5 Tips for Finding a Stable and Fulfilling Relationship

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As Jefferson Airplane so eloquently put it, we all need somebody to love. It’s not just about that loving feeling, butterflies and all that, but about feeling safe and taken care of as well. When looking at potential partners for a committed long-term relationship, it’s important to gauge your compatibility, and that requires you to […]

3 Tips To Improve Your Text Messages With Women

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Texting is a part of picking up and dating women, and if you have a bad text game, then you are going to cost yourself a lot of interest and dates. Texting is a form of communication, and as you probably know women love a man who knows how to communicate with them. Let’s take a […]

Discover the secrets to having the most romantic dates ever

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No matter how creative you can be, coming up with the best romantic date ideas is usually a stressful and time consuming task. Worst of all when you’ve been in a relationship for quite a long time and are probably running out of ideas. When it comes to romantic dates, planning is King, and designing […]

Does Sex Count as Exercise?

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According to research, women who exercise on a regular basis tend to have a more active sex life. They are able to reach orgasm at a quicker rate and get turned on easier than women who don’t live an active lifestyle. Furthermore, the more fit a woman is, the more sexual position she will be […]

5 Qualities That Make Bloggers A Catch In The Dating World

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The more I interact with bloggers, the more I realize that they are great catch for anyone looking for a date. The truth is that serious, long-term bloggers who are single have some qualities that many other people don’t have.   If you are single blogger, and you have been down on your luck when […]

Characteristics of an Alpha Male

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Many guys want to be the top dog, the so called leader of a group – an alpha male. But, in any given group there can be only one alpha male. Let’s go over the characteristics that most alphas have in common:   Body Language Most guys that are leaders of a group use their […]

Own the Dating Site – Tips on Making Your Profile Irresistible

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For those of you gentlemen (and ladies) out there who are looking to add a presence on dating sites to your arsenal of relationship resources, it helps to have an idea of how to present yourself. Whether in the real world or online, even the best methods for talking to women will fail if you […]

Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

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The Separation Have you been separated from the woman that you love and wish that you could get your ex girlfriend back? Couples break apart everyday for an array of reasons and find themselves in a similar state of longing. Re-attracting a woman who you’ve already established a relationship with, is a more complex challenge […]

Reconnecting With Your Ex Girlfriend

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So you want to get your ex girlfriend back. Technique, strategy, tricks and tactics. It’s all very alluring to think of having a reigned control over pulling your estranged lover back into the nook of your arm, like gently steering a pure bred mare. And the promise of this commodity, this knowledge, is priceless isn’t […]

5 Sure Fire Tips on How to Meet Mr Wrong Right Now

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How to Meet Mr Wrong or How NOT to Meet Mr. Right Would you like to know how to meet Mr Wrong? Finding Mr. Wrong isn’t as easy as one might think. In fact finding Mr. Wrong is probably a lot easier than you would imagine! Some of you may already be able to attest […]