The Clever Lazy Blogger Who Created Thousands of Links

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lazy blogger

There is a difference between being ‘lazy’ and ‘productive laziness’. I have come across both types in the DoFollow Blog Community.

I came across the concept of DoFollow Blog Commenting about 4 months ago. At the time I had high hopes for the approach. The idea is simple. You leave positive comments on people’s Blogs that are in the same market niche as you. They reciprocate and leave a comment on your Blog.

The trick to making your commenting work is to change your Blog to DoFollow. You do this via a plug-in usually. This means that the people commenting benefit from a ‘bacllink’ to their Blog. The more back links the better for their SEO. In general the approach has worked for me I now have a PR3 Blog.

Finding Blogs to comment on

The ComLuv Network seemed an ideal vehicle for finding Blogs to comment on and their WordPress Plug-in makes commenting by visitors easy. I set out a commenting policy that said if you leave a sensible comment I will approve it and you will benefit from a backlink.

First month things were fairly positive few if any spammy comments got through. Then the fun started. Let’s look at each category of Lazy Blogger.

The Really Lazy Blogger

This Blogger does one of two things.

They set up some kind of script that looks for Blogs with keywords. Then believe this or not the comment it leaves is the title of your post. Actually this Blogger borders on dumb. Only unmoderated Blogs accept this type of comment. Closely following is the Blogger who ‘farms’ out their commenting for about 50 cents a comment. Then you get the same comment 4 or 5 times on 4 or 5 different posts. They never monitor the work they have farmed out and probably only care about their Blog and it’s rankings. They also never respond to comments you leave on their Blog.

The Clever Lazy Blogger

This Blogger realizes that automatically creating thousands of links will annoy other Bloggers. However they also lack the time to create thousands by hand. What to do? They cleverly realize there are two key things to improving your PR – Relevance + Authority. Establish authority by publishing content demonstrating you know what you are talking about. Also leave good comments on high PR DoFollow Blogs in your niche because by definition Google sees them as important. I comment on 2 Blogs a day, sometimes I miss a day, However I do comment several days a week. I always reply to meaningful comments on my Blog.

Since I began my strategy of being a clever lazy Blogger my PR has gone from 1 to 3 and I have less total links to my domain than many people with the same PR. My Alexa traffic rank has gone from 1.5M to 352k. A rise of 1.2M places in 4 months.

Yes you can get to high PR, but..

So, yes you can get to high PR with lots of spammy comments to unmoderated Blogs. You can also get the same results using a targeted commenting approach.

Which type of Bloggers would you want your business to be known as?

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  1. James Frank says:

    It’s actually really reassuring to hear that a sensible approach with a little strategy is effective for generating better authority and good PR. There’s so much hype around how backlinks don’t work any more and finding then writing quality comments and getting them accepted takes time that it can feel like an uphill battle. Thanks for the great post, very motivating!

  2. Hello Andrew peel, its of no doubt that the commentluv plugin have really helped a lot of bloggers out there in generating traffic to their blogs and also getting useful comment. Its always good to comment on high PR dofollow blogs as this would increase your rankings in search engine results. You’re really clever but not lazy at all. Comenting on 2 blogs everyday for 4 months and you call that lazyness?
    Inyavic recently posted…13-years Old Boy Rapped His 8-years Old Sister After Watching Indecency With X-boxMy Profile

  3. Hi Andrew, great post. When you say you comment on two blogs a day do you mean you find two completely new blogs a day or do you also go back to the same blog but comment on new posts?

    I’ve never looked at commenting this way, I just do it randomly. Hope you don’t mind but I’m going to steal your strategy :)
    Angel recently posted…Review: Fatboy Edison Petite pros and consMy Profile

  4. Simply daily commenting helps lot more than we imagine. And if we subscribe to those with high PR is pure gold for our SEO efforts.
    I. C. Daniel recently posted…Domains and Web Hosting Promo Codes / Coupons for 2014My Profile

  5. Hi,
    If you think that you met the lazy blogger, wait till you enter the beauty niche!
    I sometimes envy my fellow SEO bloggers, for the informative-adding value comments they get on their blogs, something I miss on most beauty blogs.
    Mostly, I find comments like ” You look fabulous!” , or ” Great post”, or even ” I like your review!”. And they get approved!
    Comments are meant to be a way of adding new information, giving advice, or maybe asking a question. But it looks like some bloggers seem to approve those comments in order to increase the NUMBER of comments, even though they are NOT adding anything !
    Dima Al Mahsiri recently posted…Best of 2013 at Tips for Natural BeautyMy Profile

  6. Hi andrewpeel,
    I was very lazy to comment on other blogs.
    But after knowing the usefulness of comment, I determine to make more relevant comments on other blogs.
    And CommentLuv makes the commenting system very attractive.
    It motivates us to comment.
    Shoukot recently posted…Ping Your Blog To Get Indexed Quickly In Search EnginesMy Profile

  7. I only leave a comment if I actually have something meaningful to say and I only approve comments on my own blog that actually contribute to the post topic. I’m a firm believer in the quality over quantity approach when it comes to blogging and blog commenting.

    People who take the more spammy and automatic approach to commenting will only hurt their rankings in the long run. It seems that Google keeps improving its techniques in order to weed out the spam in order to reward the people who actually do focus more on quality.
    Mike Howg recently posted…17 Excellent Paid Survey Sites that Actually PayMy Profile

  8. Hi,
    Nice post and Yes, commenting is very important factor in blogging as it helps in promoting our blog and also drives traffic to our blog. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 20000My Profile

  9. Yep. Not a good idea spamming your way to higher rankings. However, as you have already mentioned, one can take their time to write great comments, two a day – as you do, or whatever number they are comfortable with.

    And as much as the comments left on the dofollow blogs are aimed at achieving two things (backlinks + discussion), more attention should be paid to being useful to the community around the blog one is commenting on.

  10. Thanks for this wonderful post. Commenting is a very important aspects of building trust with our visitors.
    Noor Basheer recently posted…HostGator ReviewMy Profile

  11. Well explained. I think Blog commenting definitely helps to create good relation with fellow bloggers firstly and Link Building is just secondary. As we know maximum blogs are no-follow at present.
    somon recently posted…Pou for PC or windows 8 7 XP Mac computer freeMy Profile

  12. Well, Google Loves Links from Authority Blogs, and that’s why getting PR is easy, but with PR, ranking higher is not guaranteed.
    Atinder recently posted…Latest High PR Directory Submission sites List 2015My Profile

  13. I only leave a comment if I actually have something meaningful to say and I only approve comments on my own blog that actually contribute to the post topic. I’m a firm believer in the quality over quantity approach when it comes to blogging and blog commenting.
    Okay kay….good trick
    lalina recently posted…Gmail Login – – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

  14. What’s Keywordluv? I’ve never heard of that before.
    Inyavic recently posted…The Coward Called Asari Dokubo And His Empty Threats – By Joe IgbokweMy Profile

  15. Being a clever blogger has its own unique benefits. Believe me, no one appreciates those silly spam bots – I simply bounce them over to the spam folder without a second thought!

    I wonder: how can a blogger be that daft?


  16. Hello Suhaib, here’s a list of 101 CommentLuv DoFollow Blogs With High PageRank to Increase BlogTraffic @
    Inyavic recently posted…Qualified/registered Nurse WantedMy Profile

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