The Simple Path To Google Rankings Success

I think of Google as library.

For some reason I don’t fear Google. I guess it goes back to my early days when gaining top rankings was brain-dead easy. I’ll never forget the day when a Google Top 10 page listed only sites built by either myself or one of my students for a “money” keyword in a very competitive industry :: {cell phones}. [...]

Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back


The Separation Have you been separated from the woman that you love and wish that you could get your ex girlfriend back? Couples break apart everyday for an array of reasons and find themselves in a similar state of longing. Re-attracting a woman who you’ve already established a relationship with, is a more complex challenge [...]

How to Boost Your Email Subscribers Even If You Are A Newbie?

email list

Do you know small design changes can bring you more email subscribers? No doubt, email subscribers are one of the best assets to grow your online business. When it comes to increasing the number of email subscribers, you must focus on giving less options. That’s the ONLY secret to boost your email subscribers. Because, when [...]

Reasons For Accepting Payment By Credit Cards For Your Affiliate Marketing Business


For an online business, it is almost a necessity to offer the option of making payments by credit card to users. There are many reasons why this is so. When customers buy products online, be they software, ebooks, cosmetics or any other products, they look towards have safe and convenient options for making online payments. [...]

Prevent your twitter account from being hacked


Even Pros Get Tricked Have you ever received a DM with a message about terrible pictures or other bad news? Chances are that you have. They are rampant on twitter! Even pros like Ryan Deiss get tricked in to clicking a link and then authorizing the page to tweet on their behalf (or, more likely [...]

Tips and tricks for increasing fans of your Blog’s Facebook Fan page.


Facebook today is the biggest social networking site on internet with page rank 10 and Alexa Rank 1.Millions of people from around the world are users of Facebook.Initially Facebook were meant for communication with the easiest way sitting at any corner of the world,but now things have taken some different shape. Now Facebook is playing [...]

Evergreen Content 101: A Quick Overview


When people put up a blog or a website, there is a tendency for people to go for content that will drive traffic quickly and easily to a website. There are topics that tend to be very popular with certain groups of readers.  However, a surge in traffic is not always good, especially if the [...]

8 Ways You & Your Brand Are Crowned The King (or Queen) Of Mediocrity


Why bother looking to build your position in your marketplace and be seen as the leader, when it’s far easier to be like everyone else. According to the Business Population Estimates (BPE) there were an estimated 4.8 million private sector businesses in the UK at the start of 2012, the highest estimate since 2000. Basically, there are [...]

Do You Really Socialize on Social Media?


Social media is one of the best and most contemporary means of meeting new friends and communicating. Many people around the world are using social media to not only communicate but also integrate various debates touching on different issues that are affecting the society and the whole world at large. Social media have been known [...]

Why Outsourcing Is Important For Website Growth?


Building a successful website or blog is a massive job and when you reach a certain stage it will be time to outsource work to others. The problem is many bloggers never know when it is time to outsource website jobs and struggle to keep the ball rolling, so to speak. If you do not [...]