A Happy Retirement – 3 Suggestions for Bloggers

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Phillip Dews
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Fulfil your retirement

Image Credit to FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I was 38 on Sunday 1st December last and this got me thinking about my retirement and how I should be planning it!  It really hit me thinking that I am now just 2 years away from 40 and for the past 20 or so years I have nothing really saved for my upcoming future!  I have lost count of the amount of jobs I have had over the years.

Seems to me the days of doing well at school then getting a well paid job that’s going to last for the 50 years after that are now a thing of the past.  Take my parents for instance they worked hard all of their lives working 3 jobs each, scrimping and saving, bringing me and my brother up,  buying their family home in the hope they both could retire at 65 and have a few good years to do what they had always wanted to do!

Tragically my mother passed away on 25th December 2010,  6 months after retiring from her Job and now my dad seems to just spend everyday doing the same thing going from pup to pub,  Hardly a happy and fulfilling retirement hey?  It paints a sad picture I know but please bear with me as this is not a sob story dear reader!  Of course a happy and financially secure future is something we as bloggers should be aiming towards,  but do we really think about it and should we worry about it?

Being financially secure for your retirement is a must and my strategy is two fold. In the short to medium term I am going to continue to build my web design and development career here at home and my long term strategy is to build on my current hobbie as a blogger to something that I can rely on in later life!  But this is just one part of the jigsaw dear reader as there is more to think about like having a fulfilling,  happy and enjoyable retirement.

  • Plan Ahead and be Healthy

Ok so like most things you need to plan it and don’t just fall into retirement without thinking of what you are going to do.  Think of your retirement as a new job or career!  Go and set new goals and achievements you want to happen during your retirement then actively plan for them while taking into account where you are now and where you want to be.  Generally people tend to let themselves go a little bit and slow down after retiring which is no bad thing as that’s what it’s all about,  But bear in mind to keep healthy as it’s a proven fact that we naturally feel happier in ourselves when we are physically fit. So lets keep up our healthy routines up when we are in retirement!

  • Socially Active

While working on our career’s we find that we don’t spend time with our friends or our family as much as we would like which is a great shame!  We are a social animal and we need the company of others to keep our sanity.  We do not want our retirement to be an isolated and lonely place as this can easily happen!  I also don’t mean to stay socially active online.

Surrounding yourself with human beings maintains your emotional well being and keeps you happy!  Make time now for your friends and family to keep that flame burning brightly and your social future will be in a much better condition.  When in retirement we will have a lot more time on our hands so plan to make new friends and go out and meet new people with similar interests and hobbies is something else we should be doing!  If done right mine and your retirement can be a very social and happy time for us.

  • Get up off that Chair and Go for a Walk

I currently work from home as a Web Designer & Developer as well as a blogger and this can be bad for both my physical and mental well-being as well as affecting my creativeness especially if I am spending 15 + hours in front of a computer screen or two.  Your home can become your prison, it can make you feel stifled and isolated and it can stop you from relaxing which means it can turn you grumpy and unhappy!  So what do I do then?  Well I break up my day by going for an hours run every morning to keep myself fit, In the afternoon I go Birding down my local nature reserve for an hour or so then in the evening I go for a walk to my local pub for a pint or two with my mates!

Your home can be a social place at times but you really do not want to be spend 24/7 there now do you!  So get up out of that chair and get some fresh air in your lungs and this can refresh and revitalise yourself, your senses and your mental well-being!

Our retirement should be some of the happiest years of our lives if planned correctly and thoroughly.  Don’t just assume you will be happy and fulfilled if you just plan to be financially secure, after all we have worked hard all of our lives so our retirement should be a time to enjoy the fruits of our labours!  Remember to take an active role in not only securing  your financial future but also what you want to do when you retire!

Have you anything to add to this?  Do you have other tips, ideas, suggestions or criticisms about my post?  Are you nearing retirement and have you planned it out or not? Do please let me know dear reader as I would love to know!  Post your comments below and I will respond to each them as soon as I possibly can.

Until next time…

Phillip Dews

Phillip Dews 


  1. Sirangi Kalpana says:

    Hey Phillip, we can say happy retirement when we do follow all the suggestions given by you. This is very true that we have to plan our future after retirement, because in old age we have to be financially independent. Nice article Phillip…

  2. Phillip, sounds like you have a slow start on the preparation for your retirement, but at least a start. That is better than many, but not good enough if you want to have a secure retirement. You should have been saving all along, but start now to pay yourself first as they say, with a automatic deduction from your checking account (since you are self employed) to a saving account.
    Robert Fowler recently posted…About Boomer PlacesMy Profile

    • Yep you are right there Robert! Saving for our future is vitally important and something

      I do have a few company pensions that I can rely on and I also have some property on top of that so my future is more or less secure, I just did not really want to mention those in this post as after all this is post was about having a Happy and Fulfilling Retirement which is what we must all strive for hey!

      Saying that though I am wondering about pensions now as they have been in the news a lot recently and are not paying out as expected and I am wondering if it’s worth me still to pay into my private and company pensions anymore!

      Many thanks for Taking you time to read my post and leaving me a comment Robert! I was going to say that you sounded like my dad then as he has always taught me to never live beyond my means and get in debt and always save for the future.

      All the Best.
      – Phillip
      Phillip Dews recently posted…Just Let me Comment – CommentLuv or DisqusMy Profile

  3. Phil my man! Congrats on landing a guest post on a SERIOUS authority blog ;) Well done dude.

    1 – Kelli and I got really serious a number of months back about opening up retirement accounts. However I am deeply blessed because my former job as a pier guard afforded me the blessing of starting a pension in 2005. It is already growing pretty handsomely so I have a nice little nest egg that I did not touch – because I cannot – before we got to saving along other channels.

    All your tips rock. My dad retired after 37 years with a steamship company. My folks were good about setting up retirement accounts and my old man is as active during his retired years, volunteering, going to sports games, etc, then he was while he worked, and he was busy as hell back then too.

    Guess I see where I get my energy from lol…..Thanks for the power share man!!
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…6 Techniques On Generating Traffic Using Your ImagesMy Profile

    • Cheers Buddy! yea I am glad to have it on here!

      I am somewhat sceptical about pensions now after them being in the news recently seems to me it’s probable safer to play the stock market these days something I have just gotten into after joining plus500 not lost a penny yet after building on the free 20 pounds they gave me in the first place.

      Seems to me your dad has it all worked out then and is happy! I suppose yours is going to be travelling all over the place and blogging! Seems to me as bloggers we will never truly retire from blogging hey! At the end of the day blogging requires us to use our brain a lot which in turn keeps it active and healthy!

      Cheers for you comment dude!
      – Phillip
      Phillip Dews recently posted…Just Let me Comment – CommentLuv or DisqusMy Profile

  4. Thank you for this post, am still in the 20s and i guess it is time to start making plans for my retirements.
    You mention what am lagging at. getting social!
    frank joseph recently posted…How to Find Inner Pages Page Rank of a Website for FreeMy Profile

    • Hi Frank,

      Yes I would buddy! Being in your twenties is a good time to start saving for your retirement! Being social though is something you need as a blogger so get trying to improve it online as well as being with fellow human beings!

      Thanks for taking the time to read my post and leave me a comment Frank!
      All the best
      – Phillip
      Phillip Dews recently posted…Just Let me Comment – CommentLuv or DisqusMy Profile

  5. hey phillip,

    Great post and very well written. Age for retirement 40 ? Yes your point of view is right that you are financially secure and you need break from your routine. But phillip i think if you are doing anything creative than your retirement age should be 400 yes really i mean it if you are creative then each and every creation gives you energy and keep away from retirement. Money wise it is good decision but creation wise not.
    diwaker recently posted…Oppo’s rotating smartphone N1My Profile

    • Hi Dee,
      Did I get that right? Just went to find you on twitter but link is broken!
      Retire at 40, Hmm I wish more likley to be 65 or even 70 and to be honest
      that as a blogger and web designer/developer I suppose that I will never
      truly retire as like you say creating give your more energy!

      Many thanks for your compliment on my writing, I try and take my time on
      every blog post so that each is easy to understand and is grammatically
      error free. Far too many bloggers rush their posts I find that ones with
      too many errors and very long paragraphs are hard to read and follow.

      Blogging for me is a pleasure as well it should be and not considered work
      the rewards from it should be a great and valued added extra!

      Many thanks for taking the time to read my post and leaving a comment
      it’s greatly appreciated!

      All the best.
      – Phillip
      Phillip Dews recently posted…Just Let me Comment – CommentLuv or DisqusMy Profile

  6. My husband and I have been talking about retirement a lot lately. He will be 30 this year and I will be 27. Great tips to follow, hopefully we will come up with a good plan.
    Tanya recently posted…Online HR Software – December 2013 UpdateMy Profile

    • Ooh to be 30 again, Dream on Phillip! Happy Birthdays Tanya. I hope your husband has a memorable on this year then I sure did!
      Yep it’s a good time to start thinking about retirement and securing your future! Make it a good one and Good Luck.
      Also thanks for taking the time to read my post and leaving me a comment I appreciate it1
      All the best.
      – Phillip
      Phillip Dews recently posted…Just Let me Comment – CommentLuv or DisqusMy Profile

  7. Mondo Frazier says:

    Here’s one more tip.

    Start writing for your future.

    Seven years ago, I was trying to figure out what to do; weighing my options. I figured: I’d better start doing something I can do until I’m 80 or 90 because I didn’t think Social Security was going to be around much longer.

    That’s when I started writing and blogging and it’s been a great decision. Most people can write until they’re older. It’s not physically demanding work–though I would agree with you that it’s a good idea stay in good physical shape.

    Do take a walk regularly.


    • Hi Mondo,
      Apologies in the lateness of my reply had a rather hectic day yesterday and am now ready to reply to all these comments after my good nights sleep last night!

      Good for you buddy on writing and blogging and yes I whole heartedly agree with you that writing is not a physically demanding job but it is a mentally demanding one!

      Walking does help a lot though buddy and of course is very good for you!
      Many thanks for your comment I appreciate it!
      – Phillip
      Phillip Dews recently posted…My Blog Needs YOU! Build a Blog of MeansMy Profile

  8. Excellent advice – I’ve taken early retirement this year and I have to say I’m now so pleased and grateful for all the years of hard slog when I was paying into my pension fund. I think keeping fit, so you can make the most of your retirement, is crucial – you hear of so many people, like your Mum, who fall ill soon after retiring, which is such a shame. It must be very hard for your Dad.

    I also think you need to have a plan for how you’re going to spend your time. I’m really enjoying having time to write and blog, and to give my dogs lovely long walks – I can’t imagine ever being bored, there still always seems to be so much to do and so little time! I think I’ll always want to be busy doing something – for me, retirement is about having the freedom to work on things that I enjoy, rather than dancing to someone else’s tune. I guess if you really enjoy your day job, you may never want to retire, as Diwaker suggests.
    Susan Neal recently posted…How Keeping a Journal Transformed My LifeMy Profile

    • Hi Susan,
      Apologies in the lateness of my reply had a rather hectic day yesterday and am now ready to reply to all these comments after my good nights sleep last night!

      best laid plans and all that hey! We never know what’s going to happen hey! I spent the whole of yesterday with my Dad as I often do as yes it is quite hard for him but I am glad I did! A friend of mine Liz was actually forced into early retirement 3 months ago after having a rather nasty stroke while working behind the bar at one of my local pubs which is a great shame and is now half the person she used to be!

      Like I say Best Laid Plans and all that as we never know what’s around the corner for us hey, I like to think that I make the most of every day which is what we all should do!

      Contrats on your retirement sounds like you worked very hard for it so do enjoy it Susan and many thanks for your comment Susan I appreciate it!
      Best Wishes

      – Phillip
      Phillip Dews recently posted…My Blog Needs YOU! Build a Blog of MeansMy Profile

  9. Hi Phillip,
    It’s totally right, when we work from home as blogger or freelancer at that time we have no time to getting out from home because we are always thinking with only work and work. At that time we never going to enjoy most of social life only enjoying virtually life with social media sites.
    We need to do a perfect time table to getting out of from this busy schedule and enjoying our self also.
    Life is so beautiful and we must have to enjoy it.. :) :)
    Nikhil Bille recently posted…UPSC 2014 Schedule, Time Table Exam Date, CalendarMy Profile

    • Hi Nikhil,
      Apologies in the lateness of my reply had a rather hectic day yesterday.
      Yep your right there buddy a lot of people do live for work! It’s funny actually as I spent the whole of yesterday with my Dad and his friends socializing.
      I think we need to have a right balance for work, family and friends which is what I think I have got!
      Many thanks for your comment I appreciate it!
      – Phillip
      Phillip Dews recently posted…My Blog Needs YOU! Build a Blog of MeansMy Profile

      • Nice Phillip, I am really happy to hear.. Keep balance between family and work is important in this online work because most of time we are not getting little time with busy schedule.
        One of the better way to enjoy with family is keep away from your Computer, Mobile and any other connecting device to Internet. If we take a some little rest from work; then next day we work with extreme energy and great potential..
        Take a one day rest in a week, then you never feel like your work place is prison.. Enjoy your life because work is always come.. you never stop your work..
        Thanks for reply bro..
        Nikhil Bille recently posted…UPSC 2014 Schedule, Time Table Exam Date, CalendarMy Profile

  10. Hello Philips,

    Congrats on your birthday!

    Many of us are actually trapped in the illusion of hard work that we always forget the things that really matter in our lives…just last month, I resigned my day job and turned a pro blogger because my family means more to me than the job!

    I’ve glad you share similar thoughts…your piece is sure to make us all a bit saner!

    – Terungwa
    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…7 ONLINE BUSINESS TIPS FOR BEGINNERSMy Profile

  11. I’m sorry about your mother. My mother-in-law retired and had a stroke about 6 months after she did. She was bored, worried, and had nothing to do. It is almost two years later, and her health has really declined because of her boredom.

    Right now she gets to look after her grandchildren, but when they go to school she will be left alone all day with no habits, besides gardening, and one friend that she has to take a bus ride to in order to visit.

    My point: Your article is bang on. If you are going to retire, you need to develop habits that will help you enjoy your retirement or else you will be absolutely bored out of your mind and your health could suffer for it.

    My husband is turning 40 this year, and as far as he is concerned, retirement is not something that is ever going to happen. And, as a full-time writer I kind of feel the same. I will probably do some sort of work (contribution to the world) for as long as I can.
    Bellaisa recently posted…Are Women Attracted To Men Who Are Masculine?My Profile

    • Hi Bellaisa,
      Apologies in the lateness of my reply had a rather hectic day yesterday. and thank you that particular day is one I am never going to forget as it was not expected because my mum was found outside her home in the snow! The image of ambulances and police cars in mums street when I turned up will never leave me!
      I think it’s the memory of my mum that helps me keep writing to my and other blogs! I am so sorry to hear about your mother in law that is a great shame, I always try and spend as much time with my dad as I can as I did yesterday!
      Many thanks for your comment and thank you for taking the time to read my post!
      Best wishes
      – Phillip
      Phillip Dews recently posted…My Blog Needs YOU! Build a Blog of MeansMy Profile

  12. Hey mate,

    Love the part about get up and walk thingy. Haha…been sitting too long and got to stand up! Go out and do some exercise :)

    Reginald recently posted…What is Affiliate Marketing, Where to start and How to make money from it?My Profile

  13. I think we should plan our retirement well before 25 if we want to be financially independent after 60. But there is no problem, if you have already crossed that age. We can think about this from today.
    Pritam Nagrale recently posted…Top 15 Mutual Fund Companies in IndiaMy Profile

  14. I think retirement isn’t just about an age or money. If you feel so inclined to keep working past the normal retirement age, I say go for it.
    A lot of people once they retire tend to just wither away. Retirement is a state of mind.
    Adam recently posted…Fujitsu e3 Heat Pump RangeMy Profile

  15. Samuel Jeffery says:

    One thing that I’ve really let slide since I got serious with my blog is my health. It’s only recently, after a lot of reflection, that I’ve decided to make it a high priority again. No matter how busy I am online, I make the time to go for a jog, life weight, bicycle or in-line skate. Unsurprisingly, since I’ve started taking better care of myself, I’ve also been able to improve my workflow.

  16. Pendar Bintang says:

    When I was in my early 20’s I was planning to get an early retirement but unluckily I am still working until now (I am 30 now) and I am just realize that I haven’t prepared anything yet for the retirement so I cannot get anything yet.
    Retirement is about our finance condition :)

  17. Life of a blogger isn’t easy.. Sometimes its more work than an offline job.. But to be honest, its fun! :D

  18. Thank you for this post, am still 17 and i guess it is time to start making plans for future and my retirements.

  19. I have to say that retirement isn’t something I like to think about, but with the way the world is these days and particularly here in the UK, they will have us working right up to that point when we keel over!
    Karen Woodham recently posted…Review: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)My Profile

  20. Hi Sir Phillip Dews,
    One thing that I’ve really let slide since I got serious with my blog is my health. It’s only recently, after a lot of reflection, that I’ve decided to make it a high priority again. No matter how busy I am online, I make the time to go for a jog, life weight, bicycle or in-line skate. Unsurprisingly, since I’ve started taking better care of myself, I’ve also been able to improve my workflow.

  21. Helo; What a great post. Way to take a well covered topic and address it from a new angle. There are so many blogs on the financial aspects of planning for retirement but very few that address the mental emotional and physical parts of your life after your first jobs. Makes sense that like everything else you need a plan. I need to get away from the house more. i do go outside for my exercise. but sadly most of my trips outside the home are for chores like shopping doctor’s visits etc. thanks for the great advice. Take care, max
    Maxwell Ivey recently posted…The Double Ranger another new offering from Rides and FunMy Profile

    • Hi Max,
      That’s what I thought as well, everyone raves and writes about the finances of retirement so I wanted to write something a little different! I am happy you enjoyed it buddy and that’s great that your making the effort to get out the house!
      Like I said above it’s always worth it even if it’s just for half an hour or so!
      Many thanks for reading my post Max and taking the time to comment I appreciate it!
      – Phillip
      Phillip Dews recently posted…#SettingTheTrend – Are you a Trend Setter!My Profile

      • hi phillip; that’s the kind of creative thinking we all need to do more of. Its taking an unusual stance on an old issue that gets you noticed. Perhaps you even have a subject for a new blog if you wanted it to be. and why have comment love if you aren’t going to leave comments. smile my site has gotten so many more good comments and its rankings have increased so much because of blog commenting. thanks for writing such a good post and take care, max
        Maxwell Ivey recently posted…The Double Ranger another new offering from Rides and FunMy Profile

        • Yep why indeed Max! I am always commenting but I have had a break from it these past few days! Saying that I wrote a post on Christmas day which was the 3rd anniversary of me losing my mother and have just finished replying to all the comments left on it!
          Am currently writing another one on things to be grateful for atm!
          Thanks again for your comment dude I appreciate it!
          – Phillip
          Phillip Dews recently posted…A Day I Will Never Forget | Losing a Mum on Christmas DayMy Profile

  22. I have many clients that are retired and I get to see the good, bad, and the ugly when it comes to retirement living. Physical exercise and mental exercise is very important as you get older. They have the time they just need the will. Most of the times the will is difficult to keep going. It can be lost from illness, loneliness, or the loss of a loved one. I see the difference in my clients as the years go by. Many times I find myself giving them words of encouragement so that I can improve their outlook. It is really difficult for them. Lots of times they tell me that they want to die. It is heart breaking. These people have a lot to give because they have so much experience. But know one is interested in them enough to ask for advice. School children should be exposed to these elderly people to find out the difference in times. They would get an appreciation of what people had to go thru. This would be a win-win situation for all parties along with society in general.

  23. I never think about my retirement from blogging till yet. But if it happens, this article will help me a lot. Thanks for sharing.
    Priyank Pandey recently posted…New Year 2014 MessagesMy Profile

  24. Nice post here Phillip!
    In my line of work (counselling/psychotherapy), it is possible to continue on and on past the state retirement age and still do good work with people. I would hope that I will know when to stop however! The problem for many of us is that counselling feels more of a vocation than simply a job and so “stopping” involves a realignment of our identity rather than not going to work one day. Like you though, I am some way off making this decision – here’s to being 40!

  25. Yes, there tips and suggestions are really helpful for bloggers. I think you should also take a complete rest while blogging. It is just like a business and you should set working hours for this.
    Zareen recently posted…Koffiefontein Diamond Mine JV Offers Bursaries 2014My Profile

  26. A few months ago I heard that Google+ was going to overtake Facebook in 2013, and the way things are going, they just might exceed FB by the first quarter of next year if not by years’ end. The stats help me gauge where to focus my social media efforts. A blogger should have to be active in social media services. Thank you for sharing.
    Jason recently posted…What is an Irrevocable Trust?My Profile


  28. Great introspective post. Sorry about your mother, but you did make a great point about planning for an endgame, which in this case, is your retirement. People should strive for something in everything they do to not only enrich their lives in pursuit of excellence, but to also have financial stability as they get older and prepare for retirement.

    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you my mother was the driving force in my life and I just wish she had a longer retirement! What you say about retirement is so true and there is not a fat mot more i can add to it, apart from thanking you for leaving this comment!

      Happy New Year buddy.
      – Phillip
      Phillip Dews recently posted…You are One Millimeter OffMy Profile

  29. Great suggestions and common sense …. I’d love to retire to Portugal in around 8 years time, but the reality is that I’m probably going to be wandering from pub to pub ! … with my wife hunting me down !!! ;)
    Andrew Beveridge recently posted…Glyn Clydach Hotel Wedding Photos : Sarah & TimMy Profile

  30. Thanks for the tips Phillip. Perhaps your most important point of all is getting up off that chair and going for a walk. I too currently work from home and the reality is that your office room can quickly become a prison, especially if you’re working hours on end on the computer.

    I break this habit by going to the gym, riding my bike and meeting my friends late at night. It can be so easy to get caught up in all this blogging!
    Ann-Elizabeth recently posted…Top 5 tips on eating gluten-free the quick and easy wayMy Profile

  31. As for your third point one of my New Year’s resolutions is to really lose weight and get in shape this year, sitting in a chair all day is not a very good retirement plan indeed!
    Greg Urbano recently posted…2014 Auto Moto Car ShowMy Profile

  32. Nice Read. Content appreciated Andrew :)

  33. Imtiaz Ali says:

    Nice suggestions for a happy retirement, I really liked the one on “Get off the chair and go to walk” :)


  34. Jonathan Look, Jr. says:

    I think perhaps the most important past of a good retirement is learning to live below your means. Simply not getting used to spending everything you make, ideally spending FAR LESS than you make prepares you for retirement and give you options. Most people do have money problems, they have spending problems.

    • Yep I agree Jonathan. Like the old saying goes ‘That money burning a hole in your pocket?’ I always have a few thousand in my bank account! people keep saying to me…
      ‘Phillip that lappy is old and battered is it not about time you got a new one’…
      Yep I can afford a new one but why would I when this one suits me just fine, Im going to use it till it dies on me and after all it’s made me a lot of money in the past and still will!
      Thanks for the comment Jonathan and apologies on the late reply
      – PD
      Phillip Dews recently posted…12k Email Newsletters for FREE! What are you kidding me?My Profile

  35. Hey phillips,
    nice post and Thanks for sharing these tips with us. There are plenty of years in my retirement so I will surely gonna remember these points. I really like the second point Socially Active.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 7000My Profile

    • Hi Sudiptos,
      Sorry it’s Sudipto, I love it when you guys call me Phillips even though you can address me as hi mate or Phillip. Some fellows even address me as my dear Phillips or My Dear Sìr Phillips though noone has addressed me as Lord yet but im sure it will happen one day!
      I’m just messing with ya dude don’t take any offence will you! I just find it funny is all!
      Anyway I too have a few years to my retirement as well but I will stick with my guns and use the tips I have listed above! I am glad you enjoyed my post anyway dude!
      All the best
      – PD
      Phillip Dews recently posted…Be Blog In – Vanity URLMy Profile

  36. Happiness and financial independence is the key during retirement. Of course there are things like health and having a good daily routine one must follow to stay engaged. Socializing with friends and even meeting new people on walk in the park or elsewhere can be quite relaxing. I do want to retire early in life and see the world from a different perspective.
    Arun Chandran recently posted…TwooMy Profile

  37. As the only adage goes, No one wishes they worked more when they die.

    I agree that you should foster your social relationships in real life. It is easy to let them fall apart as you become busy with your career and your friends become busy with theirs. It becomes difficult to schedule a time that works for both, but it is so crucial to do for our health.

    I think investing a little for your retirement each month is a smart plan. With the way things are going in today’s world, you can’t expect social security to be there if you are in the US. If you invest a little each month then over the years that will become a lot of money you will have invested for your retirement.
    Sebastian Aiden Daniels recently posted…10 Things You Need To Know About TherapyMy Profile

    • yep totally agree with you there Sebastian. apologies on the lateness of my reply btw! Better late than never. Over the past 15 or so years of my working life I have jumped from one job to another and swapped careers than I have had hot dinners; but I have always put aside a little towards my retirement as that is currently one of the main stable things in my life to-date.
      I am glad I did, however now I am about to turn 40 and am just starting to build up a stable business and blog for myself (I have issues with working for other people I have come to realize.)

      Many thanks for your comment Sebastian! Have a great week.
      – PD
      Phillip Dews recently posted…Off With Their Heads. Trapping Spambots with a HoneypotMy Profile

  38. blogging is great fun. I don’t think i’ll retire in coming 30 years.
    Jessie B recently posted…List Of Top 10 Zombie Movies 2014My Profile

  39. Hey Philip, how are you? Great article indeed. We people forget how important is health for us. You have given some really great tips here. Planing is the best thing we can do for efficiency and good health,
    Prabhat recently posted…Top 10 Best The Lord of The Rings MomentsMy Profile

  40. For happy retirement, it is important to cultivate a hobby and pursue it. Blogging can be a food hobby, which can help you make money along with passing good time.
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