Reconnecting With Your Ex Girlfriend

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Mike Sullivan
Mike Sullivan is a relationship expert dedicated to spreading his savvy and reuniting couples.
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Mike Sullivan
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So you want to get your ex girlfriend back. Technique, strategy, tricks and tactics. It’s all very alluring to think of having a reigned control over pulling your estranged lover back into the nook of your arm, like gently steering a pure bred mare. And the promise of this commodity, this knowledge, is priceless isn’t it?

Take a moment to reiterate what that entails, really mull it over. Is this purely a game to you? Is it a manipulation card you wish to play, to trick your ex into giving you another chance? For shame, gentleman, for shame.

Do you really know the woman you want back so badly, for the person she is? More importantly, do you really want her back? Have you actually thought this through, contemplating it to the very core of your being? Do you realize that once you get her back, you’ll have her back? Or are you simply having a craving, the way you crave that ritual double-shot macchiato.

You are talking about winning back the woman that you adore, not winning a prize. Unless you understand this completely, you are not ready to walk this path. Something as delicate as influencing another person’s life, should be approached with respect and pure intentions, from a place of peace.

The No Contact Rule is a rule that initially cuts you off from your ex for a plethora of reasons, but prominently because you are not in the correct state of mind to face her. Fresh grief and riddled with pain is an altered state at best. It’s those moments that you say things you don’t mean that explode from this state, which push the boundaries of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is essentially what you are after. In a frenzy to get your ex girlfriend back, you are really just out to get her forgiveness. Even if you believe you have done nothing wrong, an outright separation is a blatant statement that something was wrong in your relationship. We all know it takes two to tumble. But all empathy aside, the only behavior you have control over is your own, so best take responsibility for it.

While experiencing a break up you will be fed loads of reasons for the happenstance. She fell out of love with you. She found someone else who is more of a man than you. Financial crises took their toll. You really let yourself go. Adversarial natures really flared between you. You lost sight of your dreams, let your ambition sleep. You don’t wrack up near enough flowers and sickly sweet candy. That hair cut makes you look like Joe Dirt.

The never ending potential of what led to your demise. But what if this is all superfluous to the one true cause: Somehow you let your connection slip.

What makes a couple into a partnership? They are connected in some way. And circumstantially in all ways; emotionally, psychologically,  physically. It’s like eye contact. When held, you can communicate without words, know the other is there for you and feel a togetherness. As soon as eye contact breaks, all of that goes out the window and you are left with a sense of loss, feeling in limbo.

I implore you to shuffle your mindset and instead of trying to get your ex girlfriend back like an inanimate object, that you search to reconnect with your ex girlfriend and ignite a combustion of requited love.

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