Characteristics of an Alpha Male

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Characteristics of an Alpha MaleMany guys want to be the top dog, the so called leader of a group – an alpha male. But, in any given group there can be only one alpha male.

Let’s go over the characteristics that most alphas have in common:


Body Language

Most guys that are leaders of a group use their body with ease. They are not afraid to take up space, their movements are natural and unstilted and their pose is natural and relaxed.

They also use their body wisely as they are aware that when they turn their body towards someone, they are giving that person attention, and vice versa. They only give attention to people that they respect.

Voice Tone

70% of what is said in a conversation is conveyed not with words, but with body language. A third of that at least is your voice tone.

That means that the words that you say accounts for only 30% of the message and impression people have of what you said.

Voice tone is very important. We can differentiate a questioning type of voice tone, also associated with beta status, a neutral one, and a commanding, short pitched voice tone.

Alphas usually use either neutral or commanding voice tone.

Be Confident

No man can be a true leader of a pack without confidence with women, or in general. If he does not believe in himself or his abilities, he will cower away from a challenge and will likely lose his spot as an alpha male.

Yes, confidence is truly important, it is also very hard to acquire for those that don’t have it. That is why people value it so much.

But, the catch is that the most confident person, the one that believes most in what he says, is often wrong. Alpha guys are not always right looking from the outside, and maybe even from the inside of the group, but no one dares stand up to them and their opinion is taken as the truth for granted.

Be Humorous

Although not all alpha males are funny or blessed with good humor, people laugh at what they say because of who they are.

Remember in all the movies when people suck up to their bosses by faking laughter? Well, that is what we do all the time; we fake our laughter and show our best selves in the presence of a top dog.

They are Actual Leaders

Most alpha males are actual leaders. That means that they take care of their pack. When someone has a problem, they help them out.

Alphas who don’t care for people around them are often left with no following and are no longer alphas.

Being an alpha may not be as easy as it seems. Many people believe they want it in their minds, but in their hearts are content at the position they are now.

So, think about it. Do you really want to be the alpha male and have all the responsibility that comes with it?

In either case, now you know what characteristics all the alpha males share, and you can start emulating them if you want to be just like them, or better!