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What Made me a Blog-Addict

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Almost every person in this world would be addicted to some activity. Some are addicted to IM or the Internet, sports and it could be anything else too. When I think of myself, I got addicted to Blogging a 7 months back. And the magnitude of addiction has reached to such a high level that I am not able to leave me PC even while I have my lunch. As I am an engineering student, I ought to study but I couldn’t because of this addiction.

What got me interested in Blogging

Being an engineering student I was quite fascinated with Geeky things and also the Internet. The social media had been rapidly developing and is still developing. Teens are too much addicted to social media like Facebook, Twitter or MySpace. And so even I was addicted to Blogging and then I could see some of the great Bloggers sharing their posts on Facebook and other sites too. This got me thinking- Why do people Blog? I started spending time reading Blogs and the next month was full of reading Blogs and learning what a Blog is. Something which attracted me was the reputation those Bloggers get. I never knew that Blogging can even generate income. So obviously you can exclude the money making part of Blogging as a source of attraction. I have listed a few reasons below:

Tough Competition with Bloggers of same niche

If you are into a task, you are sure to have competitors who would compete with you. And if you have to excel, you need to be better than them. I had always loved competing with my colleagues in any task that I had liked to do. And the competition is quite high in Technology Blogs. But this couldn’t prevent me from starting a Tech Blog. After all it is Blogging though the niche doesn’t matter much. Once you gain experience, even you can start writing about Blogging Tips. But make sure you write unique articles which could entertain your readers.

Sharing Similar Interests and Gaining Knowledge

Technology Blogs had always inspired me as I always love to put my brains running 24 hours (I am not able to sleep because of this :P ) So when you start6 a Blog of the niche of your interest, you come into contacts with the Bloggers of the same niche and this is where you gain the real knowledge which can take you miles ahead in Blogging. When you interact and read your fellow Bloggers’ articles you gain more knowledge and hence develop your knowledge. Great Bloggers often do intense research before publishing a post, which helps them gain some knowledge about that topic.

Blogging Relieves Stress

This is a major reason which made me Blog. I was quite stressed because of some personal reasons and I could not find any way to kill stress. Blogging helped me come out of depression and divert my mind. Blogging opens the windows to the whole world. When you don’t have anyone with whom you can share your thoughts, just remember- your Blog is your best friend. Write down what you like to share and also mention your problems. Your readers would surely help you find a solution for the same. In this way, you can also increase the number of companions.

Complete Freedom

Freedom is something which every Human loves to have but you rarely get it in student life. But while Blogging, you have complete freedom on what you have to write. It is your Blog and you need not follow anyone’s rules while Blogging. You can pour out your thoughts as you wish and people who have the same way of thinking as yours, you gain comments which would inspire you. If you agree with all of my points above, please comment below and inspire me too :)

These are the reasons which made me a Blog-Addict. What are yours?


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