes is “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for two things, the people you meet and the books you read.” is great advice. Reading has made a great impact on my life. Keep reading.

    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City USA
    Perry A Davis Jr recently posted..5 thoughts as to why not call your friends- family and people you know as – your “Warm MarketMy Profile

  8. alisongolden

    When my husband was single, the first think he looked for when he went to a girl’s place was a bookcase. If there wasn’t one, bye-bye! I had a bookcase filled with books so he hung around for a bit. A lot, in fact :)
    alisongolden recently posted..How Thin Is the Ham In Your Sandwich Or Cheese- If You’re VegetarianMy Profile

  9. Patricia

    I love reading. However with all the hours I spend blogging, have to limit the time I am into my books. This is definitely not my idea but that of my ophthalmologist!

    Won’t bore you with the details, but having a medical background, I did take note when I saw my last eye test and op I needed for yet another eye condition. Still I can still see okay and as long as I am sensible, can read in the daytime. Docs orders: no reading at night!

    Do miss my night-time reading but with time differences, just means I stay networking with my blogging buddies in different time zones. Usually people who read a lot have a better comprehension of the English language, which of course is useful with blogging :-)

    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia recently posted..Are Your Goals Attainable In 2011My Profile

  10. AlphaSmith

    Amen! We are avid readers. We just moved into a new home that has a dedicated library — complete with a rolling ladder! (Yes, we have that many books!) We also are using our Kindle and iPad a lot for reading these days.
    AlphaSmith recently posted..Beauty Websites for Normal PeopleMy Profile

  11. Jenny Wills says:

    Yes “If we want to be at the top mountain” always be “reader”. But it is very important read what about?
    I like to read blogs for increasing my knowledge about it. And I also like to read religious book.
    Jenny Wills recently posted..E-Commerce Development – An Effective Way to Actuate Your BusinessMy Profile

  12. A home with a dedicated library with a rolling ladder! That is my dream! Right now, most of our books are in storage, waiting for the day we have a place with room for them.
    Art of RetroCollage recently posted..Hannah Höch- Profile in CollageMy Profile

  13. Matt

    Go digital!

    I know nothing replaces the feel and smell of a book in your hands but I’m warming up to the idea of the digital library.

    I just purchased a kindle for my wife and she’s loving it so far. I need to think about getting one for myself.

    Matt recently posted..You must lead them- Part 1 of 5My Profile

  14. James Debono says:

    I agree with you whole heartedly. If you want to get ahead then you need to take time investing in yourself. A great way to broaden our horizons is to read books whether they be tradtional or online; personaly I prefer to read off line and make dedicated time in my schedule to do so every day.

    Alison, I shared your comment about having your personal library with my girlfriend and she loved it. When I then mentioned the rolling ladder she went nuts!!!

    James Debono recently posted..Invest in You!My Profile

  15. Suhaib says:

    I used to be a bright student. But lately I have started hating books. Just dont feel like reading anything..
    Suhaib recently posted..What Causes a Constant Headache and DizzinessMy Profile

  16. satrap says:

    Great post. I find it very sad and disappointing that these days most of us spend more time watching tv and playing video games than reading. There is something about reading that can not be replaced with tv or any other activities.
    satrap recently posted..Ways To Make MoneyMy Profile

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