5 Reasons Why I Shop And Buy Online

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Derek Carroll
Derek Carroll enjoys shopping online and looks for great deals and savings he can share with his readers. He recently reviewed the Nespresso Citiz D120 espresso machine, the Cuisinart Multiclad Pro cookware set, and even the Brother Project Runway sewing machine. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, he now lives with his wife and two children in rural Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. When he’s not reviewing products, he loves to travel or spend time with friends.
Derek Carroll
Derek Carroll
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I’m a health and fitness fanatic, but I’m also a busy man. I have a family, a business, and I write, so I don’t have much time to go shopping.

A few years ago I started shopping online and now I wouldn’t be without this great resource. Although I shop online for many things, I find it’s especially good for finding and buying health and fitness equipment, but let me tell you why I am into online shopping, and why you might find it a good idea too.

1. Online Shopping Has Escaped The Recession

Yes, you read that right! To be honest, I find shopping in many towns a little depressing now. Stores have closed down, or are in the process of closing, the well-known places I used to shop in are no longer there, and towns have become full of stores I’d rather not shop in.

So how do we know online stores have escaped the recession? Let’s look at some figures here:

  • This year there are 178.5 million American online shoppers. That’s an increase of around 15 million from two years ago. The worldwide figures show a similar rise.
  • It has been predicted that the number of internet users will be around 2.3 billion in 3 years time. That’s an increase of more than 0.5 billion on the current figures, so the market is expanding rapidly.
  • 60% of Americans shop online at least 4 times a year!
  • Many of the most successful retailers now only have an online presence. Think of eBay, Amazon, Dell computers etc. Their business is increasing year on year.

So, what do these figures mean for the consumer?

  1. You are going to have more and more choice in your purchases.
  2. You will have access to better information
  3. You will have access to better deals

This can only be good news for you if you shop online. You don’t get these kind of benefits in shopping malls!

2. Online Shopping Is More Convenient

The second reason I shop online is the convenience. If you’re buying heavy fitness equipment for example, it is much easier to buy it online and have it delivered, rather than going to a store, and having to bring it home.

Online shopping is

also more convenient because you can search many online stores much more quickly than you would be able to check out physical stores.

  • It is also much quicker to buy online.
  • No waiting in line
  • No traffic
  • No annoying sales people

In my opinion, those in themselves are good enough reasons to shop online!

3. Much More Information Is Available Online

Another reason I love buying stuff online is that so much information is available. For example, it’s really easy to find reviews of different products to find out the best ones to buy. I recently wanted to find some dumbbells to help with my P90x schedule, and after reading some Bowflex dumbbells reviews on a few websites, I decided that they would suit my needs more than any of the other similar products. When so many similar products are available, it is best to get as much information as you can before you buy.

4. There Are Great Savings With Online Shopping

FACT: online retailers have lower overheads than physical stores
FACT: online shopping costs you less in transport costs

So there are two ways you save money. First, the retailers pass on their savings to you. Usually you will pay less for a product online than for the same product in a shopping mall. This can only be good news for buyers in the current economic climate.

Second, instead of paying for gas to travel around from one store to another checking prices and availability, you can do everything from the comfort of your own home without having to pay a cent on transport costs. Great news for consumers!

5. I Can Shop With Peace Of Mind

Online shopping is much safer than it used to be. As long as you have some common sense and have some security software installed, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Plus many online retailers offer money back guarantees in the unlikely event there is a problem with your purchase.

For these 5 reasons”¦

I love buying online. Obviously there are some things I prefer to buy in a physical store but for things like fitness equipment, which I buy pretty frequently, online purchasing suits me perfectly.

If you’ve been hesitating to get into it, then take it from me, you really should jump in and try it. You really don’t know what you’ve been missing.

I do have one word of warning though. Once you start buying online, it is sometimes hard to stop!