Are You A Greedy Blogger And Take More Than You Give?

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Do You Give As Much As You Take In Blogging

A lot of bloggers understand that blogging is about giving AND receiving. The blog you create should be created to help other people solve a problem in their lives, and the content you create should be valuable.

But many bloggers would rather receive than give; and that is where bloggers go all wrong. There are many different ways that I see this every day. If you don’t agree, please tell me in the comments, but I’m pretty sure that if you are a respectful blogger who tries to give as much as you take, you will agree with the points I make.

Do You Try To Make Money Or Offer Value To Your Readers?

One of the things that makes me lose interest in a blogger is when they recommend things that have nothing to do with their business. As a reader, I want to know that they are trying to make my life better (even with the sale of products), not that they are only trying to make money on the latest and greatest product.

In addition, when I receive more articles, information, and value than I do sales pitches, I respond better to their sales pitches and end up buying what they are selling.

It is just human nature to like people who are trying to help you and to be distrustful of people who take more than they give.

Do You Participate In Posts By Fellow Bloggers?

A lot of people leave comment spam where they try to put a link into the comment. Blogging ethics have taught us that this is really inappropriate. But there is another form of comment spam that is really annoying – at least to me.

I recently wrote about a guest post on this site about how many attractive

qualities bloggers have. One thing I talked about was bloggers giving positive feedback, but I didn’t clarify that the feedback should be on point and relevant to the blog post in order to be attractive to other people.

It’s interesting how many people leave a comment without any grasp about what the post was. Many people want to leave a comment and get a backlink, and so they are quick to scan the headlines and leave a comment that they think is appropriate to leave. And some take it even further and only read the first paragraph and comment on that point generically to sound like they read the whole post.

This happens all the time. Almost every blog post I have seen has at least one comment that has nothing to do with the post. I’m willing to bet it will happen here. In fact, if you actually read this whole post, then you should see this paragraph. If you choose to leave a comment on this blog post, please sign your name after you leave the comment so that we can tell if you actually read it or not.

The point is that most people will not read the middle of the post and, instead, try to deduce what is being said from the headlines and beginning. They miss out on valuable information in the middle because they don’t really care. I don’t know about you, but I don’t leave a comment on a blog post that I don’t care about. In fact, I don’t read it in the first place.

Blogging Ethics Are Important

There are many other that will help you get further with your readers and with other bloggers. I think that the above things are very important to become a successful blogger. I have seen these traits in every successful blogger that I have encountered.

In the end, offering value to your readers is important, but offering value to your fellow bloggers is important too. People notice when you read their blog posts and when you are just trying to get a backlink, and I’m assuming while many people appreciate any kind of discussion on their post, they would rather it be relevant and on topic.