Work on your relationship even when you grow old

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Solitary life can’t do you good

Having somebody next to you during your life, who will go through the good and bad things with you is something that we search our whole life for – until we find that special someone. It is much easier to go through all the difficulties that life brings when you have someone next to you, who will share everything with you. Being on your own will eventually lead you to a great deal of disappointment in life. That is why most people opt to live a family life rather than that as a solitary individual.


Just the two of you

Even if you have a big family and your life has always been full of people, you will eventually come to a point in your life where your dearest ones will have their own families and you and your partner will be left, so to say, alone. Of course, your children and grandchildren will visit you, but all their obligations will separate you more and more and in the end you will get to see them once a month, if you are lucky. You are going to spend the rest of your life with your other half – and you might as well make this a good life.


A necessary change

If you feel like your life together needs a change, do it without thinking! In this age, any change can seem great. Maybe this is precisely what you need. Travelling or changing the place of living are both a good idea for an elderly couple who is in need of something fresh. Move to a quiet rural place where you will enjoy country life. Fresh air, walks in nature, agriculture, farming and many other things will benefit your relationship, as well as your whole life – and especially your health. Away from pollution, noise and confusingly fast life, you will have everything that you need. One of the really necessary things that you might lack here is proper medical care, but this little problem can be easily solved. Karen Schnitzerling, a nurse and a consultant from Rural and Remote Nursing assures that there is nothing to worry about, as long as medical care and consultation are concerned, and she adds “Everything will run smoothly in life as long as you are happy and satisfied with what you have!”

Keep your lifetime partner happy

The key to every successful relationship or marriage is to be selfless. You must think of the other one, and this goes especially for all the women out there – accept that you are not always right. Put a little effort in something that means a lot to you and to your partner. Here are some things that you should work on in order to keep

your relationship stabile:

old couple

  • Understand and listen to them

This is a crucial thing in every relationship: understanding what the other party wants and needs and listening – because this will make them feel appreciated and important. You must give all those things that you would like to get.

  • Care about them

Forget words – show them that you actually care. Show how much you care about their health, well being, happiness, satisfaction in life and all the small things as well – that counts too. Be there for them when they need you, when they are sick, depressed or simply in need of your complete dedication for no particular reason.

  • Motivate them

Motivate them with a good deed, a gentle touch or a few sweet words. Activate them and give them strength for living their life. Sometimes people need motivation because they give up on life or simply accept things as they are. But, who says that life stops when you get old? This is the right time for achieving and trying things that you never had the time or courage for.

  • Spend time with them

old-couple 2

Even though living that long with somebody can make some of your differences surface and even though it might get boring to spend time with each other, you know that at the end of the day, you still love them and that your life without them wouldn’t be the same. Well, unfortunately, life is not eternal and you should spend every moment with your dear ones. You cannot turn back time so start enjoying each other’s company immediately because if you don’t, the only thing you will get is regret.

Simply, show them how much you love them!

Be romantic

You cannot be too old for romance, so don’t let that be your excuse. Be romantic, go together out on dinners, picnics, walks or even do chores together. This is something you should strive for in your relationship. Keep in mind all the important dates: birthdays, anniversaries or even the date of your first kiss. You don’t have to buy big gifts in order to make someone happy even after all those years together – a love letter or a note can still work and this will be far more appreciated too.

Give your loved ones all the attention they deserve and need!