The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Future Dads

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Dads around the world, prepare yourselves for doing the thing you always find a way to avoid – shopping. With your wife pregnant, you will have to take care of all the things necessary for her and the baby, and don’t even think of outsourcing this part of work to the future mother – they should definitely be spared.

Make a list

Making a list would make all of this much easier. You can seek advice from different people, magazines, forums, etc. Ask your wife and try to agree on all the thing the two of you think are necessary. Plus, when you have a list with you, you will realize that you actually have less time than you thought.

Don’t wait

Don’t wait too long until you start acquiring all the necessities for the little one. It might seem as if you have plenty of time, but keep in mind that you cannot buy all the things your baby needs that quickly. If you want to keep waiting until the baby is born, you shouldn’t – trust me, you will be busy spending time in the hospital with your wife. Plus, if you start buying one thing at the time, the expenses won’t fall so hard on you. With a limited budget, it would be much better to do it gradually, and this will also leave you enough time to think whether you missed something really important.

Cribs, nursery beds and rockers

First of all, you will need to buy a crib and a rocker for your baby. They come in a variety of different shapes and colors, and you can even find somebody who can create a custom made crib according to your wishes. You will also need to think about where to put the crib and which room is the most suitable for this – you should pick the one near your bedroom or even merge these two in order to be near to your baby. This is your time to show how responsible you could be, so you should think of all the little details such as these, but also how you are going to transport your baby from the hospital to your home – rockers, carriers, blankets, etc. This might be too much to take care of at once, so you should start your mission as

soon as possible!

Sheets and bedding sets

Don’t forget about buying these particular items – you shouldn’t use the old ones for your baby. There are some tips that may help you with this. Buy bedding sets made out of natural materials such as silk and cotton in order to avoid rashes and allergies. Their bones are not still well formed, so you will have to buy pillows that are soft and really thin, or even avoid putting pillows under the baby’s head for the first couple of months up to one year. As they grow they will be more active so you will have to secure the bars of the crib with some soft bedding sets in order to avoid injuries. In addition, you also need a mattress since most cribs are bought separately from the mattresses.

Feeding equipment

There are so many things that can be useful, so you cannot make a mistake. Breast pumps for the mother, milk formulas if the mother lacks milk, spoons and bowls, feeding chairs when they grow a bit and, of course, many, many bibs.


Buying clothes can be really fun, since you will really get overflown with parental emotions. Visit a baby boutique and start buying clothing items – it is as simple as that. According to baby clothing experts from Estella, you only need to know how big is your baby in order to pick the right size. Onesies, caps, vests, booties, jackets, pants and so much more. Pick the right color depending on the sex of the baby, or if you wish so, go with neutral colors such as white, yellow, green or brown.


They might not need this immediately, but some rattles and baby mobiles could really help with putting them to sleep. Soft toys are the best choice, and pick a few chewing toys also, they proved to be a lot helpful when their teeth start to grow.

Seems too much? Well, if you imagined that parenting is going to be easier, you were wrong. Let’s see if this is too much for all the manly dads.