Lose Your Weight In A Fast, Healthy Way

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weight lossLosing weight in a healthy, long term way is possible to do, even fast. By fast we mean up to 3 or even 4 pounds per week on a perfect week.

The way to do this is to completely change your daily routine – plan your meals, regulate them, watch what you eat and exercise regularly.

Let’s talk about it all in more detail:

Mental preparation

Preparing mentally for the task at hand is crucial.
Talk to people who have been there, done that, and find out what their sticking points were. This will help you get ready faster.

Use hypnosis to help you develop healthy eating habits or similar means to further get your mindset where it should be – looking ahead and not stopping for anything.

Regulating what you eat

Watch what you eat. There is a reason vegans are all slim.

You don’t have to be vegan, but eating chicken white meat and tuna fish should be all the meat you intake.
Also, avoid eating bread as much as you can (it gets very easy).

Eating fruits is good, as long as they have more water than anything (for example bananas don’t), vegetables are cool, so is some cheese, pasta, eggs (or rather egg whites, eat the yellow stuff sparingly), and rice.

Regulating how much you eat

No matter what you eat, if you eat it in excess you won’t get far. You can have too much of anything, even just fruit or vegetables.

So regulate your intake. It is best to plan your meals ahead – plan when and how much you will eat and prepare as much of it in advance as possible.

Regular exercise

Regularly exercising is crucial. If you aren’t making your body work, you aren’t spending any calories, and no matter how little you eat you won’t be losing any weight.

Regular exercise and regular, moderated intake of food are keys to losing weight fast.

You can plan to pump the iron three times a week, run or swim another three times per week, play squash, basketball or whatever with a friend once a week and regularly take half an hour or hour long walks.

That should be more than enough.

Regular rest

Resting yourself properly is extremely important. Without rest your muscles won’t be able to recover, and you will be more prone to stress.

When you are stressed out you tend to lack the discipline, and are also more likely to just eat unhealthy food so you can calm yourself down.

Be sure to get enough rest between workouts and the work that pays for your lifestyle, and also make sure to get plenty of natural sleep during nights.

I hope this short post helps you take the plunge and start taking off that excess weight that’s been there for a while.