TOP 10 Baby Shower Myths

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Carole Galassi
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Even if you have never attended a baby shower, you may have already heard stories or certain things about what takes place in one of these events. One thing is for sure, baby showers today are not what they use to be. As we evolve in our way of life, the things that may have been true ten years ago, may not hold true today. Often people who have never attended a shower may have misconceived notions about what takes place. Here are the top 10 baby shower myths busted in this article!

1. Baby showers are just for women.

Not true! Baby showers are for both men and women. Not only does the mom-to-be need support but the dad-to-be does too! Most showers today are given for the couple. More and more of these events are being geared away from a specific gender and are mainly dictated by fun activities.

2. Baby showers are only for moms-to-be.

Wrong again. A baby shower can be given to anyone that is “to-be” such as a dad-to-be, grandparent-to-be, or sibling-to-be. You can throw a baby shower for just about any family member who has a relative that will be giving birth! We automatically think of the mom-to-be when we think of a baby shower and although, that is typical, it is not always so. Sometimes a grandmother-to-be may give a shower for her daughter in another state or a friend may host a shower for the soon to be grandmother. Gifts for baby showers thrown for another family member, may not necessarily be gifts for the baby. They may be a gift for the grandmother, such as a book on “How To Be A Grandma”.

3. Baby showers are only limited to the first pregnancy.

False. A baby shower can be given as many times as there are children! In fact, often families throw a baby shower before each child is born. It is a way of also celebrating in the upcoming, joyous occasion and not just for receiving gifts that may be needed for the baby.

4. You don’t need to send out thank you cards to baby shower attendees.

It is always good etiquette to send out a note of gratitude. Thank you cards are always appreciated. It also helps the guests to feel a personal

connection with you and the gift they have purchased. I don’t think there is ever a time or event when thank you cards are never sent.

5. Baby shower guest don’t want to see the presents being opened.

Not true. Guest often take much time to look for a gift that will help you during this time. It is a fun part of the event and guests will be excited to see how you liked their gift as well as see what others have given as well. I often get ideas for future baby showers I attend by seeing what gifts are given.

6. Baby shower games are dumb.

The reason baby shower games are even played is to get the guests involved and interact with them in a more playful way. If you choose games that are guest appropriate and suit the interest of those attending, it will add to the fun of the event and there will be nothing boring or dumb about it.

7. The themes for baby showers should be old-fashioned or traditional.

Times are changing and we evolve as a society. So what themes applied back in the early 80s, may not necessarily apply today. Make use of trendy ideas and gifts and try and give a shower that is also time appropriate and modern. If your giving a baby shower for a 25-year old mom-to-be, she may not appreciate having an older theme that may have been popular before she was born!

8. Select baby shower gifts from the registry.
Not necessary. Often the mom-to-be will be registered at a large department store. This is a convenience for those who do not know what gift to purchase and it is not a requirement. Gifts of all kinds that pertain to the newborn baby will be appreciated, don’t get hung up on having to select a gift from the gift registry.

9. Baby Shower events should be held at a home.

Not really. You can host a baby shower event anywhere! Think outside the box and consider places like a restaurant, hall, beach, or hotels. Be creative and look beyond the four walls of a traditional house, if necessary.

10. Baby showers are big events!

False again. If the mom-to-be is bedridden or cannot travel to a home or location, you can have a small, intimate baby shower right inside her bedroom or even hospital room! It can be as small or as big as you want it to be. It can consists of 3 people or 20 people! There are absolutely no numbers constraints here.