Weight Loss: What It Really Takes To Lose Weight

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Weight Loss Through Diet

Is It Time To Focus On Your Diet?

I have struggled with weight loss since I was young. I’ve never been majorly obese, but at 5’4” I have bounced around between 140 pounds to 200 pounds for 17 years.

What usually happens is that I focus on weight loss when I have a vacation or event coming up, and then after that occasion or event is finished, I gain the weight back. Intellectually, I know how to lose weight (or else I wouldn’t be able to do it repeatedly), but I have never been able to admit that healthy eating has to be a lifelong commitment.

I decided that I can’t ignore the truth anymore.

Why Weight Gain Occurs In Most Of Us

Besides illness, aging, and reaction to certain medications, weight gain happens because we eat more than we should. It is really a matter of putting more calories into our bodies than we are exerting.

Most of us enjoy eating fried or high-fat foods in our staple diet, which always have an abundance of calories that are very hard to burn off during the day. However, in the past little while I have been eating a fairly healthy diet – but I have been eating too much of it, which proves that overeating healthy food can result in weight gain too. It is simply a matter of consuming too many calories in your daily diet.

The Lie I Told Myself

I kept telling myself that it sucks to have to control what you eat and ‘diet’. Why can’t I have that extra bowl of chili? Why can’t I eat an extra sandwich? Even though I get stuffed, I enjoy the food. Right?

The truth is that I was actually lying to myself. I didn’t enjoy the feeling of being too full. It wasn’t as satisfying as I thought it was going to be, yet I kept eating because I didn’t want to deny myself.

There were other lies too. I told myself that a few extra pounds wasn’t the worst thing in the world, and weight loss wasn’t on the top of my list. I told myself that wearing flattering clothing was for other women, not for me. I told myself that I was happy with my body, even though I hated the way I looked in the mirror and knew I secretly wanted to lose weight.

In short, I was lying to myself in order to avoid facing the truth.

The Truth About Self-Control And Weight Loss

After I found out I was going on vacation in a few months, weight loss became my focus. I had to stop lying to myself about the diet I was eating and pay attention to my choices. And, at that point in my life (finally!) I was able to clearly see the truth behind my lie. I didn’t enjoy overeating; in fact, I figured out that I actually enjoyed having some self-control over my diet.

The truth is that:

• I enjoy NOT over eating.
• I enjoy making healthy decisions for my body.
• I enjoy eating delicious food in smaller quantities.
• I feel good about myself after I eat healthy, instead of stuffed or regretful.
• I feel better about my health simply by eating healthier.
• I have a better body image simply by eating healthier.

The point is – the ability to practice self-control over my diet, and eat less food than I was eating before, has made me feel better about myself than before. In addition, my weight loss is coming along pretty good.

What It Really Takes To Lose Weight

I’m not a weight loss expert by any means, but once all of the lies cleared from my head about my diet, and I started focusing on weight loss, it became very clear, that in regards to diet, there are certain things that have to be done in order to lose weight.

1. Stop Lying To Yourself About Your Weight

Whatever lies you are telling yourself – stop. If you are like me and told yourself that a little extra weight wasn’t the worst thing in the world, then take a peek into your future and talk to your future self to learn what they think about that extra weight. They may suffer from weight related disease, or they may just have a lot of regret about not being comfortable in their body for most of their life.

Figure out the lies you are telling yourself about weight loss and confront them head on.

2. Start Practicing Self-Control In Your Diet

We all have the ability to practice self-control in our diet. We all have the choice to stop eating, to make healthier choices, and to say no. The trick is to make self-control a good thing and not a bad thing. Positive affirmations can really work for controlling diet and encouraging weight loss.

For example, instead of telling yourself that you are denying yourself an extra piece a cake, tell yourself that you are working towards a healthier and happier you. I guarantee the craving for the cake will go away, but the satisfaction you get from practicing self-control in your diet will not.

3. Be Consistent After You Lose Weight

I think there should be a diet out there called the ‘consistent diet’. Eating a healthy diet and maintaining weight loss is just a matter of consistently eating the same way. That means that you can’t look at it as a ‘temporary situation’ to look the way you want to look (as I have done many times in the past), but rather view it as a happy and healthy way to live life. Be consistent with your self-control and healthy choices and you will never have to ‘diet’ again.

One Very Good Reason To Focus On YOUR Weight Loss

Our unhealthy diet does not just affect us. The scary part is that we are teaching our children bad habits and they are suffering the consequences. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, obesity in children has more than doubled in the past 30 years.

I was watching a documentary on HBO called the Weight of the Nation, and it mentioned that if we keep going the way we are going, our kids are going to die before us due to diet related diseases. That is some scary stuff!

Therefore, weight loss is not just about getting the body you want, gaining self-confidence and becoming healthier; it is about demonstrating to the younger generation that a healthy diet is full of joy and satisfaction.