Black Sheep and Salt

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Photo By: Jesus Solana via Flickr

Photo By: Jesus Solana via Flickr

Years ago, I was cooking a meal for my family. The smells of beef, red and green peppers, onions and tomato filled the air.

The scents and flavors made their way upstairs and filled all of the rooms as the pot continued boiling, and the steam continued rising.

All day, I stirred it, adding ingredients as it cooked down and every member of my house crowded around the pot to get a sight of the source of the wonderful smells.

Family Time & Strategy

We love family game night and we played board games together as we usually do, while I would get up once my turn was over to tend to the masterpiece on the stove.

My husband had trouble concentrating on his game strategy as he was distracted by his stomach and the scent in the air.

Of course, over the years, this has become part of my winning strategy. Cook something delicious, distract him with the scent and get both Boardwalk and Park Place! I know it isn’t fair, but he makes it too easy.

Finally, I won and it was time for dinner.

Dinner, or was it
a coronation ceremony?

The table was filled with smiling faces, giddy with excitement for this homemade masterpiece. I dished up large spoonfuls for each person into their bowls.

Finally, everyone began to dig in. I waited of course. I wanted to see their reactions.

Was it something I said?

And just as quickly as I made the decision, I regretted it. The smiles turned to unimpressed confusion.

“What could have gone wrong?” I thought. So, I dig my spoon into my bowl, blow the hot steam off of it, and placed it in my mouth.

To my disappointment, this was the textbook definition of bland.

Fixing a family emergency

A few dashes of the single ingredient I had forgotten and those familiar smiles returned. It’s amazing what a little salt can do for a meal.

What About the Sheep?

And so the story is the same for the black sheep in a family. Those are the people who feel like they are outcasts, or like they were adopted, or maybe were adopted but still don’t feel like they are apart of the family.

A family is like a magnificent recipe. It smells great, it looks wonderful, but it isn’t without its problems. If you are the black sheep in your family, then don’t feel bad, be the salt.

If you know who the black sheep in your family is, then don’t forget to include them. You may not realize it, but the family recipe might become awfully bland without the salt.