6 Easy Ways To Become A Good Blog Commenter

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Blog-Commenting-RocksThere is no denial that commenting on various blogs is a good way to build traffic and backlinks. However, there are many bloggers who are doing this absolutely the wrong way and that isn’t very good indeed.

Still puzzled and have no idea what are the advantages of commenting on other blogs? Here’s a list of them:

  1. Build your reputation as a bloggers
  2. Building authority, trust and expertise in related niches you are in
  3. Providing constructive support to your friends and other bloggers
  4. Indirectly building your name and brand to more channels
  5. One of the very effective link building techniques

Seeing the above, I bet they sound great for your blogging career right?

As a blogger, you would always want to be known as a very supportive blogger and there is no better way than leaving comments on other blogs.

Here are 6 tips or guidance when it comes to becoming a good commenter.

1. Do not leave a comment just for backlinks

This is one of the biggest mistakes I ever seen in this blogging industry. I saw so many bloggers leaving comments just to get backlinks.

Comments are meant to be constructive and personalized instead of “Hi, thank you for your comment and bye”.

Talk to the blogger and give him or her some of your insights. It doesn’t matter if you hate it or like it. Just tell them what you think.

Leaving a poor comment doesn’t only reduce your credibility as a blogger but also increase the chances of being labeled as spam.

2. Leave constructive comments only

If you are thinking of leaving a comment, make sure you are leaving a constructive one instead. Avoid commenting in less than 10 words.

You are not required to leave a comment that has like 100 words long but at least, make sure you leave some quality insight about the article. Personally, I try my best to leave at least two paragraphs per comment given.

Bear in mind that leaving an overly long comment could easily make readers lose interest in the topic.

Very short comments usually show to others that you are (most likely) looking for a backlink and that isn’t good for your reputation. Furthermore, short comments don’t leave much of a discussion too.

3. Sharing the article if you like it

Have you ever come across an article that is valuable to you? If yes, don’t forget to share the article on Facebook, Twitter or even Google+.

At times, a simple social share could mean a lot for a blogger

and I see absolutely no harm by sharing the love with the rest of the world.

Sharing articles on social network is a great way to increase your reader’s engagements even though you might not be sharing your own article. The more you are willing to share other blogger’s article, you are indirectly telling others than you are supporting them and you are indeed, a good member of the blogging community.

4. Why are you commenting on CommentLuv enabled blog only?

This is one of the funniest misconceptions of all time for me. Commenting on a CommentLuv enabled blog doesn’t really help you in terms of getting a backlink. This is because they are all automatically NoFollow unless the blog owner is generous.

Here’s the truth; Focus in commenting on all websites and just not on CommentLuv ones. I also noticed that I am getting equal traffic from commenting systems such Disqus and Livefrye when compared to CommentLuv. Again, here is where point #2 comes into play.

The moral of the story? Simple.

Comment on blog posts which is related to your niche instead of commenting on CommentLuv enabled blogs only.

If you want to read more on CommentLuv system, I wrote this article recently: CommentLuv Premium – Love it or hate it?

5. Avoid sharing a link within your comment

I don’t get it. Why on Earth would you want to leave an URL link within your comment?

Is it to get … extra one backlink?

Most bloggers wouldn’t mind if you are sharing quality like as a source but avoid that especially when you are using CommentLuv. You already have one chance to share a link and I would personally say that is generous enough.

Even worst, you might easily cause your comment to land right in the spam box especially when blog owners set specific rules such as ‘strictly no URL in comment’.

6. Avoid commenting on blogs which doesn’t relate your niche

Now this is the funniest part of all. I often see bloggers commenting on my site (blog tips and SEO niche) and the links they shared are all technology stuffs.

I mean … oh, c’mon guys! Seriously?

Obviously, good bye to the links and furthermore, Google doesn’t like backlinks from non-related sites.

So bloggers, please share something that is absolutely related to that blog or niche J

Most blog owners do not have any issue when it comes to link sharing. However, do keep in mind that you are supposed to share links that are highly related and not otherwise.

Obviously, sharing a non-related link is too clear to be labeled as a spammy link.

Back to you …

I am very interested to hear what you have to say on this topic and yes, please use the comment form below to leave a comment.

Have you experienced any funny comments situations you would like to share with us all?