6 things you need to provide for your newborn

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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newborn baby

Baby proofing items

As soon as babies start crawling, you won’t be able to catch them – and you shouldn’t even try to. When they’re strong enough to move around and explore, you should let them. That healthy type of curiosity shouldn’t be limited, because that is how babies learn. Keeping them safe while they learn could be an issue – you obviously can’t follow your child around 24/7. In order to have enough time to do your daily chores, without having an accident waiting to happen, you should install baby proofing items. Start from installing some locks on the bottom cabinets and drawers, especially if you keep some strong cleaners or cutlery there. An oven lock, a toilet lid lock and outlet plate covers are also recommendable. If you’re living in a house, you should definitely consider installing a fence around the stairs, so you can control your baby’s movement.

Care products

The first few years will be really challenging when it comes to keeping your child clean – it’s practically impossible, at least until your child starts adopting some hygiene-related habits. But, you need to be careful when it comes to the care products. The baby’s skin is really sensitive, which makes it more than easy for them to get a rash or develop an allergy to a certain substance. Baby wipes are great, but cotton balls combined with baby oil are probably the best baby cleanser there is, because it’s gentle and efficient. Take your time with picking out the right shampoo – it’s always a good idea to ask for advice from someone who had some experience with babies. Also, you should have a chest with baby medicine, collected in accordance with your pediatrician, just in case.

baby crib

Feeding necessities

The items you need related to feeding depend on how you plan on breast or bottle feeding your baby. For bottle feeding, you’ll need to stock up with formula and 5-8 bottles, so you can have a few of them clean

in any moment. It’ll be easier for you if you have enough formula to last about 2-3 days, so you don’t have to go to the store every day (about 24 ounces daily should do). You should also get a bottle brush – it’ll help you with the through bottle cleaning.

When it comes to breast feeding, a list of necessities is a bit longer. You should definitely consider using a breast pump, so you can storage milk. You can keep breast milk in bags or bottles, but be careful when it comes to adjusting the temperature. For maximal comfort, you should get some nursing bras and a breastfeeding support pillow.

Comfortable clothes

baby clouthes

The baby’s body is fragile. The clothes you buy don’t have to be expensive, but you should check the quality of the materials from which it had been made. One of the perks of being a parent is in picking out the cutest baby outfits – no one can take that from you. Other than diapers, you should get a couple of baby grows and vests, because they allow your baby to move freely and they are practical to use. You should also get a sleeping sack, so you can be sure that your baby’s tucked in nicely, without checking on him or her every two minutes. Sweaters and snowsuits are necessary if it’s cold, but a baby hat is a must-have – it’ll prevent your baby from getting sick.

Games that encourage healthy development

As your child grows, you need to gradually increase the difficulty of the games you two play. As for the newborns, the only thing you should do is play classical music – it encourages their mind to develop. Most babies really start playing when they’re about 6-7 months old, so that’s when you should start with your peekaboos. It’s not recommendable to provide your child with girl or boy toys only. When your children start showing interest, let them pick out a toy by themselves. Meanwhile, you can always go with animal shaped toys – they’re totally neutral.

Baby scrapbook

Keeping a type of a diary for your children will help you keep record of the major events; when they said the first words, started crawling and walking, etc. Besides, it’s a wonderful way to capture all the memories, so you can remember everything years later, when your children are all grown up.