3 New Ways to Rank & Succeed with Blog Commenting

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Ben Jackson
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Ben Jackson
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Doing so means you get exposure to thousands and thousands of other CommentLuv users and your posts get sent out to the massive subscriber list.

Google loves this site and indexes it multiple times per day and posts always get lots of comments so you can be sure of some excellent exposure.

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I recently got a DoFollow PageRank 7 link with anchor text from blog commenting.  Here’s the technique I used and 2 more actionable strategies for successful blog commenting.

Blog Commenting Strategy #1

PageRank serves as a good metric for the overall authority of a webpage.  Getting links that pass PR to your site is one way to increase your rankings.  This is a strategy you can use to find and comment on relevant blog pages that have PR on page.

Commenting for PageRank

What You’ll Need:


SEO Quake

Step 1: Finding the Blogs

To start your search for high PR blog pages to comment on, head to Drop My Link.  This site will help you use advanced search strings in Google to find blogs that allow anchor text and are dofollow.

All you need to do is enter in your keyword and then choose the type of blogs you want to find.  I recommend searching for CommentLuv Premium blogs first because of the additional link and then searching for KeywordLuv blogs.

There is a larger number of sites just using KeywordLuv than those with CommentLuv Premium.  This means you’ll have more results and more pages with PR to comment on when searching for KeywordLuv blogs.

Tip: You can use synonyms and related keywords too when searching.

Step 2: Organizing Your Results

You don’t have to manually sort through the SERPs 10 sites at a time.  You can use your Google search settings and SEO Quake to speed up the process”¦

First, change your Google search settings to allow 100 results:

(Things are going to run a bit slow with 100 results and SEO Quake running, so be patient!)

Once you’ve changed your settings, turn on SEO Quake and wait for it to update all of the info.  When this is done, you can use SEO Quake to sort the results by PageRank:

Step 3: Choosing the Right Blogs

There’s nothing more annoying than reading through a post and leaving a long comment only to realize your link is NoFollowed.  NoFollow links won’t help your ranking, and that is your only purpose of commenting in this case, so ignore nofollow blogs.

This is why you need SearchStatus.  Turn on the “Highlight Nofollow Links” option before getting started.  To save time, the first thing you should do on every page is scroll to the comments and check if the commenters links’ are dofollow.  If they’re not, move on.

When you find a blog that is Dofollow, you can comment right away or copy down the URL for later.

You’ll find mostly PR 1 & 2, so treat your PR 3 and PR 4 pages carefully.  Keep an eye on the total number of links on the page as well.  The fewer the links, the more PR left for your link.


You Know?  PageRank is on a log scale and a PR 3 page is actually worth 8.5x more than a PR 2.  This is why it’s so important that you leave valuable comments on the high PR pages.

“Hold up!  You said earlier that you got a PageRank 7 link.”

Okay, here’s the trick.  In Drop My Link, choose the option called “Anchor Text in Comment Blog”.  These blogs allow you to use “˜a href’ tags in the comments so you can leave a link to any page you want.

There are more complications with these blogs than KeywordLuv blogs.  A lot will be nofollow and many won’t approve your comment with a link.  That being said, the pool of sites is much larger which is why you’ll find loads more sites including those with PR of 6 & 7.

Blog Commenting Strategy #2

Google wants to provide the most relevant results.  They use trust and authority factors like PageRank, but relevance is really the name of the game.

The links you got were from the PR tactic are relevant because you searched with your keyword.  You can always use that technique, but instead of sorting the results by PR, just keep them listed as is. 

Here’s another way you can find really relevant pages to comment on that allow DoFollow, anchor text links”¦

Commenting for Relevance

First, visit Ana’s list of CommentLuv blogs.  You can find tons of quality sites here that use CommentLuv. 

Next, go through the sites one at a time and use their in-site search bar to search for your keyword.  Most use custom Google searches, so the top result will be the most relevant according to Google.

You can now leave a comment on this post for a very relevant link.  I recommend first choosing any sites that have all or part of your keyword in their domain name.  These will provide even more relevance for your backlinks.

Tip: There are a lot of great blogs that accept guest posts in the list – take note while you comment!

Blog Commenting Strategy #3

Blog comments aren’t the best source of traffic, but they can be a pretty good source of targeted traffic if you comment strategically. 

Which comments get clicked the most?

That depends on a lot of factors, but anchor text and reputations aside”¦ the first comments get the most reads and click-throughs.

So how can you get the top comment on a bunch of blogs?

Commenting for Traffic

Search for any search string in Drop My Link.  Instead of your keyword, use your niche/industry. 

When the results appear, click the search button on Google again to update the URL.  Now, add this to the end of the URL: &tbs=qdr:d.  This will make Google only display results from the last 24 hours.

Now you’ve got a SERP full of very recent posts from blogs in your niche.  You can easily grab lots of first and top comments this way.  It’s important that you focus on driving traffic by leaving a thoughtful and valuable comment.  Otherwise, people will just pass you over.

This strategy works best for CommentLuv blogs because they share your most recent post. 

Final Tip:  If you’ve got CommentLuv Premium, you can select from your last 10 posts and a couple pages you’ve chosen.  This will make it easier to leave a link that is relevant to the blog post and attract more clicks.

Do you spend more time commenting for links or building your presence in your niche?

Have any link building ideas to add?