Losing Weight With a Positive Mindset

Thomas Allan
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Thomas Allan
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Mindset is the first and most important thing that you should make sure is in place before you start dieting and exercising, especially if these two things are well outside of your usual routine. The “I can’t do this”, “there’s no point”, “I’ll never lose as much as I want” and similar self-talk will get you nowhere, and fast – everyone who tried to lose weight before and had a similar chatter going on in the back of their head knows this.

It simply doesn’t work, and it’s because you have decided that it won’t work.

What Does Positive Mindset Mean?

Think of something that you enjoy doing – say, playing chess. If you love playing chess, it doesn’t matter who your opponent is, it doesn’t matter if you’re tired or in a bad mood, you will play every chance you get and you won’t be making excuses not to play – you won’t need to.

Now think about what it would be like if you had the same attitude towards the activities that lead to weight loss: if you loved healthy foods, if you didn’t think about food all the time, if you enjoyed physical activity.

Can you imagine just how much easier it would be to do them day after day, even for the rest of your life?

Now, it’s impossible that you just say to yourself: “OK, as of today I love this healthy lifestyle that will make me thin” and to shift your mind altogether just by deciding to do so. But it’s possible to train your mind to eventually start truly enjoying all these activities and to accept them as a part of who you are.

It takes some effort, but it’s possible.

Here Are Some Ways to Make It So

You can stay motivated in many different ways, and here are some of the most effective ones:

1. Get support!

This is a huge change in your life, and you can use all support you can get. Let your friends and family members know what you’re up to and ask them to be positive about it (not too positive though, an over-zealous friend can make you feel guilty for skipping the exercise when you absolutely had to, and guilt isn’t a positive emotion). Go online, find support groups and forums and join them – you’re not the only one who struggles with weight loss, and other people can have something useful to share with you.

One of the great websites that you could check out is called Game of Weight Loss – they have this free 30 day e-course made especially to help you establish positive thinking habits about your weight loss efforts and goals (it’s free and no email needed).

2. Visualize yourself thin

Being able to see yourself the way you want to be is a strong motivator. Creative visualization is used for many things in self-improvement area, and for a reason: the image we serve to our mind, the image of us being fit and thin, gets stronger the more we practice visualization, pushing us forward and strengthening our belief that we can actually get there. It is said: “If you’ve been there in your mind, you will go there in your body” – and it’s true, try it!

3. Try outside help

Sometimes our mind doesn’t want to cooperate – it simply refuses all our efforts to be positive about the activities involved in losing weight. When you see that yours is this stubborn, it’s OK to reach for some extra help to stimulate the change you want to see.

Subliminal messages, hypnosis for weight loss, positive affirmations – they all work by changing the existing, negative thinking patterns and turning them into a positive attitude about your goal. These can be really effective if you follow through with your other actions, and they work in the long run too as they create new beliefs and attitudes.


  1. Twitter:
    That’s so true! I agree that we should be first have a positive mindset in order to start working towards losing weight. And more than hitting the gym or dieting, it’s important to be active all through the day.
    Renuka recently posted..Rajasthan – Its Culture And CloutMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    Also, surround yourself with people who eats clean and exercises.
    Dash Eva recently posted..List of Compund ExercisesMy Profile

  3. Hello Thomas,
    Loosing weight with just a positive mindset? I would have doubted you if i hadn’t read the post… :)
    Your points are convincing enough. So thanks for dropping such an educative post.
    Do have a best weekend start…
    Babanature recently posted..How To Make Your WordPress Mobile Theme Compatible With W3 Total CacheMy Profile

  4. Twitter:
    Always a headache to many. The most disgusting thing is that we realize we have gained weight and the effect of it when it is too late. But thanks for the tips you have share Thomas. ~ Anetta
    Anetta Bursh recently posted..Download Vector for PC & Android [How to Use Guide]My Profile

  5. Twitter:
    Awesome read! I absolutely agree that a positive mind is key to anything in life, including loosing weight. I have been telling my friends this for a long time and truly believe in the law of attraction. Negative thoughts are detrimental to success.

  6. Positive mindset is a great foundation for anything. Then on top of that you need to execute positive activity. Things like clean eating diet and an active lifestyle. I have heard of people striving for a goal to lose weight and affirmed and visualised it so well, that they grew terribly ill and lost a heap of weight that way. The body found the only way to achieve it’s goal when the person wasn’t helping through the right lifestyle. Food for thought :)

  7. Twitter:
    This is a nice and unique article !
    I love all the points mentioned as they are of high quality and informative .Thanks for sharing this awesome article with us .

    Pramod recently posted..Bluestacks Offline Installer for Windows 8/7/XP – DownloadMy Profile

  8. Twitter:
    Great tips! Weight loss is all about having the right knowledge and applying it by having the right mindset.
    Daniel B. recently posted..The Alkaline Enhancer for Faster Fat Loss — Juicing RecipeMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    Hi ,
    Thanks for sharing this very useful article. I like the way you raised up the point of Positive mindset. People with fat always set their mind that can never loose weight or be in shape and by thinking this they loose half of the battle. They should instead be very positive that yes they can and they will loose and they will be thin.

    Nice article!
    Shorya Bist recently posted..10 Sleep Tips for TeenagersMy Profile

  10. Twitter:
    This is very true that carrying a positive mindset does make you successful. This is my personal experience that I always thing in positive way and think of positive result only. Majority of my work result is good. This post is very inspiring and gives positive vibes.
    Rajkumar Jonnala recently posted..‘Dancing with the Stars’ attraction to Social MediaMy Profile

  11. Twitter:
    Positive attitude really helps in growing our goal set. Positive thinking is everything when you need to achieve an impossible goal, aka lose weight :P.
    We should create a schedule and follow it with open heart, it does help for sure.
    Jafar Dhada recently posted..HTC Desire Price in IndiaMy Profile

  12. Twitter:
    I totally agree, Thomas, that a positive mindset is a huge part of making the change to eating better and exercising. I also think in order to attain lasting results, one needs to make physical activity and healthy eating a part of their lifestyle. Eating healthy food in smaller portions rather than fad diets will always bring longer lasting results.
    Oge recently posted..Vegetarian Soup Recipes – Yellow Peas Soup RecipeMy Profile

  13. Twitter:
    Set up a reminder. Buy a dress that you would really want to fit in & hang it in your bedroom, it will remind you of your goal. Aim for a size to achieve it!
    Anchal Bhatia recently posted..Fun Winter Fitness Ideas For KidsMy Profile

  14. Tony Nguyen says:

    Thank you for your useful article, Thomas! I think weight loss is a really hot topic that a lot of people concern about. The tips you shared above are really useful and simple to apply. I totally agree that a positive mind is one of the most important factor for a healthy life, including losing weight

  15. Twitter:
    I always try to loose a load of fat on my belly but fail badly… Couldnt motivate myself much…. :(
    SAJID recently posted..Gmail Login – http://www.Gmail.com – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

  16. Now i got answers to most of my questions… amazing theory… You can do anything with this positive mindset… Thank you Thomas for sharing this interesting article

  17. marlina kamal says:

    Good info.. I got an idea when i read this article.. So we need the positive thinking …Thank you Thomas for sharing this interesting article

  18. AHaaa.. this is what i had been looking for from the past one month. I am on a diet plan along with exercise but i wanted something different that can help me loose weight

  19. saanvi chaturvedi says:

    Hi, Thomas Allan – you have written a awesome post. i want to share some thing here about losing weight. “One of the ways that a negative attitude can prevail during dieting is if you have set unreasonable goals for yourself. Trying to exist on an extremely low-calorie diet or setting your weekly weight loss goal at an unattainable number often sets you up for failure.

  20. Twitter:
    Het Thomas,
    nice post and Yes, for doing any work and getting success in it, the main factor is positive mindset. If we are doing any work and our mindset is not positive, I bet we cannot get any success in that. Visualizing ourself thin really help us in losing weight. Thanks for sharing this tips.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Android Phone Under 5000My Profile

  21. Hi,
    Its true that mind set is important to lose weight.

  22. Twitter:
    Positive mindset is very important when we go for weight lose training or I say Plan. Because a tired efforts from our brain can certainly spoil our time, we can’t lose weight if we are not ready for it.
    Atinder recently posted..How to Lose Weight in a MonthMy Profile

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