Relationship Rut: 5 Ways to Make Things Interesting Again

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  Relationships are hard and they require constant work. When one or both partners place their full focus on another life aspect, it often happens that relationships get stuck in a rut. This happens to everyone and it’s not a thing that you should be particularly alarmed about. Long relationship tend to get here because […]

How You Can Be The Successful Lover You Dream To Be

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Love is a serious matter and anyone who has loved even once in life would know that. For love to be successful, one needs to bring a lot of changes in them. People often read quotes like, “accept me as I am” and believe they don’t have to change themselves to be accepted by someone. […]

7 Great Tips to Save a Marriage From Divorce

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Divorce has become a common occurrence in today’s climate and marriages only stand a 50/50 chance of survival. With this concept, it is not surprising to know that couples end up in an adversarial mood and the fires are burning hot near the end as the spouses head out in search of a divorce practice […]

5 Tips for Finding a Stable and Fulfilling Relationship

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As Jefferson Airplane so eloquently put it, we all need somebody to love. It’s not just about that loving feeling, butterflies and all that, but about feeling safe and taken care of as well. When looking at potential partners for a committed long-term relationship, it’s important to gauge your compatibility, and that requires you to […]

Tips for Maintaining a Perfect Relationship

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Just to be clear, there is no magical potion or solution that will create the perfect man or woman you’ve always been looking for. Chances are, you’re going to find someone who is similar to you, but you’re going to work hard if you plan on enjoying every moment of your relationship. You will not […]

7 General Gifts you should not miss on your boyfriend’s birthday

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Celebrating boyfriend’s birthday is a most exciting thing for a girlfriend. A girl really loves to make this day special for her boyfriend. It is quite opposite in a guy and girl relationship from the guy side as guys don’t have that enthusiasm or we can say that level of excitement that girls do have […]

Black Sheep and Salt

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Years ago, I was cooking a meal for my family. The smells of beef, red and green peppers, onions and tomato filled the air. The scents and flavors made their way upstairs and filled all of the rooms as the pot continued boiling, and the steam continued rising. All day, I stirred it, adding ingredients […]

Work on your relationship even when you grow old

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Solitary life can’t do you good Having somebody next to you during your life, who will go through the good and bad things with you is something that we search our whole life for – until we find that special someone. It is much easier to go through all the difficulties that life brings when […]

What are the different types of Symbols used in Hindu wedding cards?

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In Hindu culture, the selection of wedding invitation marks the commencement of the marriage celebration. These cards contain all the basic information associated with the function and are printed with various religious symbols. The process of sending invitations printed with symbols of Lord Ganesha, OM and Mangal Ghat to guests form an essential part of […]

Building Healthy Habits: The Only Way To Build A Healthy Relationship

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Whether it is a new year, a new month, a new week, or a new day, building and engaging in healthy habits is important. This is true in all areas of your life, including your relationships. In fact, relationships are built upon habits. You either have positive or negative habits, and you either have a […]