5 Qualities That Make Bloggers A Catch In The Dating World

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Professional Bloggers Have Some Great Qualties

The more I interact with bloggers, the more I realize that they are great catch for anyone looking for a date. The truth is that serious, long-term bloggers who are single have some qualities that many other people don’t have.


If you are single blogger, and you have been down on your luck when it comes to dating, I want you to understand that you have a lot to offer someone, and all you have to do is make them aware about as well.


5 Attractive Qualities That All Serious Bloggers Have


If you are reading this, then I’m willing to bet you are a serious blogger. You are not just blogging occasionally about your cat or your rants; instead, you are actively trying to make a business out of blogging and you working very hard towards a vision you are holding for yourself. Following are some traits that all serious bloggers share.


1. Bloggers Are Great At Giving Positive Feedback

In blogging, the ability to give positive feedback and constructive criticism is important. If a blogger were to consistently leave negative comments or sarcastic comments on other people’s posts, then they would be quickly shunned by their fellow bloggers and nobody would want to associate with them.


The ability to give positive feedback while dating is also really important. Two people are never exactly the same, and when you start dating someone you are going to disagree with the other person. How you handle those disagreements is really important. If you are able to give positive feedback or constructive criticism, then you will avoid a lot of negative feelings and fights. But, if you are someone who consistently sticks your foot in your mouth, then you are in for a really rocky dating path that could quickly end up with you being single again.


2. Bloggers Enjoy Learning And Growing


No matter what niche you are in, you constantly have to research topics, read articles, and interact with other people in your niche. By doing this you are constantly learning and, more importantly, growing.


A person who expands and grows throughout their life is a very interesting person to be around. They constantly have new things to talk about and they build new habits, beliefs, and dreams in their life. They are constantly evolving and that makes them exciting.


In short, you are a great catch in the dating world that is full of people who sit on their couch and watch TV all day long!


3. Bloggers Have Goals That They Are Moving Towards


As a blogger, you probably have many blogging goals. Maybe you have goals to reach a certain amount of subscribers or maybe you have goals to make a certain amount of money. I’m sure you also have visions of what you will do with your business once you reach your current goals. Basically, you are someone who is constantly focused on what you can do better, and that is a hugely attractive quality in the dating world.


What is NOT attractive in the dating world is a person who is lazy and never strives to become something better. In addition, someone who doesn’t have goals in life or is actively moving towards them tends to be more pessimistic about life and can be a real drag to be around while dating.


4. Bloggers Are Committed


In order to stay in the game of blogging, you have to be committed. You cannot blog here and there and expect to be successful. Bloggers have to have a high level commitment to what they are doing and they have to be able to stick to a schedule with no prompting from anyone else.


Everyone wants to date someone who understands what commitment is really all about. Nobody wants to date someone who jumps from idea to idea (or person-to-person). Someone who shows a high level of commitment displays a sense of loyalty, and (almost) everyone single person is looking for that.


5. Bloggers Are Patient


In blogging things go wrong, mistakes happen, and failures are around every corner. Bloggers develop a heightened level of patience (that most people don’t have) thanks to constant tweaking of their business plan, and developing their ability to wait to see their goals come to life. Blogging is a long-term game, and so is dating.


A person who displays patience while dating will be a rock-star of the dating game. He or she doesn’t get as upset over stupid things and is more willing to put up with occasional bad behavior without making a huge deal out of it. Yep, patience is attractive.


In the end, bloggers are a great catch for anyone! If you are a serious blogger and single, then make sure you remember the above five things as you search for someone to date, love, or spend the rest of your life with. In the dating game, bloggers are a great catch, and if you are able to see that, then they will too.